"For Guardia!" Chapter 21
Musings of a King Without a Throne
By: Master Odin

A week had passed since Jeremiah's brush with death. Crono stood up angrily from the table where he, along with Jeremiah and Mario, had been giving birth to the battle tactics for their assault against Porre. He was not pleased with they had come up with, to say the least. "This is a fool hearty plan!" the throneless king demanded, the anger showing in his voice. "Do you really expect me to believe that your warriors can perform such a feat!?"

Jeremiah sighed. "Your Highness, as the commander of the Zecronean Knights it is my responsibility to know the strengths and weaknesses of my warriors, even moreso than they themselves know. As the leader of the Sacred Warriors it is Mario's duty to know the same about his warriors. If we can say that this can be done, then it can be done."

Crono slammed his hands down on the wooden table. "Even if your men can, your plan calls for the loss of hundreds, even thousands of lives!"

Jerome had been nearby and, overhearing Crono's rant, decided to add his two cents. "We's said we was da good guys. We's neva said we was da nice guys."

Crono turned to Jerome to berate him for his evil words, but was interrupted by Mario before he even got a word out, "It's not only that, but if Norris' information is correct, then we are out numbered close to a thousand to one. If we were to just attack Porre, then General Ulric would call for reinforcements from other bases, and then we would be surrounded and surely fail." Mario looked down at the battle plans, which look similar to that of football play book. It was obvious to those who knew him that due to Mario's great experience as a football quarterback, captain, and now coach, that he was the one to write the plans down and contributed the most to their creation. "We are powerful, but not unstoppable. This plan allow us to even the odds some before they will even know what hit them."

Crono sighed. "But will the others from this world be able to carry out their part?"

"Glenn and Schala assured us that they will," Jeremiah responded. "Not only do you have warriors of great skill who have given you their lives, but you also have Fargo's pirates who will follow their captain to the death. You may not realize it, sire, but you have formed yourself a formidable army. They're a ragtag bunch, but formidable nonetheless."

Again Crono sighed. "I will have to think about this," he said, and then he stormed off to the back of the shelter. He leaned against the wall with his arms crossed as he thought about what Jeremiah and Mario, and even Jerome the Giant, had said.

The plan called for each of the five Elemental Knights of Zecroes to strike a Porre base on his own, using something called an ultimate attack to destroy the base and kill its inhabitants. The Sacred Warriors, minus Jerome, were to strike another. Jerome, for a reason that had not been revealed to the king, would take on a base on his own. The remaining three Zecronean Knights, along with Cylgoi and his daughter Lorivette, were to strike yet another. Crono was to lead an attack with the warriors from his world, minus Fargo and his pirates. Finally Fargo was to lead his pirates in an attack against one of the naval seaports near Porre.

It was no wonder to Crono then why he thought the plan was foolish. He could understand the larger groups, like his and Fargo's, maybe even the group containing the Paladin WhiteBlade and the Dark Knight Cylgoi. The others, though, contained so few in number, and the reasoning behind that was lost to him.

Crono looked and saw Lucca talking with Sean. The science teacher from the other universe was showing her the several devices contained within his arms. She was Crono's best friend. He had thought her lost to him, but thanks to Jeremiah she was once again amongst the living, once again able to be his friend. He remembered that their friendship had been forged from the flames of their fathers' friendship. The king chuckled as he remembered how he used to tease her when they first met because she was a girl, but that soon gave way to them becoming the best of friends.

He then looked to Marle, who was talking to Amy like women tend to do. Marle was telling Amy about the time that she had thought that he was lost to her, but, because of the wizard Magus, were able to bring him back. He looked her over, happy to see that she was becoming healthy again, and that hope sparkled in her eyes once again. How he loved her.

He caught the site of Lucca walking away from Sean out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head and saw her walk over to Magus and leaned against the wall next to the dark wizard, mirroring his form as to mock him, a smile across her face. The Magus made to hit her with the back of his hand, but Lucca ducked it. When she stood back up her smile had left her face. She was upset about something, but it wasn't that Magus had tried to hit her, that much Crono could tell. Maybe Sean had said something that had upset her. He would have to find out later.

Crono thought about the Magus, the ex-commander of the Mystics turned savior of the world; or Janus, the lost prince of Zeal. They had first met the Magus when Frog had taken Crono and Marle to battle him in 600 AD. The battle was to bring an end to the war between the humans and the Mystics, and to stop the dark wizard from, or so they had thought at the time, creating Lavos. Their encounter had eventually brought them to the Kingdom of Zeal before its fall in 12,000 BC. After several battles, including one with Lavos that brought about the fall of Zeal, Magus joined them after Frog had decided to spare the wizards life. Now, after the defeat of Lavos, Magus remains a comrad-in-arms, but never a friend.

A thought struck Crono at that moment as he watched Lucca and the Magus talking. After Crono had found his father and returned home, Magus decided to end his search for Schala and resolved to live in the present time period. And, as the king recalled, had spent a great deal of time at Lucca's home. Were they.... No, Crono thought. It was impossible in his mind, and yet, he just couldn't shake the feeling. Crono's fears were proven true, though, as he watched a seductive grin, one that Crono had seen more than a hundred times on Marle's face before nights of passion, cross Lucca's face before she turned to leave the shelter with Magus just behind her. He, too, seemed to have a small grin on his face.

The idea just didn't seem right to Crono, but he now knew it to be true, so he decided to turn his thoughts elsewhere. He saw Glenn, the newest of the Dragoon Devas. The title had been given to him recently after the Termina's war with Porre. Glenn's elder brother, Dario, had thought it best to retire and marry the beautiful Riddel, daughter of General Viper. With the sacred twin swords that hung by Glenn's sides, the throneless king had been told that the young lad was a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

His thoughts then turned to the other three Devas: Karsh, Zoah, and Marcy. Zoah, standing head and shoulders above all others there with the exception of the Giant Jerome Pryme, was not known for his speed on the battlefield. What he lacked in speed, though, he made up for with his mighty strength and the fear his imposing form struck. Crono wondered why he never took his helm off.

Karsh was a man who seemed very laxed. The regimens of battle had not turned him into some emotionless drone. He and Sean decided to converse after Lucca had left the latter. Karsh gave out a hearty laugh as he gave Sean a stern slap on the back. He was laughing at one of Sean's explanations, something that didn't please the scientist too well. Karsh stopped laughing though when he found a short blade at his throat that extended from Sean's arm. He made quick to apologize. It wasn't that he was a coward, for any who faced him in was certain to feel the cold bite of his battle axe, but he had no real quarrel with Sean and didn't want to fight his fellow warrior. The blade retreated into Sean's wrist and they shook hands. Yes, Karsh was still very human.

Marcy, on the other hand, was not, or at least that what she wanted the world to believe. On the outside she was cold and rigid, showing contempt for anything and everything. Once in a while, though, Crono had seen her accidentally drop her guard and let her human side show. This, though, was quickly recovered and answered with a harsh remark. Crono thought it sad that a child should grow up in such a way.

This brought his thoughts to his own daughter, Larissa. He looked as he saw her playing with the Giant Jerome. A smile crossed his face as he saw her laughing and giggle and Jerome's antics, and, most importantly, smiling. He felt so bad that she had to grow up in hiding with him and Marle, but it had to be done in order to save their lives, to bring them to the moment that was drawing ever nearer: the retaking of Guardia. He prayed that they would be victorious so that she could spend the rest of her life laughing and smiling.

Crono thought of the boy Serge, who Schala had so insisted he let join his"ragtag bunch" as Jeremiah had put it earlier. Like Crono when he battled against Lavos, the boy was still in his youth. He knew little about the boy, other than that he had been the one to rejoin the two parallel dimensions using the song of the Chrono Cross. Crono noticed that Serge hardly spoke, allowing the wisdom of others to take precedence over his own youthful ignorance. This proved him to be very wise indeed in Crono eyes, and Schala assured the king that with the Mastermune at his side Serge would prove a powerful ally. Crono believed her.

Next he thought of Princess Schala "Kid" Zeal. He remembered when he first met her. She was so disheartened by her mother's actions and the queen's union with Lavos. He had been told that she gave her life to save his friends. But that act had made her weak and easy prey for a dying Lavos. Lavos absorbed her into himself and used her to remain alive, but before Schala had succumbed to his dark will she created a clone of herself, Kid, to rescue Serge and to aid him on his quest. Now both souls reside in one body. It reminded him of the tale he had recently learned of Jeremiah and the Black Dragoon, one soul divided between two bodies.

Crono saw Robo join Sean and Karsh in their scientific debate. Robo had been a most loyal friend since Lucca had repaired and reactivated him during their first trip to the future. Crono had taken Lucca and Robo with him to the final battle with Lavos. If it had not been for the android's Heal Beam they would have surely parished.

Crono thought of Captain Fargo and his crew. The king wasn't sure if he could trust a band of pirates to help him, but Schala had assured him that they could be trusted. Only time will tell.

Lucca told Crono that they had placed a back up of Robo's programming into the FATE computer as a safeguard, calling it by Robo original designation: Prometheus. Serge added to the tale saying that Prometheus had been deleted by Lynx, and was surprised to see the android here. It was believed that the Prometheus in FATE was the original Robo. Crono thanked the gods that it was not. Once again he would have his faithful friend fight by his side.

He looked up and saw the Zecronean Knight Scorpion as the knight checked his equipment for the upcoming battle. The king had been told that Scorpion, known to his friends as Ben or Benjamin, was a Fire Elemental. Because of this, the king had learned, Benjamin could walk through the hottest blaze and escape it unscathed. While Crono was in the other universe searching for his father, Cecil, known in battle as WhiteBlade, had explained to him that Elements in his world had virtuous properties. Fire is the Element of Justice. Fire Elementals have the ability to see falsehoods where they lay. Also due to their need to see justice done, Fire Elementals are known for their short temperaments.

Crono looked over to the beds where he saw the Zecronean Knight Serpent sitting on the middle bed with his helm off and with Lorivette sitting on his lap sharing a quiet moment together. Crono had learned that Scorpion, known to his friends as Chris, was a Water Elemental, and Benjamin's twin brother. Being a Water Elemental, Crono had learned that Chris can remain under the water for as long as he desired without the need for air. Water was the Element of Tranquility, and those who were of its power were known for their cool heads and could bring peace where tempers flared with the greatest of ease. This made Chris the perfect counterpart for his fiery twin. Water Elementals, though, can be pushed too far. When this occurs his agitators are met with a wrath not unlike a tempest at sea.

Crono then focused his thoughts on Lorivette. He knew very little about her. He could tell, though, by the look in her eyes as she looked upon Chris, that she cared deeply for the Water twin, and that he was her sole reason for being here.

Crono heard his daughter's joyous laughter and Jerome's deep, throaty laughs. He looked and saw Jerome lifting Larissa into the air and carrying her around as though she were flying, both of them laughing and carrying on as though they had not a care in the world. It was amazing that a creature such as Jerome was so good with children, especially with having none of his own. Crono had learned that Jerome; for the same reason that he was a giant, though that explanation was unknown to Crono; was unable to have children of his own, and that is why the Giant found so much joy in being around his daughter, as well as the children of his friends. Jerome was one of the greatest enigma's Crono had ever known.His past was shrouded in mystery. He remembered the terrible way he had treated Ayla when she questioned the Giant about his past.

Even Jerome's body was a mystery. How could any man grow to be so tall? And why did he hide his eyes behind those dark glasses? He knew that Jerome was a both a Fire and Earth Elemental, as well as having weak psionic abilities, limited only to telepathy. Earth is the Element of Strength, and it was shown in Jerome's stature. Maybe this is what attributed to his massive build. No, that couldn't be it. If that was so then Jeremiah would be a giant as well, for he, too, was an Earth Elemental. He was called the Giant, but Crono had also been told that the Giant was called the Demon by his enemies. Crono knew that the smiling face of the man that was laughing and playing with Larissa, that face belied a terrible, terrible power.

Crono turned his thoughts to another of the Sacred Warriors: Sean Wisenburg. Earlier he and Lucca had been discussing science. Now he spoke with Karsh and Robo about it. Karsh didn't understand any of it, but he enjoyed the friendly conversation nonetheless. Crono could see that Sean did not exactly trust Robo by the look in his eyes. The king thought this reasonable, considering the war that was fought on the other earth against the robots. Crono at one time wondered why Sean never took the armor that he wore on his arms off, but he later learned that his arms, like the whole of Robo, were machines. Sean was an Air and Lightning Elemental. Air was the Element of Wisdom and Lightning was the Element of Knowledge. Air Elementals were known for their abilities to quickly solve problems and Lightning Elementals are known for their wealth of knowledge. Sean represented both of these with pristine accuracy, as was shown when he had helped Norris retrieve the information from Porre army's Black Wind that was needed to determine to placement of their military posts. He had learned that Sean also had psionic abilities, which included telepathy and tele-mechanics. It was for these reasons that Sean was known as the Brain-Child.

Crono saw Rebecca out of the corner of his eye and turned his head to look at her. He had learned that she was a Water and Holy Elemental. Holy is the Element of Life and Purity. Due to the type of heart that is required to wield such a power it is granted to very few by the Guardian Alexander. It occurred to Crono that this woman had to have a pure heart. He had also learned that she was called the Psych or the Psychic. This was because the psionic powers she possessed were some of the most powerful known in her world. Not only was she powerful in her skills of telepathy and psychokinesis, but she also been known to have prophetic dreams, one of which had brought her and the others to the king's world, something he was very grateful for.

Crono then turned his mind to the last of the Sacred Warriors: Mario Kingston. He had been known as the FreeLancer in his youth, but now was referred to by his fellow Warriors as Coach. Mario's powers were most amazing. He, like the other Sacred Warriors, had psionic abilities, which included telepathy and psychokinesis. What surprised Crono the most about Mario's abilities was that the leader of the Sacred Warriors was able to wield all seven of the their world's element's. What surprised the king even more was that one man was able to wield the power of Holy, the Element of Life; Shadow, the Element of Death and the Night. Another thing he had learned about Mario is that he descended from the Guardian Odin, which was apparently a very high honor. It was one of the things that attributed to his wisdom, and was the reason that he led the Sacred Warriors.

Crono had also been told about the Sacred Warriors' weapons. They had been forged by the Greek Guardian Hephaestus and thus were mighty to behold. But the weapons' strength in battle was not all they were known for. They were able to transform into instruments that played the most beautiful music. Sean Wisenburg's spear, the Lance of Wisdom, became a violin known as the Classical Wisdom. Rebecca Grace-Kingston's nunchakus, the Nunchakus of Grace, became what was called a set of drums called the Graceful Beat. Jerome Pryme's war hammer, the Prime MegaTon Hammer, became what was called a bass guitar called the Primal Bass. Finally, Mario Kingston's sword, the Sword of Kings, became what was called an electric guitar called the Ax of Kings. Crono had seen this instrument once before, which was a beauty to behold, but was not certain as to why it was called an axe.

Thunderer caught the pondering king's eye as the Zecronean Knight walked over to where the king had been earlier with Jeremiah and Mario. Known as Walter to his friends, Crono had learned that he was a Lightning Elemental, and his incredible intellagence bore witness to it. He thought of the mild mannered man. He had very dark skin, almost black in color, which was something he had never seen before. Of course, he had never seen someone with blue skin before either, but the king had learned to expect the unexpeted from the other universe.

Crono thoughts then turned to the Dark Knight Cylgoi. Crono knew that he was here because of a life debt he owed Jeremiah, though he knew not why. Much like Jerome, this dark warrior was a mystery. When Crono asked Jeremiah about the man's apperance, Jeremiah quickly responded that none are to look upon the face of a Dark Knight, lest they fall dead where they stand. Crono decided to leave his thoughts of the Dark Knight be.

Crono thought then of the Paladin Cecil Dogonaz. Crono had learned that Paladins were magic wielding knights. Crono was concerned about having a blind warrior in his army, but his concerns were soon put at ease as he watched Cecil's performance in his tasks around the shelter. Maybe his blindness would give him the advantage that other warriors may lack.

Crono turned again to his wife to see her still talking to Amy, though Keiko and Rebecca had joined them. Amy, much like his own wife, was pleasing to the eye, hopeful, and graceful. Jeremiah was indeed a fortunate man to have such a wife. She was even willing to sacrifice him to carry out his last request. She definately was an incredable woman. Crono learned that Amy was a Summoner. This allowed her to call upon great creatures to aid her in battle. He also learned that this ability was useless in this world, for she knew naught of the creatures here. Mayhaps Jeremiah has another use for her.

He thought of Keiko, or Dragon Claw as she is known in battle, who sat to Amy's right as the women gossiped. Keiko seemed to be a high spirited woman, full of energy. She was married to John WolfClaw, the Zecronean Knight known as Cyclone. As an Air Elemental he had a tendacy to be very wise. Crono also learned the John was what was called a Native American as was strongly connected with the spirit of the earth. This granted him even more wisdom and allowed him to perceve impending danger. This will be of great use in the coming battles.

After considering all the warriors there, Crono's thoughts turned to Jeremiah. Crono had learned that Jeremiah, like Mario, was a descendant of Odin, and had often heard Cylgoi refer to him as "Son of Odin." Jeremiah seemed to be fairly wise, but this plan seemed to be so foolish.

And what of the Black Dragoon, who had escaped from them earlier that week? Crono wondered if Jeremiah's darker half was going to be any trouble to them, or if he would just let theings be, as Jeremiah so insisted that he would.

Crono looked over the warriors in the shelter once more. After doing so he walked back over to the table and sat down across from Jeremiah and Mario. "Are you absolutely certain that this can be done as you have planned it?"

Jeremiah nodded. "It can be done."

"Good," Crono said as he stood. "I'm going to get Lucca and Magus. When we return I want you to brief the troops."


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