"For Guardia!" Chapter 6

Bad Vibes

By Master Odin

2015; EARTH B9-14PS2

A woman, in her mid-thirties, woke up in the middle of the night. She was panting and in a cold sweat. She turned on the lamp next to her bed. She had long brown hair and green eyes. She looked at the man laying next to her, also in his mid-thirties. He had short black hair and a mustache and goatee to match. "Mario. Mario!" she said as she shook him.

Mario Justin Kingston woke up with a grunt. He rolled over and looked at his wife. "What is it, Becky?"

Rebecca Marie Kingston had a frightened expression on her face as she spoke. "I-I just had a dream."

"Dreams are normal," he said as he started to roll back over.

"Not just any dream!"

Mario sat up. "You mean, a premonition?!" Rebecca nodded. "What was it about?"

"It was about those people who came here from the other world twelve years ago."

"What did you see?!"

"I saw two lights. One was small and orange and one was large and blue. They exchanged bolts of lightning for a while, but eventually the blue light covered and extinguished the orange light."

Mario thought about what he heard for a moment. "You might be right. The color of the orange light might represent their king's fiery hair." He reached over to the phone next to his bed.

"Who are you calling?"

"Mr. Aran," has said as he started dialing. "He'll know what to do."


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