"For Guardia!" Chapter 7

Awkward Reunion

By Master Odin


During dinner, Schala explained to Crono and his family what had happened to her after the Ocean Palace was destroyed. How Lavos had taken her after its "death" and assimilated her into itself. How, before she had completely succumbed to Lavos' will, she was able to send a daughter-clone of herself to save a boy named Serge twelve years ago. She told them about how, two years ago, that boy and another rag-tag group of heroes challenged this new Lavos, called the Time-Devourer. She told them how Serge used the Chrono Cross to merged the dimensions and erase the Time-Devourer from existence.

"What happened to this 'Kid'?" Marle had asked after the long narration.

"Actually," Schala responded, "she is a part of me now. I hear her voice all the time. You'll probably hear me talking to her once in a while."

Oi! It's about time ya mentioned me, mate. Maybe now they won't think you're as crazy. Now let's look at that time machine.

"Can't you just think your thoughts to her?" Larissa asked.

"Yes," Schala answered with a nod, "but sometimes I forget and just blurt it out."


"Crono," Schala said, "I don't mean to sound impatient, but­"

"Sure," he interrupted. "We'll take a look at the Epoch." He handed her the crossbow again. She looked at him curiously. "Never can be too careful," he responded as he patted the Rainbow on his hip. He led her out of the treasury.

* * *

A black mass of energy appeared in what, at one time, was Leene Square. It formed into a Time Gate and Magus walked out of it. He looked around him. "Looks like the king has forsaken the square." He then looked towards the castle. "What happened after I left?!" He floated a foot into the air, then floated toward the castle as fast as he could. What happened after they took you away from me, My Love!

* * *

Schala carefully scrutinized the totaled remains time machine in Taban's old lab in the castle.

Oi, mate! They sure did a number on it!

Do you think you can fix it?

Hell no! I didn't like that stuff. It might've been repairable, but we can't get to the future or the other world that Lucca went to, but that was the only way to both.

"Great," Schala said aloud. "It's an infinite loop."

"A what?" Crono asked, scratching his head.

"I think it was Johnny that taught it to Lucca, who tried to explain it few times to the kids she lived with. It is a com­poo­tor term."

"I still don't get it."

"It can be probably be fixed, but we'd have to get it to the future or the other world. Unfortunately, that is the only way to get to either one. So we're back where we started."


Schala thought for a few moments, trying to come up with an easier comparison. She finally responded, saying, "It's like the dragoon that can only be killed by the very weapon it's guarding."

"Oh, I get it," he said, still looking confused, "I think."

"Well, it will not do us any good to stay here. Let's return to Marle and Larissa."

* * *

Magus entered the ruined Guardia Castle. "There's nothing here. It's all been destroyed."

At that moment, Schala had reached the top of the stairs with Crono right behind her. She stopped Crono. She put her finger to her lips. "There's someone here," she whispered.

Crono looked around the corner as he drew his sword. He tried to study the figure, but the light coming from the front doors made it impossible.

"I'm a man of my word," Magus said. "I'll tear Gaspar and Spekkio a new one for this."

"That voice!" Crono exclaimed. "Magus!" Crono yelled as he ran around the corner.

"Magus?!" Schala said. She ran after Crono

Magus looked at him. "Crono?!"

Crono walked up to him. "You returned. Thank you."

Magus grunted. "I didn't come here for you, but while we're on the subject, what happened?"

"I'll tell you once we go and see Marle and Larissa. We shouldn't stay here long."

Schala looked at Magus. "The Prophet?!"

Magus looked at her and started reaching for his Doom Sickle. "Who are you?"

"I'm Schala."


Schala looked at Magus quizzically as the man before her seemed to have seen a ghost.

Oi! What's wrong with him, mate?

I do not know.

The Magus regained himself. "The others call me Magus. I ask that you do the same." With that said, he turned and started to walk toward the stairs to the dungeon.

Crono's eyes quickly shifted from Magus to Schala and back to Magus. He motioned for Schala to return to the treasury as he ran after Magus.

"What was that all about?" Crono asked as he caught up with the dark mage.

"Stay out of this!"

"But that was Schala!"

Magus turned on him. "Look! I am not Janus anymore! I am the Magus. Schala would not understand what I've become."

"She might. She's been through a lot as well. Some of the things she did might make you look like a saint."

"What are you talking about?"

"I can't explain it very well. What I do know is that things are not quite what you think they are. I have a funny feeling she might understand."

Magus brushed him off with a "Whatever!" as he continued toward the dungeon.

Crono lowered and shook his head. "Well, anyway, why don't you come see Marle and Larissa in the treasury." He turned and headed for the treasury.

Magus sighed and turned to follow.


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