"For Guardia!" Prologue

By Master Odin

Here are just a couple things that I wanted to mention before ye begin reading this tale.

First, this is the sequel to "The Silence Broken."

Second, There are several characters in this tale that have two names, their real name and some sort of code-name. Most of these characters have multiple forms, be it the ability to morph, call upon mystical armor or weapons, or whatever. I hate having to repeatedly tell you which form they are in, so, I use their names to tell you. When I use their real name, it is the human form, where as when I use their code-name it is when they have changed into some sort of battle mode, like calling upon special armor or morphing into some kind of non-human form. Trust me, something like this will make the story run a lot smoother. Just make certain that you pay attention as to who is who. There is a place in the story where the names and code-names and all.

An excerpt from the diary of Queen Nadia of Guardia

March 21, 1012 AD

It has been almost a year since we returned from Earth B9-14PS2, the home of the White Dragoon and his friends. When we were there we found Crono's father, and Crono's voice. I've never seen my husband happier, not even on our wedding day.

But there is another piece of good new that has everyone in the castle in an uproar. I'm pregnant! Lucca said I have to name her as the child's God-Mother. There's no other person I could think of asking.

Lucca's parents opened a small orphanage in their home a few months after we returned. She tells me that one girl, I think her name is Kid, holds a special place in her heart. For some reason, Magus has forgone his search for Schala and seems to spending a lot of time at Lucca's. For some other reason, Lucca seems unusually happy.

Despite all of the happy things that have happened in the past year, they have been overshadowed by the fact that Porre has come under martial law. This concerns us for two reasons. One is that Porre has become quite technologically advanced compared to us. Even if we do have the robot army that Lucca had the Mother Brain build for us, we could still be in trouble. The other thing is that the general of the Porre army is a descendent of Tata, whose family has been sore at Crono for "stealing" Tata's honor as the Legendary Knight.

We've sent word to Medina and Termina. Neither has responded to our requests, nor have we heard from the ships that we sent there.

I pray that we are safe.


Seven months after the preceding entry, Nadia gave birth to a baby girl. She was named Larissa. One month after that the Ashtear Orphanage was burned down and Lucca was missing. Magus resumed the search for his sister. Four months later, Porre declared war on Guardia.


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