Holy War Prologue

By Master Odin

The wise Master struggled back to his feet. At age sixty seven, he was the oldest of the Light Warriors. He had dark skin and long silver hair that was braided. Even at his age, he was a force to be reckoned with. No armor crafted could match the strength of this body. No weapon forged could match the power of his fists. He had been the one to carry the Wind Orb. The demon CHAOS loomed before him, savoring its emanate victory. The master looked to his fellow warriors. He was the only Light Warrior standing.

To his left laid the playful Red Wizard. At eighteen, he was the youngest of the four. He had short black hair and an average build. He had been the one to carry the Fire Orb. The master recalled the times he tried to teach the young mage to focus his thoughts. Well, Teshi, the master thought, you may have been troublesome at times, but I could not imagine this journey without your sense of humor to take the edge off the battles

To his right was the innocent White Wizard. She was twenty years old, and a beauty to behold with her slender build and long golden hair. She had been the one to carry the Water Orb. The master smiled. It's truly a pity, Ayanna, that you must die before knowing true love.

Behind the demon was the noble Knight. He was twenty five years old with a solid build. He had fiery red hair and a beard mustache to match. The master smiled again as he thought of the warrior, the one who carried the Earth Orb. Honor meant everything to you, Bryant. It will be an honor to fall beside such friends.

The master looked to CHAOS, "Well, Nestor," he said to himself, "Mayhaps now is the time to listen to one of Teshi's teachings." He took a fighting stance. "AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" he yelled as the charged the demon. He unleashed combo after combo. CHAOS was no mach for Nestor's incredible speed. CHAOS swung his mighty claw and got a lucky blow in on the master. Nestor fell to the ground.


"If we are not victorious, then one day future Light Warriors will come to destroy you."

CHAOS started to laugh, then stopped suddenly when they both heard a crack. The demon's eyes became wide as blood started to drip from his mouth. CHAOS dropped Nestor.

"Why wait?" came a voice all too familiar to the master. Bryant pulled the Xcalibur from CHAOS' back and sheathed it. He walked over to Nestor's side.


Bryant looked down upon the demon. "As a knight, I am honor-bound to grant thee thy last request." He drew the Xcalibur. "Very well, I shalt have mercy upon thee." He raised the mighty sword, and lopped off CHAOS' head. He then sheathed the blade.

"I thought you were going to grant him mercy?" Nestor said as he picked Teshi up.

"I did," Bryant told him as he lifted Ayanna. "The demon shalt no longer endure any physical suffering."


Ayanna came to on a cot in a dimly lit room. The blonde beauty looked over to the cot next to her and saw the black haired Teshi sit up. "Did we win?" she asked.

"Either that," Teshi said as he rubbed his head, "or the Great Beyond looks a lot like the clinic of Coneria."

Bryant and Nestor entered the clinic. "'Tis about time the two if ye hath awakened," the noble Knight said with a grin on his face.

"We had feared Uffern* had claimed you both," the wise Master said.

Teshi started to quickly stand up. "Nothing can stop-OW!" He gripped his chest and fell back to the cot. Everyone started laughing.

"How long have we been out?" Ayanna asked.

Nestor looked out the window at the setting sun.

"What is he doing?" Teshi asked.

"Must be telling time by the sun," Ayanna said with a shrug.

Nestor then looked at the calendar on the wall. "About three days."

The others got a good chuckle out of Nester's little joke.

"I have a question," Teshi announced. "Since Garland never unleashed the Four Fiends, does anyone remember what we did?"

Bryant shook his head. "Nay, mine friend. Other than those who knew us before we began our journey, none know who we are. We are free to live normal lives once again."

Ayanna seemed a little disheartened at this.

"What is it?" Teshi asked.

"Well," she responded, looking at the floor. "I was hoping that if father knew that I had helped save the world, that he would not make me marry that wretched Donovan."

"That stuffed shirt old man we met when we found you?!" Teshi asked with the most disgusted look on his face. Ayanna nodded.

"I try to never judge a man by first impressions," Nestor said as he crossed his arms, "but that man will have to do a great deal of work to make himself appear worthy of such a lady in my eyes."

"I must agree with thee, mine friend. Well, we shouldst go and let the two of ye continue thy rest. We shalt return in the morn."

Bryant and Nestor bowed as they left. Ayanna laid back down on her cot. "Do you think the Masamune will let me kill myself?"


*Uffern is term that I heard when I was reading a book that had a lot of Celtic tie-ins in it. It refers to one of the places one may go after death.


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