The Silence Broken Chapter 10

The White Knight

By Master Odin

The Epoch appeared over a battlefield. Marle and Robo dropped the others off to join the battle. Once again, Lucca had a plan. After Crono, Lucca, Frog, Magus, and Ayla got out, Marle and Robo took off.
"ß-937, more humans have joined the battle," an R-series droid told a robot that looked like Z-779.

"Almost like lambs to the slaughter,"ß-937 said.

"Maybe not. They seem to be doing quite a bit of damage."

"Maybe I need to take care of them myself." At that moment Z-779 landed in front of it.

"Status," Z-779 said.

"Some powerful humans have just joined the battle, Z-779. If they have joined forces with the White Dragoon and the Giant, we could lose this battle. I was going to take care of them personally."

"Don't bother," Z-779 said. "By the way, the name's Robo!" Robo lowered his shoulder cannon and blasted ß-937. He then started to attack the other droids in the area.

* * * * *

After a few hours the smoke cleared and the human's were victorious. Lucca was tending to Magus' and Ayla's wounds with tonics. After a short while a man made of white metal approached the six of them. As the Gaspar of this world had said, the metal moved like flesh. He stood close to seven feet tall. His feet came to a point, as did his fingers. A tail of what appeared to be metal plates draped from the top of the back his head to the small of his back. A single-edged sword, about as long as the man was tall and a foot broad and curved to a point, hung from his back. Also on his back was glowing red spear that appeared to be too long for a man of his size to use. The only part of his body that was not white were his eyes, which glowed red.

Also, a man, standing just over ten feet and built like a god, approached with the metal man. He wore black jeans, a black and white checked flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off over a black T-shirt, a black dew rag, black cut-off leather gloves, and mirror sunglasses that completely hid the eyes. In his right hand a carried a warhammer that appeared to have been made entirely of silver.

"Welcome strangers," the metal man said. His voice was regal and proud, yet gentle. His stature reeked of noble upbringing. His stance suggested that he would be one that thought fighting side-by-side with commoners was below him, but his very presence told one otherwise, almost like a king who felt he didn't deserve such a grand status. "My name is the White Dragoon. My associate here is Jerome Pryme. We owe you a debt of gratitude. Your mysterious powers saved us. From whence did you come by such powers?"

"It's a long story," Lucca said as she and Ayla carried Magus over to them. He was too injured for the tonics to heal.

"Your friend needs help," the White Dragoon said, again a noble tone rang in his voice, as he took Magus from the girls. A white cell phone appeared in his hand. "Tome, we need a portal," he said into the cell phone. "We'll go to our base."

A large, glowing white sphere appeared near the White Dragoon. The other soldiers started filing into it.

"Wait for me!" Robo yelled as he came flying over to them.

"IT'S THAT ROBOTIC BASTARD!" Jerome yelled, his thunderous voice echoing for miles. He raised his warhammer and charged at Robo.

"Wait!" Lucca yelled. "That's not him! He's a friend!" Jerome ignored her. She turned to the White Dragoon. "Make him stop!"

"Jerome!" the White Dragoon yelled. "Stand down!"

Jerome stopped. "What?! It's him!"

"No! Our new friends claim that he is not Z-779, but a friend of theirs."

Robo landed beside Crono. Jerome gritted his canine-like teeth and went into the portal.

"Robo was it?" the White Dragoon said. "Wait a here a moment. After a few months of war against robots, those in there are not going to accept your presence easily. Let me warn them so that they will not attack you once you arrive."

Robo agreed and the White Dragoon entered the sphere. After a few moments he returned and told them that it was all right now. Lucca flew the Epoch in while the others followed.

* * * * *

Z-779 entered a room that looked like the Mother Brain's chamber in Crono's world. An image of the Mother Brain flickered to life as he entered.

"Report, Z-779," the Mother Brain said.

"Mother Brain, during the battle in sector G9-76B against the White Dragoon's warriors, some unusual humans appeared out of nowhere and started assisting them in the battle. They also appeared to have a replica of myself and used it to confuse and defeat our troops."

"What is on your mind?"

"I believe that they are the ones from earth R0-9SNES. They are most admirable opponents, especially the silent one."

"Dispose of them."

"As you command."

"I sense hesitation in your voice. Are you having second thoughts?"

"No. I will help you retake this world that the humans so wrongfully took from you."


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