The Silence Broken Chapter 11


By Master Odin

"I see," the White Dragoon said after Lucca and Marle explained the mission of the heroes. "You have quite a task ahead of you. I believe I can help you."

"Any help, even if it's just some information, would be really appreciated," Marle said.

"We know where the robot base is. It is in a land called Japan. An experiment in artificial intelligence in that land went haywire and it started building robots for war."

"If ye knowest where the vermin hide, why hast thou not infiltrated the rats' nest?" Frog asked.

"We haven't been able too. I have my knights, as well as the other heroes of our earth, scattered around the world protecting the humans."

"You speak as though we're not on earth," Lucca observed.

"We're not," the White Dragoon said. "Actually, we're on a small planet billions of light years from Terra, or earth as you call it, named Zecroes. That is why my knights are called the Zecronean Knights. Anyway, although we have not been able to attack, I do have someone on the inside. He's given me blueprints that you might help you. With a well organized plan, you might be able to infiltrate and defeat the Mother Brain."

Jerome Pryme entered the conference room.

"How's Magus?" Lucca asked with anticipation.

"Ya mean Count Dracula back there? He'll be a'ight. Jes needs his rest, if not a few pints o' blood ta sink his teeth inta." The Giant started to chuckle.

"Pryme!" the White Dragoon yelled. He was not amused by the Giant's joke, and neither was Lucca.

"Anywho, Maggie, or whateva his name is, wanna ta talk to ya, Frog. Som'in 'bout redemption o' som'in."

"What does he mean 'redemption'?" Marle asked.

"Me thinks I hath an idea," Frog said before he walked out.

* * * * *

Magus' eyes opened when he heard the infirmary's doors slide open. Everything was still a little blurry, but he still recognized the short figure that stood over him. "Frog," he said softly.

"The rude one told me that thou wisheth to speak to me."

"Yes. This is going to be a tough battle ahead. I found out today that I am not as strong as I thought I was. I know that I cannot atone for all my past sins, but I can at least atone for one."

"And that 'tis what?"

"I will change you back into a human."

Frog shook his head. "Nay, I shalt not have it. I hath told thee time and time again that I truly enjoyeth this form. It hath served me time and time again in battle."

"Maybe so, but when was the last time that you have enjoyed the company of a woman?"

"I hath spent time with Lucca, Marle, and Ayla."

"I guess you don't understand. When was the last time you had a lover?"

Frog lowered his head. "It hath been several years. This form is not properly equipped."

"That is why I want to change you back. Isn't there a woman out there that you want to be with?"

Frog nodded. "Corilea, one of the fairest maidens that I hath ever the pleasure of laying mine eyes upon. I began courting her shortly before Cyrus had asked me to join him on his journey to destroy thee. After you transformed me, I couldst never return to her."

"Did she ever get married?"

Frog shook his head. "Nay."

"Maybe she's waiting for her knight in shining armour to return to her."

Frog thought for a moment. "Mayhaps."

* * * * *

Lucca and Crono were looking over the blueprints with the White Dragoon when a well-built man of medium height with green hair entered the room.

"Who are you?" the White Dragoon asked, reaching for his sword.

"Mine name is Glenn," the man said.

"Glenn!?" Lucca exclaimed. She ran over to him and looked him over. "You didn't tell us you were such a dish, Glenn!"

"That still doesn't explain to me who you are," the White Dragoon said.

"Thou kneweth mine name to be Frog."

"What happened to you, and what, pray tell, is up with the green hair?" the White Dragoon asked.

"With Masa and Mune's help. Magus made'th it so that I might be able to change'th mine form between this and that of Frog. As for mine hair, 'tis its natural colour."

"Why would you want to go back?" the White Dragoon asked.

"Why wouldst thou revert to thy present form whenst thou hast all thy power in whatever form thou assume'th?"

The White Dragoon looked at him curiously. "Ho-how did you know?"

"All of us could tell," Lucca said. "It's part of the magic that Spekkio gave us."

The White Dragoon looked at them in awe. "Tell me, do you think that anyone else can see through my guise?"

"Not unless they received their magic from a Master of War," Lucca said.

"You know who I really am, then."

"Nay," Glenn said. "All we knoweth is that this is not thy favoured form."

"Well, since your not of this world, I guess it wouldn't hurt to show you." The White Dragoon started to transform. When he was done, he was a well built, six feet tall Caucasian with brown hair. He wore a dark gray business suit and glasses. In his left hand was a black cane with a silver ball at the top. He extended his right hand. "My name is Jeremiah Michael Aran III, owner of Aran Technologies."

"Wow, Mr. Aran," Lucca said, "you're a dish, too!"

"Thanks, but please don't call me Mr. Aran. I'm only twenty-three. And don't try," he raised his left hand, showing the gold band on the ring finger, "I'm married, and I don't think you want to piss my wife off."

"I was just making a comment, geez!" Lucca said.

Crono sat at the table tapping his fingers. Finally he got up, yawned, and walked out.

Glenn took out his pocket watch and looked at it. "Thou art right, mine friend. 'Tis late. We shouldst get some rest." With that, Glenn also left."

Jeremiah looked over to Lucca. "I've just got to ask you something, Lucca. I've noticed that you all speak with Crono as though he actually responds to what you are saying, but I've yet to hear him say a word. Does he use telepathy or something like that?"

"No. It's just when you know someone well enough, words aren't really needed." Lucca walked out, leaving a very confused warrior/businessman behind.
[Author's Note: From this point on I will be using different names for characters with two names and who can change his/her form. I will interchange "Glenn" and "Frog" for everyone's favorite amphibian-man. When I use the name "Glenn" it means that he is in his human form and when I use the name "Frog" it means that he is in his Frog form. Just so you don't get confused, because Frog now has the ability to change his form from being a humanoid frog to a human and vise versa, although he will be in his Frog form for most of the story. "Jeremiah", "Mr. Aran", and "Jeremiah Michael Aran III" refer to the White Dragoon, or White as his friends call him, when he is in his human form. There's another one, but I don't want to ruin the surprise. By the way, I do hope that you're enjoying this story.]


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