The Silence Broken Chapter 12

"My, What Big Teeth You Have!"

By Master Odin

Jerome was sitting in a small, dimly lit chamber by himself polishing the head of his warhammer. He let out a sigh.

"Amanda, why did ya have ta run off like dat?" he mumbled to the darkness. "I know we's at war an' all, but ya could've stayed here an' fought by mi side insteada takin' da LeatherGloves and fightin' by yerselves."

Just then he heard the doors slide open. Ayla came in. "Hi, Giant," she asked.

"What do ya want?" he growled.

"Ayla say 'Hi' to Giant," she said. "It nice for Giant to say 'Hi' to Ayla."

"Hi. Anything else?"

Ayla looked at him for a moment. "You strong, but no nice?"

"Ya point?"

"Ayla like strong people. Giant strong like Crono, but Giant not nice like Crono."

"I's still waitin' fer ya point."

"Giant make good ally, but Giant no make good friend. Why Giant no nice?"

Jerome pointed his thumb at his chest. "Giant no here to- Now I's talkin' like ya!"

Ayla giggled.

"I's ain't here ta make any damn friends. I's here ta fight a war."

"What Giant?"


"Giant look like man, but smell like Reptite. What Giant?"

"None of yer damn business."

"Oh. Why Giant fight?"

"'Cause I hafta."


"Destiny. Fate."

"Oh. What Giant do before war?"

"Jes what I's doin' now, defendin' dose weaka den me."

"Has Giant alway protect weak?"

A growl rattled in Jerome's throat. The Giant grabbed Ayla with one hand around her waist and brought her face up to his. "Now listen here, bitch! Rule number one: Don't fuck wit' my friends! My friends are my family. Rule number two: Don't fuck wit' my family! Ya fuck wit' my family, yer fuckin' wit' me! Rule number three: Don't fuck wit' Pryme, 'cause Pryme fucks back! Rule number four: My past ain't open fer discussion! Neva has been, neva will be. Ask 'gain 'n' you'll hafta reach up ta tie yer shoelaces! Understand?!"

Ayla thought for a few moments, then said, "Ayla confused. What shoelaces?"

Jerome let out a roar as he threw her against the wall near the door. "Git da 'ell outta 'ere befo'e I REALLY LOSE MY TEMPER!!!!!!!"

Ayla was not very afraid of Jerome, but as she got up she thought it best to take his advice and leave.


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