The Silence Broken Chapter 13

The Man of Adamant-Titanium

By Master Odin

Jeremiah Aran was sitting in a small conference room drinking some wine while looking over some schematics when Ayla came storming in.

"Giant big meany!" she yelled as she hit the table.

"You asked him about his past, didn't you?" Jeremiah asked without looking up and taking a sip of his wine.

"How smart man know?"

"Jerome has four rules. One-"

"Giant tell Ayla already."

"Alright," the twenty-three year old businessman said as he took another sip of his wine and leaned back in his chair. "Well, obviously you didn't threaten his friends, family, or himself. The only thing left is the fourth rule, his past."

"But why Giant so mean?"

Jeremiah took another sip of his wine. "Rough life, I guess. No one knows about his life before he met an employee of mine almost eight years ago. Obviously our friend experienced some tragedy or did something that he's not proud of." He took another sip. "In any case, he asked us not to pry and we should respect that. What ever his past may be is not important. He is a good man now and fights to protect the earth."

"Funny thing about Giant."

"What is that?"

"Giant man, but smell like Reptite."


Ayla thought hard for a few moments for the best way to describe what a Reptite was. She finally came up with an answer as Jeremiah took a sip of his wine, "Lizard-man."

Jeremiah spewed his wine all over the table and Ayla. "What?!"

Ayla wiped the wine off her face with her hand. "Lizard-man."

"Okay," he said as he straightened up his suit. "He- probably just needs to take a bath."

"Oh. Ayla wonder about smart man."

"And what would that be, miss?"

"What made smart man into what smart man is?"

Jeremiah grinned as he drained his glass. "All you need to know is that I thank and curse the day that I died."

"Smart man dead?"

"No. I'm very much alive." He got up and walked over to a cabinet nearby. He opened it and took out a small glass bottle. "695. The best year they've produced. Want a glass?"

"What is it?"

"Wine from a distant planet called Yeolde. I went on a mission there once a long time ago. Technically this bottle is almost thirteen hundred years old, but it's actually only about four hundred."

"Wine no good for smart man. Make stupid."

Jeremiah poured some of the wine into the glass. "Alcohol has no affect on this body. You're probably right, though. I do indulge myself a bit. I'd be a bad example to my wife and future children."

"Is mishun when smart man die?"

"No. I died before that, but something terrible did happen to me while I was on the mission. Another day that I thank and curse."

"What happen?"

"I guess you can say that I was literally torn in two."

"Huh? But smart man have all parts."

"Not quite. They made another body like mine, then took the darker part of my mind and put it in that body."

"Make evil smart man?"

Jeremiah looked into the glass, his eyes drooping with sadness. "Yes. Divided good and evil. White and Black." He took a sip of the wine, then looked back into the glass. "Sometimes I wish I could get drunk."


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