The Silence Broken Chapter 14

The Weapons

By Master Odin

"What are you doing here?" the Mother Brain asked the black figure.

"The Dark OverLord has asked me to check your progress," he said.

"He has no need to fear. We are close to completing our mission. We have something that will finish this for good."

The black figure grunted. "I'd like to see this."

"There is no need. We have been more successful then even you."

The glowing red eyes of the figure grew thin. "You do realize who I am, don't you?"

"You are the Black Dragoon, Our Master's right hand. That does not mean I have to respect you."

The Black Dragoon extended his left arm and pointed it at one of the monitors that projected the Mother Brain's image. A grin crossed his face as a blast of energy fired from his hand and destroyed the monitor. Mother Brain's image started to flicker.

"Oh yes it does."

"Very well. Go to the main bunker. I will meet you there."

* * * * *

The Black Dragoon entered the main bunker. He saw two enormous robots, one green and one red, both standing about twenty-five feet tall. Mother Brain's image appeared on a nearby monitor

"What are these?"

"Weapons of mass destruction. Machines grafted with biological implants so that they can use magic. The Inferno and Glacier Weapons."

"Mass destruction?!"

"Yes! They will totally annihilate the human race!"

The Black Dragoon's red eyes widened. "You fool! Our Master doesn't want the humans destroyed! Without them, this will no longer be the Sacred Planet!"

"Our Master desires this planet at all costs!"


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