The Silence Broken Chapter 15

"There It Is Again!"

By Master Odin

Lucca walked into the infirmary. She saw Magus was up and practicing with his scythe.

"What are you doing?" Lucca demanded.

"Baking a cake," he said with a sneer. "I'm practicing so I can become stronger."

"You should be resting."

"The weak only strive to be weaker."

"And if you don't take care of yourself you'll be dead!"

Magus stopped practicing. "What do you want?" he growled.

"I just came to see how you were doing, but since you're being such an obstinate asshole I'll just leave!"

She turned to walk out, but Magus was already at the door blocking her way. "What makes you think you're so damn good?"

"I don't know, maybe defeating Lavos was a pretty damn good indication!"

"I was there too, you know."

"Excuse me! Crono took Robo and me while you waited at the End of Time licking your damn wounds!"

"And I say that Crono was a idiot to take such weak fighters with him!"

Lucca hauled off and nailed Magus in the face. The blow knocked Magus into the doors. "Don't ever talk about my friends like that!" she yelled.

Magus got up and rubbed his face. "Why you little bitch!" he yelled as he drew his scythe and brought the point to her throat.

Once again, Lucca stretched her neck as fair as she could. Everything that Ozzie taught the evil sorcerer was flooding into his mind. The thousands of ways to make a human suffer before he/she died.

Then he heard it.

Ignoring the sound, Magus tightened his grip on his scythe. His eyes grew thin.

He heard it again.

"Any time you're ready," Lucca said.

Magus drew back his scythe to strike.

He heard it again.

"Well?" she said. Finally growing impatient, she decked him. The force of her punch was enough to move him from in front of the door, in which she promptly exited.


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