The Silence Broken Chapter 16

"It's Time Ta Open A Big Ol' Can O' Whoopass!"

By Master Odin

"So, how do ya plan on doin' dis, White?" Jerome asked his metallic friend.

"Similar to when we attacked Demus. You and our troops are gonna create a diversion while our new friends and I sneak in. Unfortunately, we can't use a portal to get in like we did back then, but we should be able to get in nonetheless."

"How many are ya expectin' ta come back alive?"

The White Dragoon shook his head. "Not many, but we need to hit the Mother Brain before we lose too many more."

"A'ight, I'll rally the troops. Jes tell me one thang, do ya think we cun do it?"

The White Dragoon's glowing red eyes grew thin. "Failure's not an option."

* * * * *

"Lucca, just who I wanted to see," the White Dragoon said as he saw her down the corridor.

"What?" she asked as she walked over to him.

The White Dragoon pulled out her gun. "I figured out why the Wondershot was having power fluctuations. The emitter wasn't made of a pure enough substance, so I replaced it with a star ruby emitter. It should pack more of a punch now."


* * * * *

Jerome sat atop of his motorcycle on a cliff overlooking Torish Nori Inc., a.k.a. Mother Brain HQ. Behind him were several hundred men on foot. He knew that on the other side of the mountain were several tanks, jeeps, and landed aircrafts all waiting for his signal to move out.

"Hmmm. Dis ain't good," he said as he looked at the enemy forces gather in front of the factory.

"They're expecting us!"

"They been expectin' us eva since da strangas came 'n' helped us defeat da robots. It don't matta. White sez dat dis is da time ta strike. He may be a' arrogant sonofabitch, but when he's righ', he's righ'." Jerome raised his war hammer into the air. "A'ight, les get inta position."

* * * * *

The White Dragoon stared off into the distance. Using his telescopic vision, he saw the enemy forces gathering in front of the factory. "We may lose more men than I thought."

"What's wrong?" Marle asked.

"Demidons and Sorni. I thought they were unique to the Demno Empire."

"What are they?" Lucca asked.

"Demidons are de-evolved life forms. They are very dangerous."

"Their just animals then," Lucca suggested.

"Worse than animals. They've been completely stripped of conscience thought. Even a dog is capable of conscience thought. But they're not the ones they need to worry about."

"'Tis the Sorni then," Frog suggested.

"The Sorni, yes. A Sornas is a being that has many technological implants. Most of it isn't weapons, though. It's for quickly analyzing battle strategies and then commanding the Demidons through a mind link."

"Need tell Giant!" Ayla yelled.

"He already knows the situation. He knows what he has to do."

The White Dragoon looked in Jerome's direction. He saw Jerome raise his war hammer. He turned to Crono and his friends. "There's the signal. He's moving into position. As soon as the attack starts, we'll use a portal get near one of the side entrances of the building and use that to get in."

"Dost thou believeth that the vermin art going to put a great deal of manpower, or whate'er 'tis called, into the battle outside?" Frog asked.

"Doubtful, unless a miracle happens. I haven't seen any miracles in a long time."

 * * * * *

Jerome moved his troops to the other side of the mountain. He sat atop of his custom built Shin-Ra motorcycle, waiting for the White Dragoon's signal. He heard a familiar truck pull up behind him. "Aw, hell naw!" he said as turned around. He saw two young men and a young woman get out of the truck.

One of the men was just over six feet tall with a solid build and a mustache/goatee on his face. He wore a varsity black varsity jacket with a large white "O" on it and opposite of the "O" was the name "Mario." Under this he wore a black leather vest that covered his entire torso. He also wore blue jeans, black boots, and a black baseball cap with a white "O" on it. He wore a gold band on his left ring finger. On his left hip hung a golden sword with a large red jewel where the blade met the hilt and a large blue jewel for the tip of the blade.

The other man was slightly taller than the first. The first thing one would notice about this man is that he had mechanical arms. He had long blonde hair that flowed freely past his shoulders, and he wore glasses. He also wore a leather vest like the first man, but he wore another dark gray cloth vest over that that was open. He wore black jeans and black boots. In his left hand was a silver spear.

The woman was considerably shorter than the men, about five and a half feet tall. She had long brown hair that flowed to the small of her back. She wore a dark green T-shirt under a pair of tight fitting blue jean overalls and brown boots. She also wore a gold band on her left ring finger. In her right hand was a pair of silver Nunchakus.

"Holy shit!" Jerome yelled. "Mario! Rebecca! Sean! What da hell are ya doin' here?!"

"We heard that you guys were making an attack on Mother Brain," Mario said. "We thought we'd lend a hand."

Jerome let out a hearty laugh. "Well. Yer jes in time. Da Sacred Warriors be back in town!"

"You don't have a plan, do you Jerome?" Sean asked.


Sean let out a sigh.

"What is it?" Rebecca asked.

"Jes like when wez attacked Demus."

* * * * * 

"Well, I'll be damned," the White Dragoon said. "I guess miracles still happen."

"Prithee, what art thou talking about," Frog asked.

"All four Sacred Warriors are together. Mother Brain is going to have to bring more fighters into the battlefield to defeat them."

"Good, that means we won't die as quickly," Magus said.

"Will you shut up!" Lucca yelled.

"Let us get this under way," the White Dragoon said. He raised his hand into the air shot out a blast of energy.

* * * * *

Jerome saw the White Dragoon's signal. He turned toward the Mother Brain HQ and saw the robots preparing for their attack. Jerome raised his war hammer, the Prime MegaTon Hammer. Mario drew the Sword of Kings as Rebecca readied the Nunchakus of Grace and Sean readied the Lance of Wisdom. "Ladies and gentlemen," the Giant yelled. His voice was so loud and thunderous that even the White Dragoon and the others could hear him. "IT'S TIME TA OPEN A BIG OOOLLL' CAN O' WHOOPAAASSS!" Jerome slammed the hammer on the ground with a force so powerful that the earth shook. His warriors let out a mighty war cry and rushed into battle.

[Author's Note: In case you're wondering, yes, Jerome's motorcycle does look like the one that Cloud rode during the motorcycle chase scene in FF7. It's custom built because it had to be big enough for someone Jerome's size to ride it, plus there are a few "factory extras" on it as well, which I may or may not include later in the story, I haven't decided yet. Remember, all these characters that are in this story are copyrighted to someone, be it to Squaresoft or Jeremy Herriman (with the exception of Chronan and Z-779). Well, on to Chapter 17!]


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