The Silence Broken Chapter 17

Into the Rats' Nest

By Master Odin

"There's our cue," the White Dragoon said. A cell phone appeared in his hand. "It's Game Time, Tome." The white portal appeared before them and they walked through. They appeared near one of the side doors to the factory. They quickly defeated the guard robots and disabled the built in defense system.

"Should we let ourselves in, or should we knock?" he asked.

"The door is sealed," Robo said. "I'll knock."

The others backed out of the way as Robo proceeded to "knock" the door down.

They all drew their weapons as they cautiously entered the factory.

"It's about time you got here," a voice said from around the corner. A person similar in appearance to the White Dragoon, only black came around the corner.

"What do you want, Kain?" the White Dragoon asked.

"Who's this?" Magus asked.

"I guess you could call him my evil twin," the White Dragoon answered. "He's Kain Aran, better known as the Black Dragoon."

"Evil smart man!" Ayla yelled. The White Dragoon nodded.

"Enough of the senseless banter!" the Black Dragoon demanded. "You have a job to do."

The White Dragoon raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"The Mother Brain is planning on exterminating all the humans on the Sacred Planet."

"What concern is it of thine, Fallen One?" Frog asked.

"It plans on exterminating all of the humans," the Black Dragoon answered. "This is not what our master wishes. Besides, I can't have my glory taken away from me by a glorified video game."

The White Dragoon relaxed. This wasn't the first time his "evil twin" had helped him like this.

"How do we know we can trust him?" Marle asked.

"He may be evil, but he's still a man of his word," the White Dragoon said. "Well, brother, how does it look?"

"Thanks to the sudden appearance of the other three Sacred Warriors, the Mother Brain has become concerned, but it is not as stupid as Demus was. It is expecting the attack outside to be a diversion while others sneak inside, so your battle here will be more difficult than you had thought."

"We'll manage," Lucca said, rubbing the Wondershot.

The Black Dragoon snickered. "We'll see. Good luck to you."

"Aren't you gonna help us?" Marle asked.

"I can't be seen helping you." And with that, he walked into the black portal behind him and vanished.

"Well, It looks like we're on our own," the White Dragon said.


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