The Silence Broken Chapter 18

The Perfect Storm

By Master Odin

A few hours later the human forces outside were taking heavy losses.

Jerome slid his motorcycle to a stop next to Mario and Rebecca, in which the FreeLancer had just blasted a robot away with a bolt of lightning from his sword.

"Dis ain't good!" The Giant yelled. His skin was burnt in several places from where he had taken laser fire.

Sean came running up to them. "We're out numbered at least twenty-to-one out there!"

"We have to win this, or at least give White and his new friends more time."

Rebecca threw out a blast of water, destroying a few robots that were approaching them. "There's gotta be something that'll even the odds some!" she yelled.

Sean snapped his metal fingers. "I got it! An electrical storm!"

"Surly they would have planned to battle in an thunderstorm!" Mario yelled.

"But not one that was magically induced!" Sean said. "There are so few humans who can use magic that they might not have planned on it. Have you seen how effective our powers have been?"

"But only Thunderer has 'nough power ta summon a storm!" Jerome reminded the young high school teacher.

"But if Rebecca and I combine our powers of Air, Lightning, and Water we should be able to do it!"

"It's worth a shot!" Mario yelled.

"After we summon it, can you sustain it?" Sean asked.

"Yeah, but not for long. I may be able to use all seven elements, but not as strongly as the rest of you."

"Wuttif ya use da Instrument?" Jerome asked.

"I could probably, but we're still limited on time."

"Let's do it already!" Rebecca yelled.

"Jerome, I need a pillar," Mario said.

"You got it." The Giant thrust his hand up and the ground where Mario was standing became a pillar of rock standing forty feet high.

Sean and Rebecca started concentrating as Jerome defended them from attacking robots. Storm clouds began to gather in the sky. Thunder began to roll as it started to rain. Lightning filled the sky.

"Beautiful," Mario said. He turned his hat backwards. He then held the hilt of the Sword of Kings in his right hand and cradled the blade in his left hand. "Sword of Kings!" he yelled. "Ax of Kings!" The Sword of Kings transformed into a white electric guitar. He played a few bars. He always loved the sound of this mystical instrument. "Let's Play Ball!" He then started playing the song "Rock You Like A Hurricane" by the Scorpions. Rebecca and Sean stopped their concentration. Mario had control of the storm now.

The flying robots were the first to feel the effects of the storm. The lightning bolts that struck them sent them hurdling to the ground. Some of the bolts that reached the ground were fortunate enough to take out some of the robot ground units.

"And now that there's more static electricity in the area, I can use more of my more powerful attacks!" Sean said. He raised his arms to the storm. A bolt of lightning struck each arm. He them stuck them out to his sides, the power coursing through them. Several robots started to charge him. The electricity gathered in his metal hands. The robots drew nearer. A grin crossed his face. "THUNDER CLAP!" he yelled. The sound of thunder rumbled from his hands as he clasped them together with a great force. The lightning exploded from his hands at that same moment. The bolts destroyed the robots charging him.

* * * * *

"Mother Brain!" a protocol droid yelled as it ran into Mother Brains main emitter room. "A storm has gathered above the battlefield!"

"The battle droids have protection against such things," Mother Brain retorted.

"But Mother Brain, this is no ordinary storm! It seems that the Sacred Warriors summoned it!"

"This is not good."

"Did I not warn you of this?" Z-779 said. "Humans are very resourceful."

"Ready the Weapons!" Mother Brain ordered.

"The White Dragoon and the strangers are drawing near," Z-779 said.

"Take care of them!"
[For all you who are groaning 'cause I chose a classic rock song for Mario to play, sorry. I like classic rock. I wasn't originally going to have Mario use the Ax of Kings to sustain the storm, but as I was dreaming up the storm idea I kept hearing that song in the back of my head. Please don't hold it against me. Oh, by the way, "Rock You Like A Hurricane" does belong to the Scorpions, and I'd like to thank them for making a song that fit in so well with my story.]


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