The Silence Broken Chapter 19

Friend or Foe

By Master Odin

Crono and his friends were making slow progress through the factory. Mother Brain still had many robots inside the factory, and Magus' stamina was still suffering from his injury a week ago.

The White Dragoon peered around the corner. "We must be nearing the Mother Brain's CPU," he said as he turned back to the others. "The defense is becoming greater. There are six R-series droids and three Z-series droids."

"So what do we do?" Marle asked.

"Why don't we just take 'em out and be done with it?" Magus said.

"It'd be one thing if it was just the R-series droids," the White Dragoon said, "but even I and Jerome have trouble with the Z-series. Three of them could spell trouble."

"Let me handle this then," Robo said, mimicking humans by "popping" his "knuckles." He rounded the corner.

"There's one of them!" one of the Z-series droid said. "Get it!"

The R-series droids charged Robo, firing their lasers. "LASER SPIN!" Robo began spinning like a top, firing his lasers in every direction. After all of the R-series were destroyed, Robo went into a fighting position. He gestured to the three Z-series robots with his hand. "Bring it."

The three Z-series robots looked at each other, then laughed. The arm of the one in the middle transformed into a large blaster cannon.

"Oh shit!"

The robot fired at Robo. He tried to dodge the blast, but was too late. The blast threw him down the corridor, past where his friends were waiting.

"Robo!" they yelled as they rushed out to him.

Robo sat up, rubbing his head. "Yep! That hurt."

Lucca kneeled next to him. "Are you okay?"

"Yes. My internal repairs are working on it right now."

The White Dragoon stood between the three Z-series droids and his new friends. "Now that wasn't very nice," he said as he dug his fingers through his metal flesh into his breastbone. There was a sickening cracking sound as he ripped his chest cavity open, revealing his metallic organs, with the Dragon Knight screaming in pain the entire time. His pulsating metal heart and lungs had been pushed aside to make room for a gaping black hole, a chest cannon. The hole began to glow with a purple light. "By the power of Odin and Gaia," he yelled, his face crinkled with anger, "DEATH SCREAM BLAST!" A blast of purple light shot out of the chest cannon and eradicated the three droids. The metal paneling on the walls were burnt from the blast. The White Dragoon closed his chest cavity, scars sealing the places that had been ripped.

"Why didn't you just do that to begin with?" Magus asked.

As if on cue, the White Dragoon dropped to one knee. "Because it drains my powers," he said weakly. He tried to punch a hole in the floor, but was too weak to even dent it.

"What dost thou tryeth to do?" Frog asked.

"If I can come in direct contact with the actual earth, I can regenerate faster."

The door that the robots had been guarding slid open. "Then maybe I should take this opportunity to rid ourselves of your presence," Z-779 said.

Crono looked at the large robot. He drew the Rainbow and approached it.

"Do you really wish to die?"

Crono shook his head as he readied his blade.

Z-779 studied the young man. "You have, no fear. It is as if you have tasted death's blade before, but returned."

Crono raised an eyebrow, proving Z-779's accusation to be true. Marle and Frog rushed to his side, but Crono held out his arm.

"It's my kingdom too!" Marle said.

Frog shook his head. "'Tis not that alone. The lad hath a personal vendetta with this swine."

Crono lunged at Z-779. The robot blocked it and delivered a blow that sent the young king flying. Crono got up and sent a bolt of lightning flying at Z-779. The bolt did little damage to it. A gattling gun came out of Z-779's right arm and it started firing at Crono. One bullet struck Crono in the shoulder as he tried to dodge it. Marle cast haste on him as Frog cast Cure to seal the wound. Crono got back up and cast several more powerful lightning attacks. None of the lightning attacks seemed to be doing any damage. Crono jumped into air, spinning as he flew through the air. He brought the Rainbow down on Z-779 with all his might, cutting deep into the robot's armor.

Z-779 staggered back. "Enough of this!" it yelled. It's shoulder cannon lowered into firing position. "Now you die."

Z-779 fired several shots at Crono. Crono was thankful that Marle's Haste spell was still in effect. He reached into the bag on his back as he dodged the blasts and drew the Eclipse. He hurled it at Z-779. The enchanted blade embedded itself in Z-779's head. Crono then cast launched another lightning bolt from his palm. The bolt struck the sword, and the sword carried the bolt through Z-779's defenses into its CPU. Z-779 fell to the ground.

Crono walked over to the robot and drew the blade from its head. Z-779 groaned, but could not move due to its damaged processor. "Where-?"

For the first time ever, Crono's friends heard him speak. "Where's Chronan?" he asked softly, his vocal chords weak from lack of use. His friends were in shock.

"Wha-?!" Z-779 replied.

Crono pointed his sword at its "face." "WHERE'S MY FATHER?" he yelled.

Steam escaped from the seams of Z-779's chest. The chest plate opened, revealing a battered man. "Crono?"

"Marle!" Crono yelled.

Marle snapped out of her shock and ran over to Crono. "What is it?"

"He needs your help!"

"Why? He tried to kill us!"

"He's my dad!"

Marle gasped, then bent down and started using her powers to heal Chronan. His cuts sealed and bruises faded.

"Dad, why did you help the robots?"

"The robots?"

The White Dragoon walked over to them and examined the situation. "So the mighty Z-779 was really your dad in power armour."

"Why doesn't he remember anything?" Marle asked.

The White Dragoon examined the armour. He pulled out a device from above Chronan's head. "Mother Brain knew what she was doing. Pull the greatest human warrior from an alternate earth, then brainwash him and tell him that the humans took over its planet, then use this device to make sure that he doesn't remember anything. I hate to say it, but your dad's gonna be like this for some time."

"How long?" Crono asked.

"Hard to say. Couple days. Couple months. Couple years. All depends on the severity of the damage Mother Brain caused. He remembered your name and who you were, so there's hope that he will recover his complete memory soon." The White Dragoon carefully took Chronan out of the armour and leaned him against the wall.

Crono took the Eclipse and placed it in his father's hand. "Do you remember how to use this?"

Chronan looked at the shining blade. There was a sparkle in his eye. "Yes."


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