The Silence Broken Chapter 20

The Weapons Attack

By Master Odin

Meanwhile, the storm controlled by Mario had turned the tide for the humans, but Mario was getting weak and was not sure how much longer he could hold out.

Rebecca was surrounded by several Demidons. She spun her Nunchakus around, grinning. The Demidons looked at each other, then charged. She dropped her nunchakus and pulled a pair of U-Zs out of her overalls and mowed down the Demidons. A few Sorni started toward her then. She grinned. "It's time to find out why they call me the Psych!" Using her telekinetic powers, she hovered into the air. Using the same powers, she then lifted up the fallen bodies of several Demidons and robots around her. The bodies circled around her at great speed. She crossed her arms over her breast, then flung them out to her sides. The bodies flew into the oncoming Sorni. They laid lifeless on the ground.

The ground began to quake. Jerome slid his bike to a halt. Sean and Rebecca landed near him.

"Holy fuckin' shit!" Sean yelled.

"What da 'ell are doze?!" Jerome asked.

"Some sorta Titans!" Rebecca deduced as the three of them watched.

The Inferno and Glacier Weapons started attacking the human forces. They were causing great losses.

Jerome, Rebecca, and Sean could hear Mario speaking to them telepathically from atop his pillar, Jerome, you know what you gotta do. Rebecca and Sean, back him up with everything ya got.

What are you gonna do? Rebecca asked.

I'm gonna turn up the heat. Make it quick. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.

Jerome got off his bike. He took off his sunglasses, revealing his demonic eyes. They were all black with red cat eye pupils. "It's PRYME TYME baby!" he yelled. Jerome's clothes ripped as he started to grow. His skin turned black. Claws grew out of his fingers and toes. His face grew into a short snout as he continued to grow larger. His ears became long white horns on the sides of his head. Large black wings erupted from his back. He let out a thunderous roar as he finished the transformation. He was now a twenty-five feet tall humanoid dragon. The Prime MegaTon Hammer grew along with him.

Mario started to play harder as the other three Sacred Warriors' attention was now turned to the Weapons. The intensity of the storm increased dramatically.

"Le's see now," Jerome pondered. "Red 'n' blue. Fire 'n' wata'. Well, le's see 'ow da blue one likes a li'l HELL'S FURY!" Jerome slammed his war hammer on the ground and a pillar of fire erupted from underneath and engulfed the Glacier Weapon. The Glacier Weapon emerged from the fire, barely scathed. "Looks like I's gonna hafta do dis da hard way afta all." He raised his warmer and charged the Weapons. He struggled with the two of them for a while before jumping back and launching several fireballs at the Glacier Weapon from his jowls. The Inferno Weapon stepped in front of the Glacier Weapon and absorbed the fireballs. The Glacier Weapon then fired several beams at Jerome. He wrapped his wings around him to shield him from the blast, but he was knocked back several yards to the ground.

"Aw, hell naw! Ya didn't jes do dat, bitch!" He yelled as he got up. He flew several meters into the air as he gathered energy in his jowls. After a few moments of gathering energy, a blast of pure white energy erupted from his jowls and struck the two Weapons, throwing them into the wall of the factory. The impact broke a large hole in the wall of the factory. Rebecca started attacking the Inferno Weapon with her Water magic while Sean started attacking the Glacier Weapon with his Lightning magic. This gave Jerome a moment's rest, and to notice the large male lion standing on the cliff overlooking the battle.

A grin crossed Jerome's face. Yo! Dad! No response. Tworc! The lion looked in his direction. Are ya jes gonna sit dare or are ya gonna join da fight?

You know that I am not allowed to interfere unless I am summoned, son.

Well. I's think I's jes summoned yer sorry ass!

His father was silent for a few moments. Okay, he thought to his son finally, Odin says it counts, even though you are not a Summoner.

Thanks pa.

The lion jumped off the cliff. In mid-air it morphed into a large, red, quadruped dragon.

Sean! Rebecca! Jerome shouted mentally at his allies. Amscrae! Now!

The Weapons got up as Sean and Rebecca ran away. They had started toward Jerome when they noticed Tworc hovering over them. "How would my son put it?" Tworc asked with a voice even stronger than Jerome's. "That's right. Later, Gators." Energy gathered in the mouth of the dragon prince. After a few moments it was unleashed upon the Weapons. The Biological grafts were the first part of the Weapons' bodies to be destroyed, then the rest of the bodies were destroyed in a massive explosion.

"Happy?" Tworc asked his son.

"Yeah, thanks pa."

"You're spoiled, you know that?"


Mario collapsed from exhaustion.


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