The Silence Broken Chapter 21

Brain Surgery

By Master Odin

Crono led his friends, short of the White Dragoon and his father, into the Mother Brain's CPU chamber. Crono recognized the three monitor set-up, although it seemed that one of the monitors was under repair. The other two monitors hummed to life and the holographic image of the Mother Brain appeared before them. It was flickering badly, apparently because of the inactive monitor.

"Well, it is obvious that I made a miscalculation," it said. "Who would have guessed that a small band of humans would defeat my precious Z-779. Even my Master didn't perceive this. It appears that I will have to take care of you myself."

"You kidnapped my father and made him your personal killing machine," Crono said through gritted teeth. "You then send an army to attack my kingdom! You will pay!
Marle shot two arrows into the two remaining monitors and Mother Brain's image vanished. "You can't do anything without your weapons. I think we'll just wipe your memory and call it a day."

"Do you think that the one that reprogrammed me would have simply put weapons into my holo-matrix?"

Several panels in the metal walls opened to reveal countless laser weapons, all aimed at the intruders.

"This can't be good," Robo said.

There was suddenly a large explosion behind the wall opposite of Crono and his friends.

"What was that?" Magus asked.

The White Dragoon ran into the room, followed by Chronan. "What happened?" the White Dragoon asked. There was then a sound similar to a phone ringing. A white cell phone appeared in the White Dragoon's hand. He put it up to the side of his head. "Yeah?"

"Well?" the voice at the other end said.


"My little bomb should have gone off a few moments ago. Did it?"

"Yes, it did. I thought you said-"

"I said I couldn't be seen helping you. You owe me, bro."

"Uh, yes."

"I recommend you hurry. The rest of the place is about to go 'BOOM!' here in about two minutes. Have a nice day."

"SHIT!" the White Dragoon yelled. He pressed a button on his phone. "Tome! Portals! Base! NOW!"

"What 'tis the problem, sir?" Frog asked.

"This whole place is gonna blow in a minute." A glowing white sphere appeared beside him. "Let's go!" They all filed into the portal and it vanished.


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