The Silence Broken Chapter 2

The Age of Silence Begins

By Master Odin

The Epoch appeared over the castle in 986 AD. It was dawn on October 10th. Lucca landed the Epoch in a clearing in the forest surrounding the castle. Crono reached up and activated the scanners.

"Your father disappeared from this forest, didn't he?" Lucca asked. She could see the sadness in his eyes as Crono nodded the affirmation.

They watched the monitors. Finally two men appeared on one of the monitors. One of them was Lucca's father, only slightly younger. The other man had dark red hair just long enough to pull back into a short tail. He he had a solid build and well chiseled facial features.

"Is that your dad and... my dad?!"

Crono nodded. Though he made no sound, Lucca could see him mouth the word "Father" as he ran his fingers down the screen. He continued to watch the monitor, listening in on their conversation as he did.

"Tell me, Chronan, how's that boy of yours doing?" Lucca's father asked the other man.

"Crono?" the red haired man asked. "Taban, I tell you that once that boy learned how to walk he's gotten into nothing but trouble. And boy, does he love to talk! You may not always be able to understand what he's saying, but he'll still talk your ear off. He's going to make a fine man one day, a fine man."

Taban chuckled. "Wouldn't be a hoot if Crono and Lucca got hitched when they're old enough."

Chronan chuckled as well. "Maybe, but don't get your hopes up. That boy's gonna be so handsome he's gonna hafta beat the girls off with a stick." He let out a deep sigh. "Just like his old man."

Taban let out a deep laugh and gave Chronan a hearty slap on the back. "Sure, sure. How many woman were fighting over you before you met Sarai?"

"Why, twenty, of course!"

Taban laughed again. "Right, more like two, and even they weren't that interested."

The two men looked at each other, then busted out laughing.

They heard a rustle in the bushes behind them. They turned and saw a green Gate open.

"They're in trouble, but we can't." Lucca looked back to Crono to find that he had already ran off. "Oh shit!"

She jumped out of the Epoch and ran off after Crono. "Crono!" she yelled. "Crono, we mustn't! Who knows what damage it'll do!"

Crono heard her, but paid no heed to her warning. This was his chance to save his father.

"What the hell is that?!" Taban yelled.

"I dunno!" Chronan yelled. "You're the science expert!"

"I ain't seen nothin' like that before!"

Six robots, like the ones that emerged from the Gate in Crono's home time, emerged from the Gate and started toward Chronan. Chronan drew his silver sword, the Eclipse. Taban drew his forge hammer.

"What are those?" Chronan asked.

"I dunno, but they don't look friendly."

Right then Crono crashed through the bushes, followed shortly by Lucca. They took a place beside Taban and Chronan.

"Who are you?" Chronan asked.

Lucca looked at Crono and saw his intent on his face, and realized that there was no deterring him. "Friends," she answered.

The robots surrounded them. "They look like Robo," Lucca observed. "Do you think they were sent by Mother Brain?"

Crono shrugged.

The robots attacked and the four humans returned the attack. Crono used a lightning attack to destroy one, then ran over to help Lucca, who was struggling with two. Taban and Chronan battled the other three. The two robots fighting Crono and Lucca ran to help their brothers. During the confusion of the battle, two of the robots grabbed Chronan and dragged him into the gate, the gate closing behind them. Crono, Lucca and Taban finished off the other three robots before they noticed Chronan was missing.

"Chronan!" Taban yelled as he tried to find his friend.

"You won't find him," Lucca said. "They've taken him."

Crono found his father's sword lying on the ground. He picked it up with quivering hands and looked at the shining blade. His reflection in his blade reminded him as to how much he looked like his father. He handed the blade to Taban.

"I pity Chronan's family," Taban said.

"They'll be fine," Lucca said. "Take the sword back to them, and please, look after them."

"Chronan was my best friend. I could do no less."

Crono nodded a thank you, then walked off.

"Does your friend ever speak?"

Lucca looked at Crono. "He's the strong, silent type."


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