The Silence Broken Chapter 4

Trouble at Home

By Master Odin

The Epoch arrived at 64,999,990 BC above a large gathering of animal skin huts and landed just outside. A muscular woman with thick curly blonde hair ran out to meet her friends and embraced them all in a crushing bear-hug. The gray furs she wore left little to the imagination.

"Ayla glad see friends," the woman exclaimed after she released them. "Been many moons."

"It is good to see you too, Miss Ayla," Robo said with a bow.

Ayla saw Crono's sour face. "Uh-oh. There big trouble. Crono home in danger? Need Ayla help?"

Crono nodded.

"Ayla fight! Must protect future!"

Crono grinned. At least I know where Marle gets all that energy from.

"We knew you would help," Robo said.

"Kino! Come!"

A muscular man with his short blonde hair pulled back ran over to them ran over to Ayla and the others. "What Ayla want?"

"Ayla fight. Must help friends, protect future. Kino protect Ioka while Ayla fight. Ayla help Crono now, so Kino protect village."

"Kino do what beloved Ayla asks." He took her into his arms. "Kino love Ayla, so Ayla come back to Kino, promise?"

"Ayla love Kino, so Ayla come back to Kino, promise."

"Miss Ayla, we must go," Robo said.

Ayla kissed Kino good bye, then jumped into the Epoch next to Robo. The Epoch flew into the sky and vanished in a flash.

* * * * *

The Epoch appeared near Guardia Castle in 610 AD and landed in front of it. frog-like man and a woman who looked like an older version of Princess Nadia greeted the time travelers as they entered the castle.

the frog-man stood just five feet tall. He had big yellow eyes and two fleshy whiskers on each side of his wide mouth. He wore a dark green tunic, light brown trousers, and a greenish-brown cape

"Greetings, mine friends," the frog-man said as the group entered, followed by a croak.

"Welcome back," the woman greeted.

"Hello Frog," Lucca said as she looked to the frog-man. She, as well and Crono and Robo, bowed at the sight of the woman. "Greetings, Your Majesty."

The woman giggled. "Please don't," she requested. "I believe we are all friends here."

"It is good to see you in good health, Queen Leene," Robo greeted as he stood.

Again Crono grinned. And that.

"What hast brought thee to us?" Frog asked.

"Help Crono!" Ayla yelled, getting into a fighting stance.

Lucca chuckled, then turned back to Frog. "Guardia is under attack in our time," she explained. "We need your help."

"It shalt be an honour," Frog said. He turned to Queen Leene and knelt before her. "By your leave, Your Majesty."

Leene looked worried. "Must you go?"

Frog croaked as he nodded. "The king hath charged me with the protection of the realm. 'Tis mine duty to battle what vermin that threatens her. If I must go'th to the future to protect her, then I shalt."

Leene smiled as she nodded. "Then go and our fair land."

Frog stood and walked out. The others said their farewells to the queen and followed him out.

"Hast thou found the Magus yet?" Frog asked as they approached the Epoch.

"We'll probably find Sir Magus in 111,990 BC, still looking for Schala," Robo said.

"Then let us go," Frog said.

* * * * *

A powerful being stood on a snow covered cliff overlooking the ocean in the year 11,990 BC. He had a tall, slender build, but his demeanor would make even the largest of men cower. His skin was a faded gray. He had a thick head long white hair. He wore purple vest and trousers, brown leather boots and gloves. A long red cape draped from his shoulders.

He heard Crono and Lucca approach from behind him, but made no move to greet them. "She is nowhere to be found."

Crono placed a hand on the man's shoulder, but he just shrugged it off. "What do you want here?" he asked coldly.

"Guardia is under attack in our time, Magus" Lucca explained. "We could use your help."

"Not my problem," was his response.

Lucca snarled. "You're a cold, heartless bastard, ya know that!?" she yelled at him, throwing her hands to the air.

"Your point?"

Lucca thought for a moment on that. "You owe us."

Magus spun around to face them, the anger showing in his violet eyes. "Owe you? How?"

"If it hadn't been for us, you would've gotten your chance to get your revenge for Lavos taking Schala from you!" she yelled, stabbing her finger at him as she walked up to face him.

"With or without you I still would have­"

"You owe us and you know it!" she interrupted, poking him in the ribs.

Magus brought his hands up and shook his head. "Fine!" he yelled. "If it will get you to shut the hell up, I'll go!" With that he pushed her out of the way and walked down the cliff to where the Epoch waited.

Crono looked to her, his eyes wide with surprise. Lucca just grinned. "Well, that worked a lot better than I had thought."

* * * * *

The Epoch landed in the lab of Guardia Castle 1010 AD. Crono and friends got out. Queen Nadia was waiting for them.

"You're lucky!" she said. "For a minute I thought that you had decided to go on some adventure."
Lucca looked at Crono, who silently gave her permission. "Actually, we did, Marle. Crono wanted to try and save his dad."

"Okay, now you are in trouble," Marle said.

"Your Highness, if King Crono and Madam Lucca had not decided to attempt to save his father, then we would not have discovered about the army of Mother Brain's robots approaching the castle," Robo explained.

"You better thank Robo, he just saved your hide," Marle said.

Taban was standing there listening to everything. "Robots," he said under his breath. "Crono."

Crono turned to him.

"I wish to fight by your side."

Crono shook his head.

"I was there when the robots took your father! I will not allow them to take his son as well!"

Crono walked over to Taban and put his hand on his shoulder. The king then looked at Lucca, then motioned to the Epoch with his eyes.

"I'll show him how to work it," Lucca said.

* * * * *

Z-779 and his army approached Guardia Castle. He ordered his robot warriors into attack formation.

Crono, Marle, Lucca, Robo, Magus, Frog, and Ayla exited the forest surrounding the castle, followed by the Guardian Army. The army carried magical weapons and armor designed by Melchior, royal smith. Marle ordered the army into defense position. Catapults and ballistas took their places behind the foot soldiers, riders, and chariots. Crono drew the Rainbow and raised it into the air.

"How did they know we were coming?" Z-779 ordered.

"I do not know," B-870 answered. "We were jamming any radar signal that they could have been using."

"Hmmm. These are not ordinary opponents."

Crono looked at the on coming enemy. He knew that he and his friends had great powers, but was still uncertain. Even with the army behind him, they were still outnumbered at least twenty to one.
Suddenly, a mighty sound ripped through the air like thunder. The cannonballs fired from the castle walls hit the robot army. Crono brought the Rainbow down, and the Guardian Army rushed the robot army.

Z-779 gave the attack order, and the two armies met with a mighty clash. Even with the magical weapons provided by Melchior, the Guardian army was still no match for the robots superior strength and speed. Magus and Crono were using Lightning based spells to attack the robots. Frog was sending wave after wave of Water spells to short circuit the robots. Lucca used her exploding Fire spells to blow them away. Robo and Ayla teamed up to use their strength against the robots. Marle tried healing the army the best she could. No matter how many they destroyed, though, it seemed that another robot would come and take its place. The Guardian Army was taking heavy loses.

There was a loud cry from the sky. "YAAAAHOOOOOO!" it yelled. Crono looked up. It was Taban, flying the Epoch. He started firing on the robots with its weapons. This turned the tide of battle. Finally, Crono, Magus, and Lucca came face to face with Z-779.

"You are most worthy adversaries," the giant robot said.

"What do you want here?" Magus demanded. His voice would freeze a penguin.

"Seeking a new home. It is Mother Brain's primary objective."

"It is Mother Brain, then!" Lucca said. "She must be from an alternate universe."

"You are a bright one, aren't you," Z-779 said.

Crono was not amused by the conversation. He readied the Rainbow.

Z-779 looked at Crono. "Eager to die, eh?" He looked into the young king's green eyes and saw something that scared him. "Maybe another day." A green gate opened behind the giant robot and he walked into it. The gate closed behind the robot.

The other robots started leaving through gates. Soon, all that was left were the remnants of the Guardian Army and the destroyed robots. Taban landed the Epoch next to where Crono and his friends were standing.

"That was quite the battle," Taban said.

Crono looked concerned. He sheathed his sword and headed back to the castle.


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