The Silence Broken Chapter 9

Another World

By Master Odin

After what had to have been days in the heroes' minds, they finally heard Gaspar's patented "Hey!"
Crono was the first to where Gaspar and Melchior stood at the monitors, followed by the rest of the heroes.

"We found him," Melchior said. "He's in realm B9-14PS2 in the year 2003 AD."

"I recommend that you go to the end of time in that world. There is another Gaspar there that might be able to help you. He's not a Guru, for Zeal did not exist in that world. When you get there, I'm sure he will tell you his story."

"Let's go!" Lucca yelled.

When the others had gotten to the Epoch, they found that Lucca and Belthasar II had installed more seats and a dimensional portal generator. It even had enough room for the "bigger, badder Robo," as Johnny had put it.

As they got in, Lucca was already adjusting the controls. A new dial, labeled "World's Realm" was turned to B9-14PS2 and the time dial was turned to the infinity sign.

"I wish you luck," Gaspar said.

Crono nodded his thanks. He hit the button and the Epoch vanished.

* * * * *

The Epoch appeared at what appeared to be the same End of Time. As Crono got out he soon realized that it wasn't.

"Hey!" a voice said. "Welcome to the End of Time. It's about time you guys got here."

The heroes got out and found that the voice belonged to a man who looked like Gaspar, with the exception that he was wearing blue jeans, a T-shirt reading "I'm with stupid" with an arrow pointing to his pants, a baseball hat turned backwards, and sunglasses.

"The name's Gaspar. How're y'all doin'?" he said as he put out a hand. Crono took it, and his entire body shook as Gaspar gripped with the other hand and shook quite hard. "I don't get much visitors 'round here. Crono, right?" He released Crono and looked at the rest of the group. He then pulled down his sunglasses and whistled. "Man, I'd figured they'd be fit, but those are some damn good lookin' ladies ya got there, especially that one with glasses. She single?"

"I think you're a little old for me," Lucca said.

"Who would pick this idiot to be the Guardian of Time?" Magus said. "He does all his thinking below his waist."

"Odin chose me to watch over time, blue boy, and I don't recommend you piss him off. Also, I do all my thinkin' below the chest. Food and love is all this man needs."

"I think this Odin needs to let you out more often," Marle said.

"Thou truly art not like the Gaspar of our world," Frog said. "I agree with Magus about thy behavior, but, alas, we doth require thy assistance."

"Heh, the all-business type, eh? All right. Let's see if I got this right. Crono here is lookin' for his pappy, and y'all came along to help him and to stop an alien robot army from invading y'all's world, right?"

"In a nutshell," Robo said.

"Alrighty then! Here's what ya gonna do. Hop back in that whachamacallit there and go to year 2003 AD. Try to appear somewhere over North America. If you can't, then once you get there high tail it to the Michigan region."

"Michigan? North America?" Lucca said. "We've never heard of these places."

"Ah, your world's plate shift must've been different," Gaspar said. "No problem." A holographic globe appeared in front of them. He pointed to a large land mass. "K, this here is North America, and this part up here that looks sorta like a hand is Michigan. Right around the thumb area there should be a battle goin' on. Help the humans kick the robots' collective asses. After the battle a man who looks like he's made of white metal should approach you. The metal this guy's made of will look like it moves like flesh. That's exactly the deal. He is, was, whatever, a Dragon Knight who one day was accidentally fused with his armour. Don't be afraid of him, he's a friend. His name is the White Dragoon. Tell him of your problem. He should have info that could help you."

"Can you download that map into the Epoch?" Lucca asked.

"Sure thing, babe. Anything for a good lookin' girl like you."

"Stop your damn flirting already," Magus said. "You're starting to make me ill."

"Damn, you'd make an ice burg feel cold, ya know that?"

"Wanna test that theory?" Magus said, a fireball forming in his hand.

Gaspar shook his head. The map moved over to Epoch and then it appeared to have been absorbed into one of the monitors.

"There ya go, kiddies. Get yourselves to the White Dragoon in 2003 AD."

"Thanks," Marle said.

The heroes piled back into the Epoch.

"Good luck, y'all," he said before the Epoch vanished. After it did he said, "You're gonna need it."


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