Love and Life Chapter 11

One Sweet Day

By Medina

Tifa had gone on a journey through her alternate dimensions, and had found some interesting places.

The first one she went to was a place that was completely populated by Cetra. The whole ordeal with Sephiroth, Jenova and Shin Ra never happened, for the race had never lost touch with the planet, and Jenova, the space germ, had burned up in the atmosphere.

The second one had been disturbing. She had been attacked when seen by a rather butch-looking version of Aeris, and it wasn’t assault, but a barrage of kisses and sexual advances. Upon further investigation it turned out that this dimension consisted of androgenous women, who were able to procreat because they all had male and felame organs. This was just too much for Tifa, and she left.

The third place wasn’t a far cry from the second, except this time, all of the men from her world were women, and vice versa. Cloud turned out to be a rather cute girl, and somehow Tifa had been able to enter this dimension while there was a male version of her, who was female-Cloud’s husband. The male Tifa’s name was Tifo, Cloud was still Cloud, Aeris, who was dead in this dimension as well, for the history was the same except for the male-female switch, had been named Aerin, Cid was Syd, Vincent was Vinca, Barret was Barrette, Nanaki was Namali and Yuffie was Bart. This dimension’s evil villain had been Sephira, whose father was Jenovo, and Shin Ra had been headed up by Rufa, and the Turks were Rudy, Tseng (female), Rena, and Leno. Tifa had gotten a kick out of this world, and then went on her way.

The fourth world had the most effect on her.

It was very similar to her own, and at face value could not find too much difference. She had arrived very close to Kalm town, and had gone in to ask questions about the history. All of the people in town told her that the best resource on the recent events would be the man who lived up the street in the cottage with his daughter. She made her way up, noting so many similarities, and then knocked on the door.

“Hold on, I’m coming,” said the voice from beyond the door. It opened swiftly, revealing a tall man with long platinum hair and green eyes...

“Sephiroth!” Tifa exclaimed, automatically jumping back and into attack position.

“Tifa!!?” he shouted with equal or more surprise on his face. But when he looked at her, his face reflected emotions of joy, rather than Tifa’s loathe. “Can it be you? Oh, God, can it really be you??” he came out from the house and ran out to her, but Tifa, still wary, leapt back with ease.

“Get away from me, you freak! I don’t know what you’re doing, but if I have to kill you again, I will!” she swung at him, expecting him to dodge it anyway, but instead hit him square in the chest, and he flew back to the ground, coughing.

“T.. Tifa.. Keff... cough...” he breathed out from the ground, gripping his chest. Tifa thought for a moment -- he wasn’t trying to hurt her at all. He was actually very happy to see her. What a weird dimension.

“Are... are you going to hurt me?” she asked him, lowering her fists slowly. He looked up at her, the wind still knocked out of him.

“Why... would I hurt... You?” he said in earnest, his face reflecting pain. Tifa lowered her stance completely and walked over to him.

“Er, I’m sorry, I guess. Would you like me to help you up?” she offered him her hand, and he accepted.

“You don’t seem to know me anymore, do you?” he asked, after she pulled him up. “After he took you from me I had always hoped for a miracle, and now here you are,” he gestured to her. “Was the baby saved too?”

“Baby? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she looked at him oddly.

“You were pregnant with our second child... Tifa, you’re my wife!”



After a long discussion of pasts, dimensions and the sort, she came to understand that in this dimension, Sephiroth had not been the evil maniac, but it was Cloud who had been. And the Tifa of that dimension had been murdered -- while pregnant -- by Cloud.

“I can hardly believe it... Cloud killing me, and pregnant too! Well, I can hardly imagine being married to you,” Tifa said, shivering at the notion.

“Well you were. I we have a daughter, Angel, who, luckily, is away at a friend’s house right now. It revolts me as much that I would have killed Aeris and that you’re in love with that... Psycho pervert,” Sephiroth told her, pouring her another glass of iced tea. “Aeris is still very alive and lives with her parents at Icicle Inn, and Cloud, well, we killed Cloud at the crater.”

“The Cloud I know is more.... is more like, I guess, you, though he is a lot smaller than you,” she looked into Sephiroth’s eyes... she had never seen them filled with kindness before, they had always been rather sterile and cold. Now that she was getting to know this version on him, she was actually getting to like him.

“I guess I should get moving on to the next dimension soon. I still have a few days until Aeris’ time is up and Cloud will make his decision. I don’t want to freeload, anyway,” she said, getting up from the sofa that she had been sharing with him.

“Oh, you’re no burden, believe me,” he said, smiling up at her. How disarming.

“I really must...” she looked down at him again. Such magnetism, and handsome at the same time -- no wonder her other self had married him. “Alright. I’ll stay for a little longer, maybe get the details on everything that went on in this world, but then I really must go, okay?” she looked at him with a serious face. He nodded to her, and then she sat down again. “So, what’s this daughter of mine like...?”


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