Love and Life Chapter 12

If You Want Me To Stay

By Medina

Aeris was a little disappointed. They had gone to the Gold Saucer, the Midgar Forest, all of the little towns that they had been to, and even some caves, but not thing was the same anymore; wasn’t fun. The Highwind was all that she had expected, though, and thoroughly enjoyed herself for that point. But now that Tifa wasn’t around, the little triangle that she had so loved perpetuating wasn’t there. Her feelings toward Cloud didn’t seem so pressured... maybe they weren’t as big as she thought that they were. Cloud didn’t seem so sure anymore either.

Cloud was a little disappointed. After the initial shock was over, and the novelty had work off a little; it wasn’t such a big thing. He was more sure of himself these days, compared to the old ones where he had been in a haze, per se, and had his split personality, and Aeris seemed different because of it. Now the only thing split was his feelings. He knew that he loved them both -- Tifa and Aeris, but who would end up staying with him? It seemed like Tifa intended to come back, but maybe she was going to give him Aeris? it was so confusing.

Tifa had ended up staying three days with Sephiroth. She knew that if she stayed with him any longer that she would end up just like her counterpart -- not dead, but married to him. He was all that she could ever want in a man, but there was still Cloud... she had those feelings for him, and she didn’t want to risk it any longer.

“Sephy... I have to go. If I don’t resolve this nothing will be right, ever. If... I get rejected, you’ll find me back here,” she told him with a bit of sadeness.

“And if you aren’t rejected?” he asked, almost more painfully than she could handle. She smiled at him.

“If you could have your Tifa back, wouldn’t you take her? I love Cloud... despite everything,” she told him, nearly crying. He nodded.

“I understand. Then you must go, please do, go and show that Cloud of yours what a great girl you are,” and with that, he gave her a kiss on the cheek, “until we meet again...” he said in farewell.

“Until then...” she said, and faded out.

Aeris sensed that Tifa had returned to the End of Time, and knew it was her cue to ask Cloud the question. They were at the alcove in the Midgar Forest. The day was clear, and the sun was shining in. The flowers -- all descendants of Aeris’ old stock, were as bright as ever. The Mako Pool glistened. She turned to Cloud.

“Cloud,” she began softly, “If you could really have your choice, would you have me or Tifa?”


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