Love and Life Chapter 13, Ending 1

The Mega Happy Ending
What a Wonderful World

By Medina

Cloud looked at Aeris. He loved her, but...

“I’m... I’m sorry, Aeris. I’ve really come to like you as a friend, but Tifa, well, we go back so far, and she’s always been there... and I just love her. Plain and simple,” he told her. Aeris looked back, feeling a little rejected, but knowing that it would work out for the best.

“Alright, that’s all you need to say. I’m glad that I had this time with you. I’ll cherish it,” she bowed her head to him, turned around, and disappeared.

“Aeris? What the heck?”

Aeris came through the door, her eyes were watering a little.

“Tifa, he’s all yours,” she said, then burst into tears. Tifa gave Aeris a big, long hug.

“Thank you, Aeris. You’re a good friend. I’d like to offer to you, is there any dimension that you particularly liked, and maybe wish to live in?” Aeris looked at Tifa, and smiled.

“There is one...”

Cloud was trying to figure out what was going on, when who should appear behind him, but Tifa.

“Tifa! You’re back! What happened to Aeris? I thought that you were planning on leaving her here?” he asked, concerned. Tifa shook her head.

“I only planned on leaving her if you chose her, but you chose me, Cloud. But don’t worry about her, I let her go to another dimension,” Tifa said with a smile, “It has you in it, but I was never there, and she was, but was killed. Isn’t that interesting?” Cloud grinned and wrapped his arms around Tifa. “So you’re here for good?” he asked.

“Yup. I’m full-bodied, and no longer translucent, and I’m all yours. Now, kiss me, Cloud Strife!”

Cloud and Tifa embraced into a long, passionate kiss. Love had triumphed, and Life was to be lived now. The couple traversed out of the forest and into the open world.



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