Love and Life Chapter 13, Ending 4

Cloud's Gay Ending
Macho Man

By Medina

“Aeris... I’m sorry, but... I’m gay. I still haven’t gotten over the death of Rufus ShinRa, and I’ve been having an affair with my little Bubby from the Honeybee inn. Sorry,” he said, smiling.

“Eeew, and I kissed you!” Aeris swiftly disappeared.

Cloud ened up marrying Reno, who eneded up being bi, who eneded up dying of AIDS for not having protected sex with one of his old girlfriends. So all of Cloud’s girlfriends were dead, and he wrote his sad autobiography, which ended up on Oprah’s best seller list. He now has a nice house in the Castro in SF, which he shares with his latest boy toy, Brian Boitano. They’re very happy.



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