Chrono Trigger: Timeless Angels Part 19

Resurrection/The End

By Mefathiel

"It’s time," Rempha said. "Everything that you’ve done up to this point has been done to fulfill this event. Your destinies have led you here, and now you must complete what Gaspar helped you to start. Focus your energy onto Crono; he is the trigger that will end this all."

The five stone holders closed their eyes and concentrated all of their energy into the stones, regardless of whether of not it was dangerous. If they failed, then all of time would be destroyed by the convergence. But if they succeeded, time would be saved, and they would be revered as heroes again. The way things were going now, they really did not have a choice.

"I summon the angel Nathanael with this Flame Stone," Lucca said.

"I summon thee, angel Michael, with this Sword Stone," Glenn said.

"I summon the angel Matariel with this Rainbow Stone," Marle said.

"Ayla summon angel Sachluph with Plant Stone," Ayla said.

"I summon the angel Gabriel with this Pearl Stone," Robo said.

The stones started glowing in their hands. "Timeless Angels come forth," they said in unison, "and repair the time which you’re meant to protect. Save everyone from death at the hands of the convergence!"

Crono raised the Rainbow over his head. "I summon the power to bring rebirth!" he declared as the energy from the stones poured into him. There was a flash of energy, and a beam of light shot from his sword into the time convergence above. The beam caused a ripple effect through the fabric of time, and the Timeless Angels appeared from the Angel Stones.

"We’ve returned," Nathanael/Zephon said. "We have come back, due to your pleas, to repair the damage we did."

The Timeless Angels took the stones from their CT team counterparts and faced Crono. "Are you ready for this?" Matariel/Schala asked. "You’re going to function as a battery for this power, and you may end up dying in the process."

"I’m ready," Crono said. "Time is at stake, and we don’t have any to waste."

"So be it," Gabriel/Tata said.

"Let us begin," Sachluph/Natan said.

The Timeless Angels held their stones forward and focused all of their power into them. Spekkio stepped forward and added his own energy into the fray. Knowing that no one gets out without making a sacrifice, the rest of the team joined in. Crono started sweating as the power around him threatened to tear his body apart. The energy poured from his sword into the fabric of time. The ripple effect started separating the eras.

Crono’s wounds started bleeding again, and he fell to his knees. But he refused to give up. The energy continued channeling through his body and into the time stream. Rempha monitored their progress. "We’re almost there," he said, his visage fading back to the End of Time. "Don’t give up, Crono! Never give up!"

The Master of Time disappeared as the End of Time separated from the Beginning of Time. More eras rippled apart, and there was a huge explosion as time returned to its original state. Crono collapsed and disappeared in a flash of white light. And soon enough, the Beginning of Time was as empty as it always was.


AD 2300:

Robo entered the Arris Dome, ready to tell the children another grand adventure tale about his time with the legendary heroes. He was greeted by dozens of excited children who were wondering where he had been. He explained that he had saved time again, along with the legendary heroes…


AD 1999:

Zephon approached Truce Dome. He had sworn to himself that he would no longer be street scum in this time. He was going to make history…


AD 1002:

Crono woke up and found that he was laying outside, right in front of his house. He stood up and walked in, hoping that his father would still be alive. He saw his mom in the kitchen, but saw no sign of his father. "Hey Mom, is Dad home?" he asked.

"Dear, of course not," she said. "What made you think your father would be home?"

"I dunno." Crushed, Crono went up the steps into his room and collapsed on his bed. The sun was going to set soon, so he figured he might as well get some sleep. After all, gallivanting around time and acting as an energy battery for a bunch of angels tends to make one lose sleep. Before he knew it, he had fallen asleep.

"Crono?" asked Marduk as he climbed the stairs. "I just got home, and your mother told me… Well, you just sleep tight, son. I’ll see you in the morning. You can tell me what you wanted then."


In the nearby Guardia Castle, Marle arrived to her father’s waiting arms. He had been worried again because she had been gone for almost a week, and as usual, she hadn’t told anyone where she had planned on going. "Don’t worry about me, Daddy," Marle assured, "I was just out saving time again."

"My daughter, the hero," King Guardia sighed.


AD 605:

Glenn looked up at the castle with Tata and Cyrus at his sides. It was time to deliver the news of Ozzie’s demise to the king and queen, as well as Glenn’s intention to take Tata on as his squire. Not to mention the fact that Cyrus had returned with them, back from the dead…


AD 800:

Inside Veda palace, Linsa looked out of the window sadly. She looked down upon the city to find a curious sight. It appeared that everyone in Veda had created a path to the castle for a single person walking toward the castle From this distance, she couldn’t quite see who it was very clearly.

Then it dawned upon her.

"Natan!" she declared, jumping up from the window. "Prince Natan has returned!"


12,000 BC:

"Well, I don’t know what we’re going to do now," the village elder said. "Our leader died of his pneumonia last night, and we don’t know who to put in charge."

"How about one of the Enlightened Ones?" asked a random villager.

"How about you, elder?" asked another.

"How about me?" asked a familiar voice from behind the villagers.

Everyone turned to see Schala standing there, smiling at them…


65 Million BC:

Music filled the prehistoric air as Ioka Village celebrated the return of their strongest warrior, Ayla. There was much dancing and eating to go along with the music. Ayla sat with Kino at the huge banquet table the villagers had set up. She stood up and roared to get everyone’s attention.

"Ayla proud to tell Ioka that Ayla soon be mom!" she declared.

A loud cheer rose up from the crowd as everyone congratulated Ayla while the men nudged Kino, making the latter blush brightly.


AD 1002, a week later:

Lucca sat in her room, refusing to go outside or to see anyone. It had been over a week since their adventure through time, over a week since she had last seen Zephon. Granted, she had spent almost all her life looking for her twin brother, but that was under the impression that either he was alive or he was dead. And now she that knew he was alive, it tore her apart to know that she could not see her brother.

"Separated again," she muttered, fiddling with her spare pair of glasses. "I can’t believe that he and I have been separated again. And we lost the Epoch back in 800 AD, so I can’t go visit him… Life is unfair."

As she put her head down on the desk, Lucca heard the familiar sound of a Gate opening. Realizing that it was a Gate opening in her room, Lucca whirled around in her chair. A figure appeared in the orange Gate and stepped out. When the backlighting disappeared, Lucca could clearly see that it was the twin she so desperately sought. She jumped up and embraced Zephon.

"Jeez, Lucca," Zephon said, "it’s like you haven’t seen me for ages."

"Well, considering the amount of time between the Beginning of Time and now, I’d say that’s correct."

Zephon smiled. "So, aren’t you wondering what I’m doing here?"

"I was just going to ask that. So, what are you doing here?"

"Well, you remember when Crono said that every one of the Timeless Angels did something important in history except for me?"

Lucca nodded, then blushed. "You heard that? But you were in the other room!"

"And I’m also part angel. Anyway, that’s wrong as of now."

"What did you do?"

Zephon held up a Gate Key and smiled. "I discovered time travel. Well, technically rediscovered… Anyway, I managed to be the first person since you to be able to breach the fourth dimension. So, who’s unimportant to history now?"

Lucca smiled at her twin brother. "You never were."

Another Gate opened, and Lucca and Zephon looked into it. "Did you…?" Lucca trailed off.

"I didn’t," Zephon replied.

"Just get in the damn Gate," the voice of Rempha ordered.

Lucca and Zephon stepped in with a shrug and were pulled to the End of Time.


The End of Time:

All of the original team and the five Timeless Angels found themselves on the main platform at the end of time. "What’s this about?" Marle asked.

"You’re here for your farewells," Rempha said. "I’m permanently closing the Gates, and you’re never going to see each other again."

"But—" Lucca started her protest, but Rempha silenced her.

"I’m closing the Gates for good. There’s no reason to keep them open when there remains no threat to the fabric of time. So, say your farewells while you can."

Everyone moved to the pillar room and stood around the columns of light. Ayla stepped forward. "Ayla happy she know all of you," she said. "You good, strong people. Me no see you again, so Ayla be strong so future for you be good."

She stepped into her pillar of light and disappeared. Rempha sealed the Gate. Schala stepped forward. "While I didn’t have a chance to get to know you all very well, I’m still honored to have been able to fight with such strong, brave warriors," she said. "Crono, it’s good to see that you weren’t hurt too badly by Lavos back in my time. Marle, stay strong to keep up the family tradition."

She stepped into her pillar, and Rempha sealed the Gate when Schala disappeared. Natan stepped forward in his pillar of light. "As soon as I return home, I’ll tell everyone about the heroes that I had the honor of fighting with," he said. "I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so worthy to fight along an elf such as I. Farewell, my friends. I hope you all have good lives."

He disappeared, and Rempha sealed the Gate. Glenn stepped forward with Cyrus and Tata. "Well my friends, this be the final farewell," Glenn said. "I thank thee for all of the good times we have been able to share. Never lose that fighting spirit that I so admire. Be strong."

"Yeah, what he said," Tata said as he followed Glenn into the Gate.

"All of you take care," Cyrus said. "I want to thank you for being there for Glenn when I was unable to. Farewell, noble warriors."

He disappeared, and Rempha sealed the Gate. Crono, Lucca and Marle stepped forward. Crono chose to remain silent while Marle and Lucca gave their farewells. "It was fun while it lasted," Marle said. "I will never forget everything that you’ve done for us. Thank you all."

She disappeared. "I’m going to miss all of you," Lucca said. "Like Ayla, we’ll be as strong as we can to provide a future suitable for all of you. Farewell, Zephon, Robo."

She disappeared. "Nothing is eternal, I guess," Crono finally said. "While these adventures were my best times, they were also some of the worst. I’ll never forget any of you, and that’s a promise. See you later, I hope."

Rempha sealed the Gate when Crono disappeared. Zephon stepped into his pillar. "I don’t have much to say, I guess," he said. "Thank you for showing me everything that would have otherwise been impossible to see." He smiled deviously. "And while these Gates may be closed, I’ve still got the Epoch! See you soon!"

He disappeared, and Rempha closed the Gate. Robo stepped into the last pillar. "Once again I have not only learned about history, I have experienced it," he said. "I will always retain the memory of these times, and I promise to make the future that you helped to create something worth living in."

With that, he disappeared, and Rempha sealed the last Gate. Never again would they be opened, could they be opened. Rempha floated back to the lamppost and leaned against it. "They’ve seen everything I wanted them to see," he said, "experienced everything I wanted them to experience from the beginning. They all know what it’s like to live now, and all because that’s the way I wanted it to be from the start." The Master of Time closed his eyes and smiled. "I think I deserve a nap after all that. After all, I’ve got all the time in the world now…"




Started: Sometime in early October, 1998

Ended: August 1, 1999


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