The Shifters Part 1

By MeuShell

Frog, now human, walked down the bridge to the to talk to Queen Leene. Guards were a few meters behind him because they didn't trust him. He saw Queen Leene, the king, the chancellor, and knights building the new court. They hadn't noticed him yet. Frog, who now wanted to be called Glenn again, walked and wondered how he would explain himself. Would they believe him? What if they didn't.

Suddenly they looked up at him. Here it comes, Glenn thought, the questions, the disbelief. But something caught their eyes and they turned to look at it. Glenn followed their gaze to see a small object moving in a straight line, then it sped away with a trail a light following it. Glenn smiled to himself. It was the Epoch, he could recognize it anywhere. Probably Crono, Marle, and Lucca, he thought, but why are they here?

After the Epoch disappeared, Glenn turn back to the castle. To his surprise, Queen Leene was walking towards him. The knights watched him carefully. She had obviously ordered them to stay back.

Queen Leene stopped in front of him. Glenn quickly bowed in respect, so she spoke, "That's not necessary, Glenn. I didn't expect you so soon. I thought you would stay longer with Crono and the others."

Glenn looked up in surprise, "You knew Frog was me, and how do you know I'm Glenn? It's been 10 years since I was human, I barely recognized myself."

Queen Leene smiled, "You didn't change much, you just look older. " She paused, then continued, "When I first met you as Frog I suspected that you were Glenn. You acted the same, but with anger. Also you knew things that only Glenn knew."

Glenn nodded.

Queen Leene tilted her head slightly with a concerned looked, "Why was the, what was it, the Epuk, why was it here in our time? I thought everyone were going to stay in their own time. Is something wrong?"

Glenn looked to where the Epoch had been, "The Epoch, I thought everyone was going to stay in their own time too. I hope nothings wrong."


Ayla and Kino laughed as they rode on the dactyls up in the sky.

"Ayla back," Kino said, "Ayla stay long time?"

"Ayla stay. Have party. Eat! Dance! Fight! Fun!"

They rode higher and higher.

"People small when we high." Kino said pointing to the people down below.

Ayla looked at the tiny people. She never paid attention to her surroundings when she was on a dactyl before. The tiny people looked funny.

Kino spoke, "Mountains beautiful. What that?"

Ayla looked where Kino pointed, "Epoch? Why Epoch here?"

"Ayla leave again?"

Ayla shook her head in confusion. "Why Epoch here? Ayla not understand."


Robo waited at the cliff of the mountain. Suddenly a familar voice came, "Prometheus! How are you? It seems like it has been long. Mother Brain and I have missed."

Robo would've have smiled if he could at the sight of his girlfriend, Atropos, "I missed you as well. How are you? How is Mother Brain?"

Atropos took Robo's hand and they both sat down.

"We are both fine. Everything here has been normal. No more problems, human or robot."

"That's good."

"Prometheus, do you think at one point Lavos wasn't killed in 1999 A.D. I mean, do you think anyone remembers what would've happen if no one beat him."

"I thought about that. Maybe Crono, Marle, Lucca, Ayla, and Frog. Any of them might remember 2300 A.D. as it was as if Lavos hadn't been killed because it was their future change, not their past."

"So you could've remembered 2300 A.D. that way until you came back here. That's strange to think about."

"Time-tavel," Robo said shaking his head, "We may never figure how it works."

"What's that?" Atropos asked, "It looks like the Epoch."

Robo looked towards where she pointed, "Why is that here?"


To Be Continued:


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