The Lavos Worshipper's Plan Part 1

By MeuShell

A group of 3 people called the Lavos Worshippers sat around the table in 700 B.C. They were having a meeting. The president, who they called Lovas, spoke.

"I have heard that Lavos will destroy this world in about 2700 years. I for one wants to see the great Lavos at his best."

"I do too," said Soval, the smartest, "Watching him do so would be a honor."

"How?" asked L. A. Vos (Vos for short).

Lovas answered, "Soval has been making a time-travel machine. How is it Soval?"

"Almost done. I need to do a few more things. Then it should be ready."

Vos laughed, "Great! Then we will watch Lavos destroy the world.


Robo stood at the computer in the Geno Dome. He was reading old newspaper stories from the 1000 A.D.s. He was trying to find a certain article.

"Where is it?!" he said shaking his head in frustration.

"What is wrong, Prometheus?" asked Mother Brain in her gentle, smoothing voice.

"When Lucca visited me I was reading an article published December 2, 1002 A.D."

"If you were to visit Crono, Marle, and Lucca you would end up in September 7, 1000 A.D. So this article is their future, right? "

"Yes, the article was about Marle and Crono. It was about their wedding."

"It is nice that they will fall in love."

"But I can't find the article! Everyone was there, Lucca, Glenn, Ayla, Swau, Kino, Schala, Gasper, Melchior, Toma, King Guardia, Queen Lee-"

"May I assist you in finding this article?"

"No, I want to find it on my own. I guess I'll find it the hard way."

Robo quickly typed in the key word, "Nadia."

An article about her birth appeared in front of him. He kept pressing, "Next" and more articles flashed by. Everything of her life flashed by even something as small as her first haircut. No wonder she hated being a princess.

"Robo, you never told me about Swau."

Robo answered as he kept searching, "Swau is someone we met on our last adventure. He is a Shifter. Shifters can change any form including imitating anyone or thing-"

"I know what a Shifter is. Shifters are after all 37.62% of the population living above ground. Humans are 41.07% and machines are 21.31%.

Robo saw the article entitled, "Princess Nadia Elshim Leene Guardia Myst is Engaged!!!! "

Under the title in smaller letters read, "Nadia chose Crono Zrew to marry."

Robo remembered laughing the first time he saw that. It was the first time he saw either of their full names. He found it funny that she had three middle name while he had none. But the way some articles were it seemed that Princess was her first name and Nadia was another middle name.

Robo went through 6 months worth of articles before the one he was looking for was soon to come.


Glenn sat on the edge of the water on the beach. He had been a human for 2 weeks now, and was still getting used to it. But he certainly enjoyed it.

He watched the waves rise up and crash back down. He heard something behind him. He glanced back to see a big dog with short brown hair.


The dog moved next to Glenn, "How did you know?"

"I guessed."

The dog laid down. It's wet paws were sandy. "Will you show me how to use the Epoch?"

"Next time I get to use it.

"Good, 'cause I saw it."

Glenn looked at him, "You did, where?"


Ayla was in the Epoch with Kino. She was now in 600 A.D.

"Kino see Glenn with dog," said Kino.

Ayla looked over and saw a brown dog coming with Glenn following. She landed the Epoch and jumped out. Kino did the same.

When the dog reach her it was already starting to change to a human form. The fur on it's head grew. It became straight, short, and blue-green. The rest of the fur either weaved itself into brown clothes or shrunk to reveal light green skin. The dog starting walking upright and it's snout seemed to melt. It's big brown eyes turn purple. Swau looked the same as he usually did with a "human look" except the clothes and this time he had freckles across his nose.

Kino jumped back and eyes him suspiciously. Ayla laughed, "Kino funny! Kino scared of Swau. Swau Shifter remember."

Kino nodded his head slightly and felt his cheeks become hot and red.

Glenn soon joined them, "Ayla. Kino. Hello. What brings you here?"

"Ayla show Kino different times."

Glenn nodded and continued, "Now that you will stay at 65,000,000 B.C. more, who is the chief."

Ayla smiled and moved excitedly, "Ayla chief. When Ayla not home. Kino chief."

Swau frowned, "But now you are both gone."

"When Ayla and Kino not home. Anene chief."

"I see. Can we use the Epoch when you are done? Glenn was going to show me the other times, and how to use it."

"Come with Ayla and Kino. Still need visit 2300 A.D."

Glenn nodded and looked at Swau, "Only three at a time can go at a time."


"Because it a time-travel rule. When 4 or more travel they end up at the End of Time. The rules applies when we were using the gates and now when using the Epoch.

So they took turns to get to 2300 A.D.



Robo finally found the article he was looking for. Then he started looking for where he left off. But then Mother Brain spoke.

"Prometheus, you have friends who came to visit you."

Robo shook his head, "No! Why do they come after I just find the article?"

Then he heard something behind him. He turned around to see Glenn, Ayla, Swau, and Kino.

"Hello," Robo greeted.

Swau went to the computer, "What's this?"

"An article I found before. But before I could finish Lucca interrupted me with to tell me about the Shifters."

Swau groaned, "Sorry."

Ayla smiled, "Not Swau fault."

Swau started reading the article.

"So," Robo started, "Why are you here?"

"Ayla and Glenn show Kino and Swau different times," Ayla answered.

"Alright!" Swau said, "I knew those two were a good couple."

Robo laughed. Ayla, Glenn and Kino looked confuse. So they read the beginning of the article. Then Ayla and Glenn laughed. Kino still looked confused.

They talked a little after that. Then Kino wanted to go home.

"Kino go home, Ayla no go" Ayla said.

"Ok, Swau and I will still visit other times, " Glenn said.

"I guess I will go too. To say hi to the others" Robo said, "If Mother Brain lets me."

"You may go, Prometheus," answered her voice.

Kino and Swau jumped in surprise.

She continued, "I will save the article for you."

"Thanks," Robo said.

Then they went to the Epoch. Ayla and Glenn took Kino home. Then they went to 1000 A.D. and dropped Ayla. Then Glenn went back for Robo and Swau.


"Is it ready, Soval?" Lovas asked.

"The Lavos Time Machine, is ready," Soval answered, "Now all we do is see if it works."

Valos got in the driver's seat and Lovas took the seat next to that. Vos took the back seat. Valos set the clock to 2000 A.D. Then pushed the go button.

The machine whirled around and spinned faster and faster. Soon it disappeared with a blue light. The light circled them and moved fast. Then it started to fade and they found themselves in a dark land.

"What happen?!" asked Lovas, "I blame you, Soval!"

Vos spoke, "It looks like Lavos was already here. I say we go to 1999 A.D."

Soval clocked in 1999 A.D. and presses the go button again. Soon they were in 1999 A.D. The ground beneath them shook. They looked around and saw the great Lavos emerging from the ground. He spatted enormous fire balls through the land.

They cheered him on and laughed as everyone else ran around screaming in panic But three people didn't.

The three people seemed different than the others. The looked different and they seemed stronger and not afraid. One person had wild red hair and pointed his sword to the mighty Lavos. The other's orange hair was in a ponytail. She had a futuristic bow and arrow. The last one had a strange hat and a strange weapon they had never seen before.

The three people marched on to Lavos with their weapons ready. The Lavos Worshippers laughed.

"They think they can beat the great Lavos. Vos said.

Soval laughed, "This will be a better show than I excepted. Let us watch Lavos crush them.

They watched the long battle. They laughed when the odds were with Lavos. They cried when Lavos was hurt. But they just stared in anger, fear, sadness, confusion, and amazement when Lavos died.


"I can't believe it," Vos said. A hour had passed since Lavos died and his killers were long gone.

"How did they beat him?" Soval asked, "Could they actually be stronger than the great Lavos.

Lovas shook his head, "I call a meeting."

They all sat on the ground.

"What do we do?" Vos asked.

"We find those people." Lovas said, "Then we study them. We learn everything about them. Then we stop them before they stop Lavos."


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