The Lavos Worshipper's Plan Plan 2

By MeuShell

Marle was in Fiona's Forest writing. She heard someone approach towards her. She listened to the footsteps the were walking quickly and moved lightly. It was probably Crono or Lucca.

Crono walked to Marle. He had a few flowers he had picked from the forest. He watched her look up when he closer. Then he gave her the flowers and sat by her.

"Thanks. These are pretty."

Crono nodded his welcome, then he pointed to the half blank book with questioning eyes.

"My diary. I always had one since I learned to write."

Crono pointed to himself.

"Yes, you are in there."

Crono smiled. He never had a diary. There wouldn't be point. If he did it would only have a few words. He wrote even less than he spoke and he spoke only when it was necessary and only when he felt like it. He often wondered what his friends thought of him about it.

Then they heard a noise. It sounded like running. They got up quickly and followed the noise. They got to a open space in the forest. There was a flash of blue light.

"What was that? Did you see blue?"

Crono nodded.

Marle walked towards where the blue was. It was then she saw a piece of paper. She grabbed it. "What is this?" She read it. It read:

To Crono, Marle, and Lucca, We watched as you killed Lavos. We were not happy when you stopped him. So we will stop you.

From The Lavos Worshippers

Lovas Soval L. A. Vos "Wow, they must really love Lavos," Marle said, "Even their names are Lavos like. Oh, and this is not good."


Lucca was by her house working on one of her inventions when she saw the Epoch a second time. She ran to it as it landed in the middle of Truce. Ayla, who had been watching Lucca, followed. They saw that Swau was driving with a huge smile on his face.

"Wow Swau, is this you first time driving it." Lucca said.

"Yes. It is so cool. When I first heard you could time-travel I didn't think it was so easy."

Lucca smiled, "So what's up."

"Well I love driving this thing. Robo found an article-"

"Well, I found lots of articles." Robo interrupted. Then he whispered to Swau, "If she finds out I read an article about the future in anyone in this group. I get lectured.


"What are you two whispering about?" Lucca asked.

"Stuff." Swau answered.

Lucca frowned, "Ok, so what's new have you learned any new techs?"

Swau smiled, "I learned a tech call, Confuse 'n' Steal. I confuse the enemy and then steal their MP."

"No more Ethers for you," Lucca joked, "But seriously, you should tell Marle since she is in charge of making sure everyone has enough HP and MP."

"I will."

"Well, Marle learned how to do Heal 2."

Glenn frowned at the familiar name, "Heal 2?"

"Yeah, it is like your Heal but she can give a lot more HP. Oh and Robo, I made the Nujang. It's in my house I'll get it."

"As she ran to her house Swau asked, "What is a Nujang?"

"The Nujang is in the Epoch." Robo answered, "It protects it so that no matter what happens in the past the Epoch won't change. So Lucca decided to make one for me. So no matter what happens I won't forget what I already remember."

Lucca ran out, "The only problem is that we may never know if it will work."

Robo sat down so that Lucca could put the Nujang by his memory chip. As she finished she mumbled, "Let's hope it works." It sounded more like, "Luts hope t wercs."

Swau muffled a laugh, her words sounded like Shiftaz, the Shifters language. He was deep in thinking of this, he didn't notice Crono and Marle coming towards them. But Ayla did.

"Crono and Marle come," is what she said.

Everyone looked up, they were not just coming, they were running. Marle held a piece of paper in one hand and some flowers in the other. They looked somewhat worried.

"What is it?" Lucca asked when they were their.

Marle gave her the letter. Lucca read it quietly to herself, then she read out loud.

"I never heard of the Lavos Worshippers," Robo said.

"Lavos Worshippers know time-travel?" Ayla asked.

Lucca nodded, "If they saw Lavos die in 1999 A.D. and then sent this to 1000 A.D. then they can time-travel. Unless it is just some kids playing around."

"But we saw a flash of blue," Marle said.

"Just a flash, with a little work anyone can do that."

"I think we should take it seriously," Robo said.

"We should also not take off the option that it's a fake. Many a people know about us killing Lavos. Most consider us heros because of it. Some don't believe us. Some don't care, and some are jealous. They would take the chance to trick us if they could."

"Isn't there a list of famous people in the new library? The Lavos Worshippers may be in there." Robo asked.

Crono nodded.

They went the library and each got a book that list famous people. The book had one section that named groups and another that named individual people. They looked through it.

"I don't see them," Swau said, "I looked for the Lavos Worshippers but their was no group called that."

"How about looking up each of there names," Lucca suggested.

Marle did, "There is no Soval."

"No Lovas," Ayla said.

"Or L.A. Vos." Glenn added.

"I do not see any of them either," Robo said.

They all put there books away except for Swau.

"I will," Robo started, "Look up the name in my own time next time I am there."

"I'm in here!" Swau said.

People near said things like, "Shhhh.", "Quiet." , or "This is a library."

"Good idea. They may exist after 1000 A.D." Lucca said, "Otherwise it is probably a fake."

"You are all in here too." Swau said.

Everyone picked their books back up. Robo asked, "All of us?"

"Yes, they named our group, Time Group."

Lucca looked it up, "Gee, how did they come up with that name?"

Swau laughed.

"What's so funny," Marle asked.

"For you they have, 'See Nadia Elshim Leene Guardia Myst.' " He turned to her, "You have a long name."

Marle turned back to her book, "It ain't that long."

"Why many names?" Ayla asked, "Ayla have one, Ayla."

"Well everyone in this time has a last name."

Lucca laughed, "But no middle name. Well, I should say, names."

"It is tradition in the castle to give your child at least two middle names." Then she turned back to her book again, "Hey! Toma's in here."

"So's Cyrus," Glenn said smiling.

"And Fiona." Robo added.

They went through reading about themselves and others. After they read about the ones they knew they got bored, except for Lucca. So they all went out to talk. They showed Swau around the place and introduced him to people. Then they went back by the Epoch.

"Now what?" Marle asked.

"We can talk about my new projects," Lucca suggested.

"Ayla bored, but Ayla not that bored," Ayla said, who didn't care to much about science.

"Maybe we should go home." Robo said.

"Ok," Ayla said, "Ayla go and be chief."

"Good idea," Glenn said. He climbed into the Epoch.

"Bye Glenn," Marle said.

Swau got in, then Ayla. "Ayla pick Robo up."

"Bye Swau, see you Ayla." Marle said.

"Bye." Ayla said.

The others just waved as the Epoch went up. Then leaped forward and disappeared. Soon Ayla came back.

Robo said good-bye then approached the Epoch, "May I drive?"

"Robo drive." Ayla said and climbed into the back.

Robo climbed in.

"Bye Robo. Bye Ayla." Marle said.

Ayla waved again, "Bye."

Robo moved the Epoch up. Then pushed in 65,000,000 B.C. The Epoch jumped forward and when into a blue light. Then came out into Ayla's time. Robo moved by the village and parked the Epoch.

Ayla jumped out and said bye.

Then Robo moved the Epoch up, He drove the Epoch to where the Gene Dome would be in his own time. Then typed in 2300 A.D.

When he arrived in 2300 A.D. He quickly landed the Epoch. He noticed that the bridge that lead to the mainland was gone. This was strange. He would have to ask Mother Brain if anything was wrong. He went in.

"Prometheus?!" Mother Brain said, "What a nice visit."

"What? Visit? I live here."

"Live here?! Prometheus you haven't been here in a long while."

Robo began wondering if he had put in the wrong time. He started to leave.

"Where are you going Prometheus?"

"I came back to look something up, and to read that article."

"Article? What Article?"

Robo turned to leave, "Something is wrong."


"I don't know." He left and went to the Epoch and went to 1000 A.D. Was Mother Brain malfunctioning. Maybe Lucca could help. He drove until he saw Marle coming out of Guardia Forest. He landed the Epoch near her. But she screamed and ran back into the forest.

Robo followed, "Marle!"

She stopped at the sound of that name.

"Why did you run? Where's Lucca?"

"Lucca? What is that thing?"

"What thing?"

"That-that flying thing."

"The Epoch? You know about the Epoch."

"Why did you call me Marle?"

"You prefer it."

"I know! But you..." She shook her head in fear and confusion, "Who are you?"


To Be Continued...


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