The Lavos Worshipper's Plan Part 3

By MeuShell

Robo couldn't believe what he heard. "You don't know me?"

"No! Who are you?" Marle said.

"Robo." Then he noticed she had a different crossbow. One he didn't recognize. "Some thing is wrong." He turned away, "Where's Lucca?"

"I think she's in Leene Square."

Robo turned back, "So you know her."

"Know of her. I try to learn about everyone in the kingdom. I heard she has been working a way to better this Telepod thingy."

Robo turned and went to Leene square. He walked up to someone.

"What are you? Oh well, have you heard of the latest gossip?"

"Well, no."

"Princess Nadia ran away again. Her father can't control her and the two have been fighting for months."

Someone else replied, "How can he take care of a kingdom when he can't control his own daughter."

Robo heard these words before. But now Marle and her dad weren't fighting any more. At least that was the way he remembered it. What was going on?

He walked to the back of Leene Square. He saw Lucca working on the Telepod. She probably wasn't going to remember him either. But why, he thought, why are so diff-

The Lavos Worshippers. They must have done something. But what?

Then he noticed Lucca had stopped working and was now staring at him. He approached her, "Lucca, you don't remember me, do you?"

Her eyes were wide with excitement. "A hu-humanoid machine? I didn't know such a thing was possible. You know my name?!" Then her face showed disapointment, "Or are you a Shifter?"

"You were right the first time."

A big smile spread across Lucca's face.

Robo continue, "What do you know about time-travel?"

"Time-travel?" She laughed with amusement. "That only happens in stories."

"You still know Crono?"

"Of coa- How do you know him?!"

"The same way I know you." Robo felt saddened, "But I doubt he remembers." He continued, "What about Marle?"


"Marle. Princess Nadia."

"Princess Nadia! Why would I know her?"

Robo wondered why she didn't. He decided to check something out. He said good-bye and left. He went to the Epoch and typed in January 7, 1000 A.D. at 6:00 AM. It was the day Crono and Marle met. A couple hours before they met.

He arrived that day. Then he hid the Epoch in Guardia Forest. He then hid in front of Guardia castle. Marle was going to come out in about ten minutes.

He hid and waited. He watched two guards come out, they talked about Marle, though they called her "Princess Nadia". They seemed to be looking for her. One went to one side of the castle and the other went to the other side.

Then the door opened and Marle peeked out. Then she came out. She moved carefully away from the castle, checking for soldiers, then broke into a run into the forest. When she was in the forest, she checked every corner for guards.

Robo slowly followed her. Marle kept looking in his direction. He realized she was aware of his presence. Probably thought he was a soldier.

They slowly made their way through the forest. Robo felt worry, when she passed by the place the Epoch was hidden.

Soon she was out of the forest. She turned to go to the fair when two males and one female in their late teens approached her.

Robo watched, thinking, I thought she said she didn't talk to anyone until she got to the fair. He moved in a little closer to listen to them.


"Hi," said the tallest one, "Going to the fair?"

"Yes," Marle said.

The one who was about a foot shorter than the others shook his head. "It's boring, a disappointment

The third one, the female, nodded, "Yeah."

Marle frowned, she didn't know much about life outside the castle. What she knew was what she saw when she ran away the other times. She knew she didn't have much time before the guards found her. If the fair was boring, she didn't waiste that time.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Whatever. Finding some excitement."

'Finding some excitement!' This was music to Marle's ears. "Sounds nice. I really don't know this place very well. You mind if I come along?"

"Ok," said the tallest.

Marle jumped up and down happily, "Yea!" She stopped jumping, "I'm uh-err, Marle. What are your names."

The girl smiled, "This is Lovas, this is Soval. I'm Vos."


Robo reconized the names instantly. He sat in confusion while he watch them go to the south continent. He work his mecanic brain. The Lavos Worshippers wanted to stop Crono, Marle, and Lucca from beating Lavos. The best way to do that is to make sure they never heard of Lavos in the first place. The best way to do that was to make sure they never time-traveled in the first place. The way they did first time travel was when Marle used Lucca's Telepod. It was the comination of the Telepod and Marle's pendeant. Now, Marle would have never used the Telepod if she never met Lucca; and she never would have met Lucca is she didn't meet Crono. So the Lavos Worshippers were stopping them from defeating Lavos by making sure Marle never met Crono in the first place.

Robo shook his head. The Lavos Worshippers must have studied them a lot to figure that out. Then he wondered, if they never time-traveled, then what happen in the other times.

He ran to the Epoch and got in. He changed the date and time to what it normally was. Then he dialed in 65,000,000 B.C.

The Epoch emerged from the tops of the trees. Then it sprung forward and disappeared into a blue light.


Ayla sat in her hut smiling. She had just defeated the Reptiles, finally. Azala was no more. There was going to be a big party that night. Eating! Dacing! Fighting! Fun!

Suddenly she heard a scream from outside. She was on her feet before the scream finished. She began running out when Kino ran in.

"Huge dactyl! Come out air! Ayla see!"

Kino then ran out and Ayla followed. Ayla saw the huge dactyl. It was kind of a oval shape and white. Then huge unmoving wings were brown with gold. It didn't look like any dactyl she had ever seen. Then it landed a few yards away from them, and a strange thing came out.

Ayla told her people to stay back. Then she slowly approached it. She studied it. The thing looked back at her.

"Why Reptile here?"

"Reptile? I'm not a Reptile."

"You have hard skin. Reptiles have hard skin. So you Reptile. Where get big dactyl?"

"You don't remember me." He shook his head, "I'm not surprised. You haven't beat the Reptiles?"

"Ayla fight Reptiles. Ayla win. Now Ayla fight you."

"I am not here to fight."

Ayla gave a suspicious look. "Why here?"

"To talk to you. My name is Robo. So you just beat the Reptiles. I'm leaving now. I will come back later, Ayla. Please, don't fight me. I won't fight you."

Ayla watched Robo walk away and get in the dactyl. The dactyl flew into the air and disappeared.


Robo next found himself in 600 A.D. looking for Glenn. He went into the Cursed Wood. He went through it as he fought. Then he found the bush that lead to Glenn's home. He went behind it and under and found the entrance. He climbed the ladder down. He wasn't sure how Glenn would reacted to find a stranger in his home. Part of him wasn't sure if it was a good idea. But it was the best way to find Glenn. So there he waited.

As he waited he wondered if he should bother finding Swau, finding him would be almost impossible. He had no idea where Swau would be, or what he would look like.

He waited some more, hours passed and Robo started to get worried.

Then he heard something outside. It sounded like mumbling. It got closer. Soon it was right above. Then Robo saw him climb down the ladder.

He saw Robo, quickly he pulled out his sword and pointed it towards him. "Who is thee?!"

Robo was surprised too, Glenn was a frog. Like when Robo first met him. "Glenn?" Then he realized he was probably still called Frog.

Frog was surprised to find a stranger in is home, he was really surprised to hear his real name. But he kept his sword pointed to him. "Art thou with Magus?"

"Magus? No, you're still fighting him?"

"In the war."

Robo nodded his head, that's why Glenn was still a frog. Magus never died. "No one has challenged him?"

"Few. I willeth after I repair the Masamune."

Robo nodded, thinking, the stone to repair it was in 65,000,000 B.C. and the man to repair it was in 1000 A.D. Gle-Frog was going to have a hard time repairing it.

"How dos thou know mine name?"

"Things weren't suppose to be this way. Someone change things and now they are different. What I remember is, we were friends, the war was over, Magus was dead, and you were human again. You have to trust me."

Frog gave him a odd look. "If we were friends. Then thou would know of me."

So Robo told Frog about Frog before there was time-travel. He told him the story of Cyrus, Magus, the Masamune, and the Hero's medal. And a little about King Guardia and Queen Leene.

"Thou knows a lot about me. I willeth trust thee."

"Good. I need to show you something."

Robo took him to the Epoch. "This is a time-travel machine."


"Yes," Robo got in. "Get in." Frog examined it, then slowly got in. Robo drove it up. Frog looked over and gasped. Then Robo set it to, The End of Time. The Epoch moved fast into blue light, then it came out of the light into The End of Time.

"Where hath thou taketh me?!"

"We are at the End of Time. All time is connected here."

They went to place where Gasper and Spekkio were.

"More visitors Gasper said, "Hmm, usually people first come here when there are more than three travelers."

Robo nodded, "Hello, I need to get more people and bring them here."

"Thou is leaving me here?" Frog asked.

"It is quite bleak," Gaper said to Frog.

Robo laughed, "I will be back." As he left he heard Gasper tell Frog, "Why don't you check out the door behind me."

Robo got in the Epoch and pushed in 65,000,000 B.C. , hoping Ayla will be more kinder this time. When in 65,000,000 B.C. he landed the Epoch and looked for Ayla. She was easy to find, she found him, with Kino.

"Hi Ayla, hi Kino," Robo greeted.

Kino's eyes went wide, "How Robo know Kino name?"

Robo ignored him, "Ayla we need to talk. I need to tell you a lot of things. But not here."

"Where?" Ayla asked.

Robo pointed to the Epoch, "That is a time machine, it takes you to different times."

Ayla laughed, "Robo funny, Ayla like funny people."

"Then there is the End of Time, all time is connected there."

Ayla laughed again.

"I can show you."

Ayla stopped laughing. "Robo show Ayla?"


Kino looked at Ayla, "Ayla no trust Robo."

Ayla looked at Kino, then Robo, then Kino, "Ayla want see." She looked back at Robo, "Robo show Ayla."

This time Robo explained everything to Ayla before it happened. When they were at the End of Time, Frog greeted them. "I learned Water Magic."

"Good. Ayla this is Frog. Frog this is Ayla. I need to get some other people." Robo said, as he walked away he heard:

"Frog? Frog look for eat."

"I assure thee, madam. I am not food."

Robo laughed, he only had to get three more people.


To Be Continued...


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