Amor Vincit Omnia Chapter 12


By Minmei

Outside the forest...

"Hey Lucca! Lucca!" Marle called.

Over by the tree, Lucca turned her head and lifted herself off of the ground. "Hey guys," she greeted Crono and Marle as they approached. Ayla, Kino and Atropos were taking a stroll on the beach. "So, did that jerk confess yet?"

"Well, sort of," Marle said. "I mean, after Magus ran out, we had to tell Schala who he really was. Then she ran after him, and-"

Lucca's expression turned scornful. "Aww," she said, with a mock pout on her face. "You mean I could have had the chance to see wuss-boy totally lose it?"

"Stop it, Lucca," Crono scolded her, frowning. "You gotta understand what the guy's going through. I mean, if I lost one of you guys, not once, but twice, and had to deal with it for twenty years all by myself, I'd probably be a little emotional too."

Lucca sighed as she realized Crono was right. "I guess, but I'm still a little angry about the way he embarrassed me a while ago, so right now I can't feel for the guy."

"I warned you, didn't I, Lucca?" Marle said, with the words "I told you so" written all over her face. "You should have told Glenn yourself."

Crono looked at Lucca in surprise. "So you ARE in love with Glenn?" he asked her. "Oh...then that was pretty humiliating for you then."

Lucca rolled her eyes and nodded.

"But no matter how humiliating, you know you have to go back and make up with Magus, right?" Marle said. "Or at least attempt somewhat of an apology. You HAVE been messing around with him a little too much lately, after all."

Lucca exhaled uncomfortably and forced a nervous smile. "I-I know. I'd better go, huh?"

Her friends nodded.

Lucca turned and headed towards the forest.

"Hey, where's Glenn?" Marle asked Crono.

They looked around. "I don't know," Crono said, shaking his head. "That's funny."


"And I said, 'How is some dumb old girl going to help us?' and Flea wanted to literally bite my head off, insisting on being a guy," Lucca heard Magus tell Schala as she approached the clearing. "Of course, I'd never known a guy that had long pink hair and boobs."

Schala laughed. She then looked over Magus' shoulder at the person approaching them. "Who are you?" she asked Lucca. "What do you want?"

Magus turned around. "Oh, it's you. I almost didn't recognize you without your nerd gear on," he cracked.

"Shut up, Dracula," Lucca teased, chuckling. Her expression then turned serious. "Look, we need to talk."

"We can finish this later," Magus told Schala. Schala nodded and headed for the shore.

As soon as she left, Lucca began her apology. "Magus," she said, "I know I've been kind of hard on you lately, and I've been playing around with you more than-more than I should. I was way out of line when I insulted you tonight and-and I'm...sorry."

"Well," Magus began after a while, "it was a two-sided argument. I thought about it, and I guess I shouldn't have humiliated you. I had no right to put you in the spotlight and let it be known not only to Glenn, but also to everyone else what you felt for him. I suppose it was too much, and I,…well, um…"

"You're sorry too," Lucca finished for him.

"Well, um..."

"I know where you're going with this," Lucca laughed. "Apology accepted." She yawned. "Now get lost. I'm going to hit the hay. Go find Schala or something."

Magus cast her a strange look. "Isn't it a little early to be going to sleep? The sun is just setting."

Lucca stared right back. "I'm really tired," she explained with the weariness evident in her voice. "I've been getting these nightmares that-well, it's no concern of yours. I just need some rest."

"All right, then." With that, Magus left the woods to find his sister.


Ugh. I hate posing. It's just so…unnatural! But what can I say? I probably do it everyday. All right, one order of sweet dreams coming right up! Chapter 13 next!


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