Amor Vincit Omnia Chapter 13

More Sweet Dreams

By Minmei

"Ooohh!!" Lucca groaned. She resisted the black forces.

"It will be easier for you if you submit," Robo told her angrily.

"Please," Lucca pleaded weakly, "Don't do this to me, Robo!"

Robo just snickered. "You're doing this to yourself by not joining us," he snorted at her.

Lucca stared back at him, feeling premature defeat. "Why are you making my parents do such unspeakable things?"

The robot scoffed. "Yeah, yeah. So they killed a couple of people. So what?"

Lucca's jaw dropped. "A couple of people you KNEW!!" she cried, appalled by his nonchalant response. "Crono and Marle! Your friends! My friends! How could you be so cruel?!"

"It's their fault they didn't want to join. So they had to die. They would have been trouble for Lavos," Robo sneered. A cruel and sickening justification. "But don't worry. Another one of your friends is coming soon. So you'll have another chance to...TRY to save someone."

"What do you mean?" Lucca asked, her voice shaking.

"I called Ayla. She's just across town. So is Glenn. They can join us too."

"You leave them alone!!" Lucca shouted, angry tears forming in the corners of her eyes. "Don't you DARE hurt them!!"

Robo laughed again. "All right," he told her, taking complete advantage of her kind heart, and such pleasure in her fear. He thirsted for such sweet fright. "It's too soon anyway. Right now I have to concentrate on you." He started to summon the black energy again.

"Robo, don't!" Lucca cried, shielding herself once again.

The metallic creature stopped. "Tsk tsk tsk. I tried to reason with you," Robo said with an exasperated sigh.

Lucca glared at him in disgust. "You call threatening me and hurting my friends and family REASONING?!" she yelled.

Robo shrugged. "Whatever," he continued. "But since you won't cooperate, you'll have to be terminated as well."

Lucca's jaw dropped. "No, please!"

Robo began the summon spell again, but then hesitated. "No, I won't kill you."

Lucca let out a sigh of relief. "Robo, I-"

"To make you really suffer, I'll just kill them," Robo said, pointing to Taban and Lara.

Lucca let out another gasp. "What?! No!! What have they ever done to you? What have I ever done to you?!"

Robo stared coldly at her. "You ruined my life. You turned me against the family of robots and the Mother Brain. You programmed me-you DELUDED me into thinking that destroying them was for the best. Because of you, I have nothing. And now, I must make sure the same goes for you."

"Robo, please don't do this!!" Lucca begged of him, her face frozen in a mask of terror.

"My name is Prometheus!!" he roared back, not about to any compassion for her. "I am not the one you call Robo!"

Lucca shook her head in disappointment. "You're right. Robo would never do this. You're not Robo. You're a monster!!"

"Precisely," Robo growled, his eyes glowing a brilliant red. He turned to Lucca's parents and began a strange chant, a chant most likely for calling Lavos.

Taban suddenly moaned, and blood began gushing out of his mouth. He briefly stared at Lucca as if to plead for help, or maybe forgiveness. Lara uttered a frightened gasp, then screamed and clutched her heart. Lucca could only watch in horror as her parents sank to the floor to join a lifeless Crono and Marle. Robo started to chortle.

"No," Lucca whispered in disbelief. "No. This isn't happening. Oh God, why can't I wake up?!"

She ran over to her parents. "Mom? Dad?"

The couple lay there, a deep burgundy puddle trailing from Taban.

"No! Please, no!!" But her cries couldn't drown out the terrifying sound of Robo's maniacal laughter. "No! Nooo!" Lucca screamed.


"ARGH!!" Lucca sat upright, catching her breath, escaping the nightmare. Why? she wondered, with her heart pounding in her throat. Why would I dream about such terrible things? Crono and Marle, on the floor. Then my parents, my...mother and-and my-my father-

She broke into tears. These nightmares had finally begun to take their toll on her. She covered her face with her hands and sobbed uncontrollably.

Suddenly Glenn appeared. "Lucca!" he called. "I heard thy scream! I came running from-" He stopped to catch his breath. "What-what happened?" He saw her crying hysterically and ran to her side. Good old Glenn to the rescue. "Lucca, what hath made thee so upset? Why art thou crying so?"

Lucca slowly removed her hands from her face. "Glenn...what are-what are you doing here? Where's everyone else?" she asked, her voice almost a whisper. She was a bit stunned that he had found her, and a little embarrassed to have been caught in the act of crying.

But Glenn didn't mind at all. "All walking the shores," he answered. "I heard thee cry out. I feared thee were in danger. What happened?" Lucca just sniffled. Glenn brought a hand to her face, gently lifted her chin, and looked into her eyes. "Come now, Lucca. I am thine friend. Tell me."

Lucca blinked once, sending more tears down her face. Her lower lip trembled for a second, then she let it all out. "Oh, Glenn," she sobbed, burying her face into his chest, "it's these nightmares again. They're getting even worse!! This time, my...poor...parents and Crono and M-Marle were-It was so horrible! They all died painful deaths! Please, make these terrible dreams stop! I don't want to go back to sleep! Don't make me go back to sleep again! Please..."

Glenn put his arm around her. "Lucca..." he said. "I am sorry. I do wish with every fiber of mine being that thine dreams would end. I hate to see thee worn down by such visions. But thou must understand, that reasons exist for dreams that maketh no sense whatsoever. Methinks thou hath been worrying too much lately, but I realize thou hadst good reason. But worry not thine head any longer. Thou art safe with me. Thou canst fall asleep here. I shall ward off thine nightmares."

Lucca rested her head on Glenn's shoulder and, within minutes, fell asleep that way. The tiny smile forming on Lucca's lips a short while later was proof positive that her bad dreams had been sent away.

If only she knew that the real nightmare had not yet begun.....

A nightmare that not even Glenn could save her from.


Isn't this a cozy scene? Isn't this disgustingly sappy? Isn't this story over yet? *snicker* Sorry. Guess you'll have to suffer for a while longer. Chapter 14 soon!


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