Amor Vincit Omnia Chapter 28


By Minmei

"What the-"

Crono advanced slowly toward the creature, his mouth gaping open. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"What…what is this?!"

He stopped right before the monster, trying to comprehend was even going on, even going so far as to wonder if he was dreaming.

…or going crazy.

He just didn't know what to make of...

"Is this some kind of sick JOKE?!" Lucca demanded, near the point of aghast. She stood next to Crono, grimacing at this new scene.

The others were speechless and also bewildered at this new situation. There, in front of them, lay the beaten bodies of six Nus. Bruises and darkened welts ran up and down the blue skin of the creatures. It was deathly silent for a moment, and then, a muffled moan could be heard. Lucca gasped as one of them, the apparent "leader," started to move. Uttering a few groans of "Nu," it placed its hands on the dirt and slowly hoisted itself up.

Lucca's mouth remained wide open. She tried to speak, but her mouth just couldn't seem to form what she wanted to say, that is, if she even had an idea of what she wanted to say.

The lone Nu blinked and focused his eyes on the girl staring back at him, with her jaw dropped in disbelief. "Say nothing," he told her as if in response. He let out a cough, a thick layer of dust flying out of his large mouth.

Lucca glowered at the creature, not knowing how to act, not knowing what to think. But finally, after a long moment of silence, she spoke. "Do you want to tell me what is going on here?" she questioned him, her voice almost a whisper.

The Nu smiled at her, a rather tiny smile with just a hint of pride. "You did it. That is all you need to know."

"I did-" Lucca couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence.

"Yes, you did." The Nu continued to beam at her. He turned to the rest of the group. "You all did."

"I…" Lucca eyed the Nu warily. "And…and that's it?"

The creature nodded at her. "Yes."

Lucca shook her head slowly. "Wha-are you kidding me?!" Her already discontented look molded into a scowl. "Wh-what-what a-what-"

"What a joke!" Crono finished for her. He advanced toward the Nu, an equally angry expression on his face. "What the hell are you trying to pull on us? It could NOT have been that easy!"

"Yes, you're right," agreed the Nu wearily. "And it wasn't that easy, either. Remember that I have already explained to your friend here that I needed your help. And I also explained that I would take care of the rest once you did what was necessary."

"But you failed to mention what that certain thing was," Lucca pointed out. She uttered a groan of disgust. "I mean, what the hell are you doing, all sprawled here on the floor with no given explanation whatsoever?" She stared at the Nu accusingly.

Silence. "All right," said the Nu after a moment's thinking. "I'll tell you since you want to know so badly." Another brief pause. He took a deep breath. "When I told you I would do the rest, that's exactly what I meant. You see, I couldn't do a thing until it let down its guard."

Lucca nodded slowly. "Yeah…"

Crono scoffed. "So why was it so easy?" he demanded of the Nu.

The Nu sighed at the spiky-haired boy, whose look was as fiery as the color of his locks. "It wasn't yet full-grown."

Confusion covered the punk-haired kid's face. He was unsure of how to act. "And it was in 2300 AD?"

"No," answered the Nu, shaking his head. "But it would have reached its maximum level of power by then. It was only a challenge because it worked up a stronger defense. Nothing more."

Crono's eyes narrowed at the Nu. "What…exactly…did you do in there, anyway?"

An eerie smile crossed the Nu's face before he answered. "All you need to know is that when the creature's defenses were destroyed, I merely took advantage of the moment."

Crono just stared back, a mixed expression on his face.

Lucca exhaled uncomfortably. "Um," she suddenly began, biting her lower lip. "Could you…kind of…clear up a couple of other things?"

The blue creature turned to face her. "Such as?"

"Well, first off, how and when did you even know about these creatures?"

The Nu smirked again. "I had been informed by my master. And I've known for quite a long time, or at least, it would seem in this age-"

"So you knew about this creature," Lucca started, her tone stern, "and you knew how to get rid of it, yet you couldn't come out and just say it to us when we saw you in the forest?"

Red circles became obvious under the dark blue skin of the Nu's cheeks. "I underestimated you," he confessed. "And for that, I apologize. I was certain I could take out the beast, but when you defeated me, it was then the world's fate would be out of my hands."

Lucca lowered her gaze to the ground. "I see." Another moment of silence passed, then she looked up at the Nu, with a new curiosity in her eyes. "Hey," she said. "Why did you do this anyway?"

The Nu stared back blankly. "Excuse me?"

"I mean, why did you even go through all this trouble to save the world? Was there a particular reason or did you have some vendetta against Lavos…?"

He spoke the words quickly, without any emotion at all. "It was Belthasar's wish."

Lucca raised an eyebrow, a strange look on her face. "Belthasar?" she questioned. "What's he got to do with this?"

"He wanted to make sure none of Lavos' children survived, and he asked me carry out his orders," he explained. "By the sound in his voice, I realized how important it was to not only him, but to the rest of the world as well."

"Voice?" repeated the young scientist. Then, her eyes widened in surprise. "Wait. You mean, he's alive?"

The Nu shook his head and shrugged. "I'm sorry, but that is something I do not know. This was something he wanted me to do long ago. 13,000 years to be precise."

"13,000 years?" Lucca repeated. "Heh…you wouldn't happen to be one of those Nus we saw in the Kingdom of Zeal, would you?"

"Well…actually, no. I have no recollection of ever seeing any of you in Zeal, save you two over there," said the Nu, turning to glance at Schala and Magus. "But I am one of the servants of Belthasar, and I was trying to carry out his wish. I was to destroy the remaining spawns at all costs. I only wanted to finish off the monster. But I couldn't do that when Dalton disturbed the creature, for that is when it created its barrier so it could survive long enough, if I may put it bluntly, to raise hell."

"So that's it," Lucca mumbled, her voice barely audible. "I don't…know what to say."

"You needn't say a thing to-"

"I mean, what to say about all of this," Lucca interrupted, her expression turning frustrated. "I mean, so much has happened in the past couple of weeks, and I don't know what to think anymore. First I get the news that another lavoid is taking over the world, then we spend the next few days worrying our heads off about Robo and the world's future. And when we finally get to see this monster, my parents and Robo end up dead."

"Yes, I am sorry about that."

Lucca moved her gaze upon the Nu. "Sorry?" she snorted, her voice rising, her stare turning menacing. "Sorry?! Sorry isn't going to bring my parents back!"

The Nu's expression softened. "But you did get Robo back."

"Yeah, so-" Lucca stopped to utter a groan of exasperation. "I mean," she continued, sighing. "Yes, I'm glad to have Robo back, but…"

"You want your parents back," the blue creature finished for her.

"Gee, how could you ever have read my mind?" she said sarcastically. "Sure, I was lucky to get Robo back, and for that I'm happy, but what about my parents? How am I going to get them back?"

"Why don't you wait until you can ask them yourself?"


A strange smile formed on the Nu's face, and it grew wider as Lucca's expression turned baffled. "Come now, Lucca." His voice then turned soothing. "When you face the day, go see them."

She frowned once more. "What the-"

"Do not worry; you will have what you want. It will all work out."


An eerie force surrounded her, immobilizing her. Lucca tried to move, but was unable to even lift a leg.

What was going on? She felt so drowsy…

The Nu's voice faded in and out. "…the only…thing you'll remember in the morning…"


Her eyelids felt heavy, and she found herself unable to keep them open any longer. Before she passed out, however, she took one final glance at the Nu. She couldn't hear his words, but somehow was able to read his lips.

And then all went black.


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