Amor Vincit Omnia Chapter 29

Ceased to Live

By Minmei


Lucca slowly opened her eyes, letting out a sigh. Unsure of where she was, she looked up, and the first thing she saw was…


He smiled warmly. "Thou art awake at last."

"Oh," she mumbled, feeling groggy. "Glenn, what's going on?"

"Thou hath no recollection of the events of yesternight?"

"Last night," Lucca started, trying her hardest to recall. "Oh. That. My dreams…"

"The nightmares hath been sent away," he finished for her. "'Twas apparent when I saw thee smile."


"'Tis also apparent that thou dost not remember," Glenn added, his tone sounding slightly disappointed.

"Um, I don't-" started Lucca. She stopped, then slowly tried to sit up, moving herself out of Glenn's hold. "Geez," she grumbled. "I don't know why…but it feels like…I've been sleeping forever…like I've been having a week-long dream…"

An uncomfortable look crossed Glenn's face as he stared off into the forest. "Strange, but I feel that too, Lucca."

They looked in each other's eyes for a moment, exchanging uneasy glances, then arose at the sound of their names.


"So, you and Glenn…" Crono started.

Lucca faced Crono and bit her lip nervously. "Um, last night," she began. "I was having some awful dreams, and I woke up screaming."

Crono turned to look at her as they exited the market, staring at her only in concern. "Oh," he said, sounding surprised. "Lucca, are you all right?"

She nodded. "Yeah. It was a bad dream, but I'm fine now."

An evil grin suddenly formed on Crono's face. "Hmm," he started. "Glenn wouldn't happen to be a part of that, would he?"

"Oh hush, Crono," she scolded lightly. "At my worst moment, yes, he was there. He comforted me when I was a total wreck. He sent my bad dreams away, and I am grateful for that."

"Okay," Crono said, the wicked smile refusing to leave his lips.

Lucca uttered an exasperated groan. "Crono, it wasn't like that!" she insisted.

"All right. Okay," he said again, his tone unchanging.

Lucca rolled her eyes. Crono acted like such a dork sometimes, she wondered how they managed to stay friends for so long.

They were about to leave the town of Truce when Lucca abruptly stopped Crono. "Wait," she suddenly said.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I don't know," Lucca responded. "I just have this weird feeling that I should…go see my mom and dad."

Crono stared back with an uneasy look. "You know what?" he said. "I think that might be a good idea."

They glanced at each other in an uncomfortable silence, then headed off to Lucca's house.


The day passed quickly, despite the undying anxiety all was feeling. The entire group was worried about Robo, though none of the members admitted it.

Lucca was probably the most apprehensive of all. Where is he? she wondered silently, nervously cracking her knuckles as she paced around in front of the woods.

Magus, who was giving her an agitated look, couldn't keep silent any longer. "Would you stop that?!" he snapped. "You're starting to irritate me!"

"S-sorry, geez," she mumbled in response, without turning toward him. Dropping her hands to her sides, she let out an uncomfortable sigh and started to walk towards the beach.

Schala put a hand on her brother's shoulder. "Leave her alone," she told him softly. "You know she's worried sick right now."

Magus turned to face her. "Yeah, but…"

"Janus," she interrupted softly, managing a smile. "Come on."

Magus realized she was right. "Well," he said reluctantly. "I suppose I should lay off a bit."

Schala's smile broadened. "There's the Janus I remember," she said, moving her arms around him.


Meanwhile, deep in the heart of Guardia Forest, a gate opened, with a gold metal creature stumbling out.

F-finally here, he thought silently. I should have realized what would be, otherwise I wouldn't have spent so long there…worrying everyone…especially Lucca…

The sky was showing evidence of the setting sun. He had to hurry and deliver the news. The robot arose to his feet and began to head out of the forest.


"Robo!" Lucca cried in shock…and much relief. She ran up to greet the tin creature as he approached the second set of woods.

"Hello, Lucca," Robo greeted her. He extended a metal arm and handed Lucca her gate key as she stepped up to him.

"Thanks," Lucca told him with a smile, retrieving the object. "Now come on! Fill us in!" Taking a hold of the robot's wrist, she turned and led him toward the beach.


"I'm glad you're all here," Robo said to the group as Lucca and Crono hurried out of the forest to join the party. "I have some wonderful news."

"'Wonderful'?" repeated Magus, scoffing. "What could be so wonderful about this?"

"Yeah," threw in Crono. "How could you possibly have any good news? The world is about to be obliterated again."

The words came out quickly, with a somewhat cheery sound. "But it won't."

The party leaned in to Robo as confusion covered their faces once again. "Huh?!"

"As Doan and I placed the third set of people into the shelterdome, a very strange thing happened," Robo began. "I am unsure myself of what went on, but as the monster began to arise, the most uncanny of events occurred. As some of you might remember the visual in Arris Dome, the incident did begin that way, yet the outcome was far from what the visual's turned out to be."

A moment of silence passed. "Wh-what do you mean, Robo?" Lucca asked.

"It rose as if to pelt us with flames, but then…"

"Then?" Lucca was anxious to know.

"It let out the most frightening of shrieks, as if it were in much agonizing pain, then…it died," Robo continued. "A flash of light filled the skies, and it dropped to from whence it came. When we finally traveled over to where it arose, which was Denadoro, the ground was sealed up, as if nothing had happened; a faint stench being the only evidence of the creature's existence."

Only silence answered him. That, and the shocked looks on each of the members' faces. After the long wait and worrying, this was a bit much to absorb.

The robot let out what sounded like a sigh. "So, in short, I suppose one might say it was a false alarm."

Lucca uttered a strange noise, being the first one to react to this news. The noise soon turned into a modest giggle, then became an uproarious laugh. She continued to chuckle, even after she found everyone giving her strange looks. "I'm sorry," she said, snickering. "This is just crazy, that's all. I don't know how else I should act. I-it's been a long week."

"Yeah," Crono agreed. "I have to agree with you on that one, Lucca. It's just been weird-"



"Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!" The voice shot out from one of the trees on the outside of the forest. Everyone whirled around to face the owner of the scream. How stunned they were to find a man in a melon-colored cloak running in their direction. Even more stunned they were to see a large blue creature chasing after him.

"ARGH! PSYCHO NU!" the man shrieked, the hood of his cloak flying back, revealing him to be none other than-

"Dalton?!" Schala and Magus cried out in unison.

"Heh, heh, no time to talk, Schala, Prophet," Dalton was squeaking as he rushed past them. "I'm outta here!" He went as quickly as he came, zipping down the beach.

A split second later, the Nu rushed by in a flash of blue. "Nu…"

"What was…that?" Schala spoke the words slowly.

"I have no idea," Magus answered her, still looking in the direction in which Dalton and the Nu headed.

Lucca bit her lip as she also watched the Nu run off into the distance, an interesting look on her face.


"So I guess you guys are next," Lucca was saying to Schala and Magus as Crono landed the Epoch. He had just returned from dropping off Ayla and Kino to their time.

Schala and Magus exchanged glances, then looked back at Lucca.

"What is it?" Lucca asked.

"Um, actually…" Schala started.


"We want to leave in the morning," Schala explained. "There's someone we want to see before we go."


A smile spread across the sorceress' lips. "I think you might have a pretty good idea of who."

"Oh," Lucca said, understanding. "Okay. I see. Well, I think Melchior will be especially surprised to see you, Schala."

"Well, I certainly hope so," chuckled the princess, turning to beam at Magus.

Lucca turned to face Glenn, a blank expression on her face. "Then I guess it's, um, your turn to go then," she said softly.

Glenn nodded. "'Tis time," he told her. "I shall be seeing thee, Lucca." They gazed longingly at each other for a moment, as if waiting for the other to make some sort of move, then he uttered a sigh as he turned to walk over to the Epoch.

Lucca's expression turned somber as she watched them take off, the Epoch disappearing into thin air.


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