Life, Time, and Reason Divided Section 1, Part 1

The Advent of Melchior

By Minmei

In the year nine hundred and ninety-five anno Domini...

Inside a small residence of Medina Village...

The green imp and the blue imp continued their lunch. "So...have you heard the latest from Heckran today?" the green asked the blue. "Naw," the blue one answered, shaking his head. "He just sits in that cave all day, like he owns it or something. They might as well call it 'Heckran Cave.'" "Heckran already does!" sighed the green imp. "All the mystics here want to make it official and--did you hear that?"

The two creatures eyed each other, wondering about the sudden noise.

There it went again. That mysterious...zapping sound. They turned in surprise when they realized it was coming from their own closet. They looked in time to see the closet doors fly open, an old human male almost staggering out. They left their chairs and approached him. The old man was shaking. "A timegate," he whispered over and over again, his voice barely audible. He dropped his staff.

Looks of confusion covered the imps' faces. "What are you talking about?" the green one asked. "It was a timegate," the man mumbled, not knowing he was replying to them. "Hey old man," the blue imp addressed him, "snap out of it, will ya?! Tell us what you're doing in our closet!"

The human finally came to his senses. He looked down at the two mystics to see them giving him funny looks. "I-I-I, th-the gate, uh, I-I," he stammered. He took a deep breath, then started over. "F-forgive me," he finally said. "I am Melchior. I came here through a, um, I mean--" He stopped, realizing he would be making no sense if he explained about the gate in a world that knew nothing of them. Besides, there was something else he needed to know.

"Where am I?"

The two imps exchanged glances.


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