Life, Time, and Reason Divided Section 1, Part 2

The Advent of Belthasar

By Minmei

In the year two thousand two hundred and ninety-five anno Domini...


Blue atmosphere with nauseating wavy pink lines lead the way.

The dizzying path came to an abrupt halt, and then all was silent.....

Belthasar found himself in strange new surroundings. He stood there for a moment, wide-eyed, too much in shock to observe the worn metal walls of the room. He trembled uncontrollably, uttering frightened whimpers through short, panicky breaths. The fury of Lavos was too much for his weary, seventy-five-year-old palpitating heart to take.

The effect of Lavos finally began to wear off. Belthasar started to take in slower, longer breaths. He blinked, then slowly looked around the room. "Wh-where--" He focused on the doorway straight ahead. "Where am I?"

He studied the futuristic surroundings again.

"This place.....the culture...seems to be nearly as advanced as...Zeal's," he commented.

He stared at the open doorway a second time. "I-I-I s-suppose I should.....explore. Venture out into the era in which Lavos cast me." He tried to move, but his legs felt heavy, almost like cement. He cursed. He finally lifted a leg, and then the other, and was soon on his way to exiting the room.


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