Life, Time, and Reason Divided Prologue

By Minmei

Note: This section is based on Magus' flashback of the Ocean Palace disaster. Notice, I said BASED ON.


12,000 BC

At the bottom of the Ocean Palace...

The Mammoth Machine gave off an ear-shattering noise, an alarm of some sort that was warning the world of Lavos' arrival. But the sound was the last thing on the minds of the queen, the princess, and the Gurus. Four of the five people were more concerned with the power of Lavos. They began to feel a strange, powerful force emanating from the machine.

"Hmm...!" Gaspar, the Guru of Time, finally spat out. "A dimensional warp!" "This power is beyond human control!" Belthasar, the Guru of Reason, threw in.

The energy grew frighteningly stronger. "No...!" Melchoir, the Guru of Life, cried. "We'll be dragged into the warp!"

"SCHALA!!" The child's voice shot out from behind them. The group turned around to face the blue-haired little boy and his cat. Schala's jaw dropped, realizing the boy was in danger. "No Janus!!" she cried. "Stay away!"

"B, but?!" All Janus wanted to do was rescue his sister. He didn't understand what was about to occur. He took a few steps forward, his cat, Alfador, following behind him.

Suddenly, a blinding flash of light filled the room. The blue background replaced the surroundings. The massive, spiky-shelled monster, Lavos, appeared where the Mammoth Machine had stood. The warp seemed to grow even stronger.

An opening of some sort appeared under Melchior's feet. He cried out, but was drawn in before he could finish his sentence. "It, it's a...!"

A second warp formed beneath Gaspar. "A Timegate?!" he yelled, completing Melchior's thought, the warp pulling him in. The third gate appeared under Belthasar. "No!!" he shouted in horror. But he was sucked in as well.

This is horrible! Schala thought in alarm. How much worse can this possibly get?!

To answer her question, the final warp opened where Janus stood.

"S, Schalaaa!!" His cries seemed to echo inside the gate as he was drawn in, little feet kicking and all. "Janus!!!" his sister shrieked, wide-eyed and utterly terrified. She fell to her knees as Lavos let out a long, obstreperous roar.

Moments later, the violet colored cat walked over to Schala and mewed softly, affectionately rubbing tis face against her arm. She picked up Alfador and stroked his fur. "Janus..." Janus was gone, along with the three Gurus, who had been forced apart: Life, Time, and Reason divided.


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