The Soul of Zeal Chapter 1

The Great Summoning

By MistressOtaku

1325AD, Medina Isle (5 miles off the coast of Marbule)

The time had come. Once, three centuries ago, humans and demihumans lived in peace on the island. But now the two races fought bitterly against each other over a long forgotten quarrel. Even with their strong magic, the demihumans were fighting a losing battle and they knew it.

Gathered around a spacious alter, designed to look like the Great Magus’ laboratory, were two demihumans. The first, a descendent of Slash, was tall and muscular with green skin. The second, a descendent of Ozzie, named Ozzie XIII (every generation named their first born son after the orginal Ozzie), was stout and purple.

"You done lightin’ the flames, Falken?" asked the green demihuman. Nearby, lighting blue flamed torches, was the descendent of Flea. His blue hair was cut in a style that make it near impossible to guess his gender correctly. He turned to his allies, a single silver looped earring on one of his pointed ears, and replied in a tone that made him sound like either a tough woman or a pretty boy, "Sure, Surk’l. Just finishing the last two."

Falken finished lighting the last two torches and levitated over to his friends. He smiled. Now his family would be avenged. The humans would pay for killing his people and humiliating his ancestors. They would all pay.

Ozzie XIII chuckled to himself. This would be his finest hour. Soon the humans would be begging for mercy as they should do before him and the Great Magus.

"Oz. Ya ready?" asked Surk’l. The demihuman lord grinned and said, "Yes. Now Let’s hurry for tonight, the humans shall fall before the Mystic Knights and Magus once again!"

It is said among the descendants of the Mystic Knights that Magus had not betrayed the demihumans and that he had been tricked by the sorcery of a young boy and Frog, the sworn enemy of all demihumans, and Slayer of the Great Magus.


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