The Soul of Zeal Chapter 2

Chance Encounters in Termina

By MistressOtaku

1025AD, Arni Village, El Nido Archipelago


Leena’s shrill and bossy voice awoke Serge from a dream where he was fighting along side Kid and Glenn against the Time Devourer. Unfortunately, it was just a dream. No one in his village, not his mother, not Leena, not Radius and not Poshul seemed to recall their adventure.

Serge yawned and fell out of his hammock. Leena frowned and said, "You promised last week that you’d come with me to Termina!"

Serge, still laying half-way out of his hammock, stared at Leena with a puzzled look. Why did she insist on continuing this charade? Their relationship had fallen apart ever since he "passed out" on Oppassa Beach. Leena placed her hands on her hips and declared, "You’re gonna take me whether you like it or not!"

"Why can’t she find someone else to like?" Serge thought, getting to his feet. "There are plenty of guys in Arni, Guldove and Termina that would kill for her."

Leena smiled when she saw Serge getting up. "That’s better!" she said, heading downstairs. Serge decided to stall as long as he could. He slowly searched for his bandanna (which he was wearing, but said he lost it anyway to stall), slowly combing his hair and slowly putting on his boots. By the time he got down, Leena was armed with a spatula and ready to charge upstairs after him.

"What took you so long?!"

Serge looked to his mother for help. Marge sighed and said, "You did just wake him up, Leena."

Leena sighed angrily and slammed the spatula on the table and said, "Come on. Let’s go before the crowds come."


Termina looked just like it did those five years ago. The Viper Festival had returned and everywhere Serge looked, he saw banners advertising Nikki’s band, flags and vendors. He wanted to explore the festival, but Leena dragged him to the market, keeping a firm grip on his wrist.

A chance for escape came when Leena was trying on dresses. Serge ducked behind a cart and took off in the direction of Nikki’s concert.

The streets were crowded and Serge had to push and shove his way through the crowds. Suddenly, he felt someone brush past him and reach for his money pouch. Quickly, Serge grabbed the would-be thief by the arm.

"Hey, whaddya think yer doing? Let go of me or I'll kick yer arse!"

Only one person in Serge’s entire life had an Australian accent. The one girl he had longed to see for five years, Kid. He turned to see that Kid had grown into a beautiful woman, just as Lucca had said, even though she still wore that same outfit and still had her blond hair in a braid. Her blue eyes brightened at the sight of her old friend.


Serge nodded. Kid smiled and gave Serge a big hug. Tears almost came to her eyes as she whispered, "I knew I’d find ya. I knew we’d meet again."

Serge smiled and followed Kid through the festival. They did everything that a couple could possibly do (without being spotted by Leena). They had a painting done by Van, watched Nikki’s concert and ate some viper churros.

Later, along the bridge leading to the shrine, Kid absent-mindedly toyed with her amulet and said, "A lot has happened since we freed Schala...."

Serge said nothing. He loved to hear Kid’s voice as she talked about her adventures. Her voice, though tough and somewhat bossy, had a beauty and sweetness to it. Nothing in the world could ruin this moment with Kid....


Except Leena. Serge sighed and turned around. He was met with a barrage of accusations and guilt-trips. After Kid started shouting back, Serge suddenly felt a headache. It wasn’t because he was in the middle of a cat-fight. It was the same headache he had experienced when he first gazed into the Dragon’s Tear.

Suddenly, he pictured a little boy running towards a blue-haired Schala; then the boy was his age, staring at his blood covered hands after he had killed for the first time; and finally, the boy was a middle-aged man with long flowing hair, demanding that a frog-like humanoid to kill him.....

"ANSWER ME, SERGE!" Leena shouted. "Do you like this girl?!"

Serge sighed and closed his eyes. The vision replayed over and over in his mind, faster and faster each time. He became physically and mentally exhausted and passed out.

Kid reached out to catch Serge. Her amulet swayed and glowed, surrounding her and Serge in a brilliant light. The light shone brighter than the sun on the river and when it faded, Kid and Serge were gone.

Kid’s amulet, made of the magical dreamstone, is the same as both Schala’s and Marle’s. Only those of Zealian descent can unlock its true potential. Serge, though not related to the Zeal dynasty, somehow activated its power during his journey across the dimensions to free Schala and save his two worlds....


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