The Soul of Zeal Chapter 3

Magus' Thoughts

By MistressOtaku

1000AD, Guardian Continent (somewhere in the Fionan Forest)

Magus leaned against a tree at the edge of the clearing and watched everyone repair Robo. He often wondered why he didn’t kill them at North Cape in 12,000BC or why they didn’t kill him. He also wondered if traveling with this group could bring back Schala.

Watching Marle, the wizard smiled inwardly. There was so much of his lost sister in that girl.... that princess-turned-fighter. She possessed the same loving, trusting nature as Schala. A nature that had caused Magus to join this band of time-traveling heroes and his nemesis, Frog. A nature that gave him hope that his sister was still alive somewhere, or rather, some-when.

"There." Lucca said, wiping the grease from her hands. "Unless we leave you to rust for another four hundred years, you’ll be fine."

Robo beeped and said, "Thank you, Lucca."

Lucca smiled and said, "You’re welcome. Of course, you are looking at ‘Lucca the Great’!"


Ayla looked around the clearing and said, "Ayla like. We rest here for night."

"Indeed. A rest doth sound good," said Frog. Magus didn’t say a word. It didn’t matter if they stayed in this clearing or if they hung around the End of Time.

No one bothered Magus as he continued to "meditate" against the tree and that suited him just fine. Later, as everyone sat around the clearing and planned on how they would face Lavos, Magus thought, "Idiots. They weren’t strong enough in 12,000BC and they aren’t strong enough now...."

At one point in the night, Magus saw Lucca get up and walk out of the clearing. He was tempted to follow, but shrugged it off and drifted off to sleep, dreaming of the days when he just still Janus and Schala was with him. He woke up the next morning to Marle gently tapping him on the shoulder. He glared at her, but she didn’t run over to Crono until he reached for his scythe.

"Stupid girl..." he thought as he started walking towards the group. Suddenly, a sharp headache came over the wizard. He envisioned a small boy dying of a poison-induced fever; then the boy was a teenager and he was standing in front of a young woman with blond hair. Her name is Schala.

"Schala...." Magus whispered the name weakly before passing. Marle turned and ran towards Magus in an attempt to catch him. Her pendent swayed and glowed. A brilliant light filled the clearing and enveloped the heroes.

Only recently had Marle learned that her pendent was the same as Schala’s. She still learning the extent of its power. Magus, who is truly Janus of Zeal, can also use the dreamstone pendant’s powers, but neither he nor Marle will ever learn its true capabilities....


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