The Soul of Zeal Chapter 4

On the Island of the Mystics...

By MistressOtaku

??? (1325, Medina Isle)

Kid woke up, laying on a cold, stone floor. Sitting beside her was Glenn of the Four Devas (Marcy had resigned due to personal issues). The knight heard Kid stir and looked over to her. He smiled and said, "Are you all right, Kid?"

Kid sat up and looked at her surroundings. She nodded and replied, "Yeah, I’m okay..."

She paused and continued, "You remember me?"

Glenn sighed. "I don’t remember how we met or what happened... but I know your name and who you are."

Kid sighed also. Figures that Schala’d wipe everyone’s memories... but why did Glenn remember her? If anything, he shouldn’t have even remembered her name and yet...

"Let’s see if we can find out where we are," Kid said, getting to her feet. "Maybe we can find a way out of this place.... wherever it may be..."

Glenn nodded and got up.. As the two of them walked down the dimly lit corridors, Kid’s pendent glowed slightly. Kid wondered why it kept glowing..... maybe a dimensional rift or gate was nearby...Then Kid heard voices.

"This place resembles Magus’ fortress," croaked noble, yet frog-like voice. A second voice said, "I wish I knew where my pendent sent us and why it’s glowing...."

"Speaking of Magus, where did he go?" commented a third voice. Kid’s heart stopped when she heard this voice. It couldn’t be... she was alive?

Just then, Marle, Frog, Lucca and Crono came around the corner. Kid, without thinking, said, "Marle? Crono? Lucca? Is that you?"

Even though they were obviously ten years younger, Kid recognized her "big sister" and her friends. Lucca looked up and asked, "Do we know you?"

Kid smiled weakly, realizing that Lucca was too young to have found her yet. She replied, "You will.... we meet in the future...."

"Dost thou knowest where we are?" inquired Frog. Kid shook her head and Glenn replied, "We’re as lost as you."

"I know where we are."

Everyone looked around for the origin of the French-accented voice. Kid recognized the haunting, seducing voice and shouted, "Damnit, Harle! Didn’t you die when Serge killed the Time Devourer?!"

A young woman, about two years older than Kid appeared levitating above the group. Her blond hair was pulled back into two ponytails, revealing bell earrings. Her seducing smile complimented her ruby-red eyes and pale skin.. She wore not a jester’s costume, but a red T-shirt and blue jeans. Around her neck, finishing off her look, was a ruby, crescent moon pendent.

Harle frowned and said, "I am hurt zat you t’ink I am a t’reat. I am on your zide."

Glenn stepped forward and said, "You mention that you know where we are...."

"Ah, oui... We are on ze Isle of Medina and it iz 1325AD."

"How did we get here?" exclaimed Marle. Harle shrugged, "I do not know... All I know iz zat I waz minding my own bizness and ‘poof’ I waz here."

Before anyone could ask any more questions, inhuman chanting came from down the hall. Lucca, Crono and Frog recognized it from when they had first encountered Magus, but instead of one voice, there were three.

Lucca, Marle, Crono and Frog immediately ran past Harle in the direction of the chanting. Kid and Glenn paused, but followed. The jesteress frowned, thinking about how rude they were to leave her behind. She sighed and thought, "Cest la vie. I doubt zey will ever trust me...."

When everyone got to the end of the hall, it opened out into a massive room filled with blue-flamed torches and arcane figurines. Lucca, Frog, Marle and Crono stared in disbelief at what they saw.

Ozzie XIII, Surk’l, and Falken stood in a triangular position, chanting. For a brief instant for the heroes, they thought they saw the Mystic Knights from 600AD. Falken opened his eyes and saw the group. He frowned and said, "We’ve got company, guys."

Ozzie XIII didn’t open his eyes, but replied, "You and Surk’l handle them. I can finish the summoning."

Surk’l chuckled and pulled out a sword, "Let’s get’em Falken!"

"Yeah! Nobody messes with the Mystic Knights and lives!"

"Mystic Knights?!" Frog withdrew the Masamune. "How can that be?"

Falken formed a orb of water in his palm. "You must be Frog! You’ll pay for humiliating my ancestor!"

The water orb flew from Falken’s hand and became several sharp blades of ice. Harle jumped in front of the group and shouted, "Moonshine!"

A soft red aura surrounded the group and blocked the ice blades. Harle grinned wickedly and said, "Don’t miss wit ze Dragon Goddess!"

Suddenly, Marle shouted, ":Look! It’s Magus!"

"Who’s that other guy?" asked Lucca. Kid dropped to her knees and said, "I-It’s Serge....."

It all comes together. Serge and Magus, both connected to Schala by fate or blood. Kid, the ‘clone daughter’ of Schala is also a key to this strange circumstance. How is it that a child, not of Zealian descent, could be summoned along with Magus to a time and dimension where both are long since dead....


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