The Soul of Zeal Prologue

The Death of Janus

By MistressOtaku

615AD, Denadoro Mountains

Frog walked up to the long, winding dirt paths of the Denadoro Mountains. He had not visited these mountains since his adventure with Crono and his friends. All he carried with him was the Masamune and a crumpled note. The note was handed to him under mysterious circumstances. A Hench had calmly waltzed into the Truce Tavern and handed the bartender a small piece of paper, saying, "Give this to the one wielding the Masamune and the Hero’s Medal."

Frog only had to glance at the note for one second to know who had written it. Now at the top of the mountain where the Masamune Caverns lay, Frog waited for the one that had summoned him.

"I am glad that you made it, old friend."

The sarcasm and irony hung in the air as Magus stepped out of the shadows. "Old friend" was a term of mockery to the two men. Frog and Magus were hardly even allies, only brought together in the quest to destroy Lavos.

Frog nodded and said, "I have not seen thee in ages. Thou hast something to discuss?"

The wizard nodded and approached Frog. "As you know, after Lavos’ defeat I have been searching for Schala."

"No sign of her?"

Magus sighed. "My sister was my life... and now, she is gone forever."

There was a long, tense pause. Both the wind of the mountains and the Black Wind blew around the two adversaries. Of course, only Magus could feel the latter wind. After what seemed to be hours of silence, Magus broke it with a startling request.

"I want you to kill me."

"Excuseth me? Kill thee? I couldn’t."

"Look, I nothing to live for. My sister and people are long since dead and the mystics? Ha! I’d sooner die than lead such a sad bunch of demihumans."

Frog shook his head. "Think about it, would Schala want thee dead?"

"I don’t care! I want to be with her now! Now shut the hell up and kill me!"

"I refuse to kill thee, it would achieve nothing."

"Goddamnit! Kill me now Glenn! Avenge Cyrus and every soldier that fell at my hands! I will release the spell I cast on you! Come on, how often have you longed to be human again?"

Frog looked to the ground. It was true, even though his current form had many advantages and he was now used to it... he did long to be human deep down in his heart. Magus saw this and pursued in his suicidal demand.

"See? I knew it... Now send the Masamune through my heart... Please, I want to be with Schala."

Frog lifted the Masamune, but hesitated. Magus clenched his fists, insanely determined to end his life by Frog’s hands, and screamed, "KILL ME NOW, GLENN!!!"

Frog let out a battle-shout and drove the sharp, red blade of the Masamune through Magus’ heart. The wizard gasped and let out a strangled gag. Realizing what he had done, Frog quickly pulled out the sword and dropped it. A river of blood followed the blade’s exit from Magus’ body.

Magus fell to his knees, pain and happiness intermixing on his face. He smiled, perhaps for the first time since his childhood, and said, "Thank you, Glenn. I shall remove the curse I cast upon you all those years ago...."

Falling to the ground, Magus used the last of his strength to cast the counter-spell and whisper, "Schala.... I’m coming...."

Glenn, free from Magus’ curse, placed his ally’s body upon a make-shift funeral alter within the Masamune Cavern. He also placed the cursed blade in the cave, praying to every god in the universe that none would ever use the Masamune to harm another being again and that Magus’ soul was now at rest with his sister.


Chapter 1

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