The Witches Return Chapter 1

Dragon's Capture

By MoonAngel

“Alex!” Luna yelled. “Please tell Nall to slow down a little bit!”

“Come on Luna, have a little fun for once!” Alex yelled back to her.

Alex and Luna were on the back of the now full-grown Nall. Alex had somehow convinced Luna to go. She had her arms wrapped tightly around Alex’s waist, her head was rested on his back.

“Alex... please!” She whined.

“Come on Luna.” Nall big voice boomed. He laughed at her, then continued. “You need to lighten up, and like Alex said; have a little fun for once in your life.”

Luna brushed a strand of her blue hair from her face. “Nall! I demand that you land and let me off! You can kill the dare-devil Alex! But not me!”

“Alright Luna, if that’s really what you want.” Nall said, and Alex laughed. Nall dove straight towards the ground. Luna screamed a loud ear-piercing scream, that made Alex wince.

“That isn’t what I meant Nall! And you know it!” Luna yelled.

Nall shifted direction, and was now flying level with the ground.

“Land Nall!” Luna demanded. “Alex! I want off your stupid, big-mouthed dragon! Tell him to stop!”

“Your welcome to jump off if you want, Luna!” Alex said.

“Absolutely not! We must be at least one hundred feet in the air!” Luna screamed again as Nall shot upward into the air.

“Come on Luna. You know that Nall wouldn’t hurt you or let anything happen to you. So trust him for once. Calm down and have fun.” Alex said.

Luna sighed, decideding to give up on getting off of Nall. She held tighter onto Alex and buried her face into his back. She was still very scared; she never liked flying on Nall. Especially when he went fast and flew high as he was now.

Suddenly, a beam of light shot at them. It knocked, both Luna and Alex off of Nall. Luna screamed, still holding onto Alex tightly. Alex didn’t scream, but he was still scared.

They stopped falling. They were suspended in midair, hundreds of feet above the earth.

“Alex...” Luna said, her voice was soft and scared. “What’s going on... I’m scared.”

“I don’t know.” Alex answered, gazing up at Nall. Nall started to fly down to them.

Another beam of light came. It hit Nall, and formed a crimson-colored ball around him. Electric bolts shot out from the sides of the ball, striking Nall, and making him roar in pain. The crimson ball began to decrease in size, Nall decreased with the ball. It decreased until it could barely be seen in the sky. Then it disappeared.

“Nall!!” Alex yelled. Luna just stared up, into the sky where the crimson ball had been. She said nothing.

They both slowly began to descend to the earth. They both landed on the cliff near Dyne’s monument.

“Luna... are you alright?” Alex asked. But Luna didn’t answer. “Luna?” He looked around for her, but she was gone.


Luna sat, in darkness. She had no idea where she was, or how she had gotten there.

“Well, well, daughter of Dyne.” A deep womanly voice said. Luna couldn’t detect where it the voice was coming from. It sounded as if it was coming from everywhere.

She stood. Her legs and arms shook in fear. “Who are you?” She called. Her own voice sounded scared.

“It doesn’t matter who we are.” Another womanly voice said. This voice sounded more mysterious and deadly. “You’ll find out sooner then you want too...”

“For now, we’ll just let you here, and let you watch.” There was a third voice; a sweeter, more gentler voice.

A screen opened in front of her. on the screen was Alex. He looked confused and worried. He was calling for her, and Nall.

“Where’s Nall!” Luna demanded.

As she asked, the screen changed. Nall was there, leying inside the crimson-colored ball. Yellow glowing ropes were wrapped around him, holding him to the floor. His bright red eyes were closed; he looked lifeless.

“What did you do to him!?” Luna yelled.

“He’s fine.” The woman with the sweet voice told her.

“For now anyway!” The first woman said, harshly. “He will be, and so will you, that is until we complete our plan. Then that will change, very quickly.”

“Yes... He and you will be fine... for a short amount of time.” The mysterious woman laughed as she finished what she was saying. “For now, you can watch your friends, your family and your world crumble beneathe our fingertips.”

The screen flickered back to Alex, who was still looking around for her. He looked even more worried then he had been.

“What do you mean!? Who are you people!? She asked, but she received no answer. “Please answer me!” But her voice only echoed. And she still received no answer.


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