The Witches Return Chapter 2

Leftover Dreams of the Strong

By MoonAngel

Jessica yawned, tiredly. She had just completed a ceremony to honor the goddess Althena. She gestured for the other priestesses, priests and students to leave the room.

Jessica was now the high priestess of the church that honored Althena. Since Phacia, the older priestess, was killed, the followers of Althena choose her as the head priestess. Some of the older priests and priestess had said that Althena, herself, had chosen Jessica. Sometimes Jessica thought the same thing, but other times she wasn’t so sure.

She left the “Room of Worship” and walked up a staircase. She was really tired. The ceremony she was conducting, had taken longer then she thought it would. It was past midnight now, that she was sure of.

“Hey! Jessica!” She turned to see Kyle running up the stairs to her.

“What are you doing here?” Jessica asked. “At all hours!”

“I was on my way to Meribia but I got dark faster then I thought it would.” He explained to her. “I need a place to stay for just tonight. Can I stay here?”

“Sure you can. There are rooms through that door.” She gestured to the door that was at the top of the stairwell. “Find an empty room and sleep there.”

A look of disappointment fell onto his face. “But, can’t I sleep with you?” He asked, hopingly.

“Are you crazy!?” She nearly yelled.

“Come on, please.”Kyle begged.

“Absolutely not!” She walked into her bedroom. After she made sure Kyle didn’t follow her, she shut the door. She stripped off her robes. Folding them neatly, she laid them on her dresser. She laid the blue scarf, that she always wrapped loosely around her waist, on top of the neatly folded robes. Jessica slipped on her white night gown, and laid down on her bed. She soon drifted to sleep.


In her dreams, she and other priestesses, and priests were gathered in the “Room of Worship.” Luna appeared in the middle of the aisle. She looked scared, her face full of fear. Jessica caught Luna’s gaze and slowly walked to her.

She was only a step away from Luna, when she was engulfed in a blood-color. Phacia disappeared where Luna stood. Jessica gasped and slowly backed away. Phacia stared at her; her red eyes caught her where she stood. She couldn’t move. They both disappeared, and left the others sitting in wonder and fear.


Jessica awoke to a scream of a small child. She jumped out of her bed and ran down the stairs to where the scream had come from.

“Jessica!” Kyle ran down the stairs, after her. “I heard a scream. What’s going on?”

“I’m going to find out. Follow me Kyle.” Jessica ran into the “Room of Worship” with Kyle running behind her. She saw a little boy cowered against the alter. They both ran to him. Jessica knelt down beside, trying to calm the frantic boy down. “What happen?” She asked him gently.

“I saw her...” He started.

“Saw who?” Kyle asked the boy.


Jessica looked at Kyle, not believing what the boy said. But Kyle never took his eyes off the boy. “Are you sure?” He asked.

“I swear! Once she knew that I had seen her, she came to me and said, “Tell no one that I was here.”” The little boy started to cry again, in fear.

Jessica bowed her head down, looking at the ruby red carpet that made the center aisle of the “Room of Worship.” She created god’s circle on her chest and she could hear the little boy, now becoming calm, pray to Althena. She followed him in his prays.

Meanwhile, Kyle just watched Jessica and the boy pray. He thought to himself. “Phacia is back... It can’t be possible though. I really hope it isn’t.”


Mia walked down a hall of her house in Vane. She was extremely bored. All of her friends were at magic school, for their daily teachings in magic. Most of her friends didn’t even treat her like a friend anymore; they treated her more the like a queen. Ever since her mother, Lemia was killed, she became the governess of Vane and the magic guild.

She walked into a room and pulled the curtain back, the covered the window. Sunlight poured onto the room. She curled up onto an over-stuffed chair, and picked up the book that had been laying on the small table next to the chair.

After a while, she became bored with the book and without knowing it, she fell asleep. And she dreamt....


Mia was lying down on her bed. Gazing at the ceiling lost in deep thought. A cry knocked her out of her thought. She ran down that hall, and to her surprise, she saw Luna, fighting Xenobia. She was struggling against Xenobia, trying to get away.

Luna saw Mia and cried. “Mia! Help me!” Xenobia knocked her head and she fell unconscious onto the ground.

Xenobia began to walk slowly to her. Mia kept one eye on the enclosing Xenobia and the other surprised eye on Luna. Luna’s unconscious body began to dissolve. And soon she was gone.

“Come, my child.” Xenobia said wickedly, holding out a long, slender hand. Mia stared into her evil red eyes. She became lost in a trance and took Xenobia’s hand.


Mia awoke, scared. She asked herself, “Why am I having dreams like about Xenobia now? The others and myself killed her and her other witches a long time ago.”

“Mia... help... me...” She looked up and around. A small, scared voice called. It sounded like Luna. “Get Alex.... warn him...” Her voice was gone.

Mia got off her chair and walked out of the room. She was going to prepare herself, to go to Burg.


Nash walked down the Blackrose Street. He grinned, quite pleased with himself, for Mia had made him the Head Mage of the magic guild. He was now looking for a place to celebrate.

Nash stopped, as he past Royce’s old shop. The people of Meribia had burned the inside of the shop. He decided to have a look around the old shop, since he once considered Royce a friend. But she was dead now.

Nash wondered into the forgotten shop. He looked around: it all looked so odd compared to the last time he had last seen it. His foot brushed against something; it was one of the candles that Royce had used to light the shop. He was surprised that it hadn’t melted when the people of Meribia burnt the inside of the shop. Rags of the colored clothes that Royce had draped over the walls. And the reminds of the crimson clothe that used to lay on the table was in still laying there, in shreads. Royce would set her crystal ball onto the crimson clothe.

Nash took another step, the floor and ceiling began to creek. A loose board fell from the ceiling and hit his head. The impact of the board knocked him to his knees and he fell unconscious.


He saw Luna, she turned to face his view. She looked very scared.

“Alex! Alex!” She cried. “Some one help me!” Her pleads and cries for help continued. Blood poured over her image.

He then saw Royce. An evil grin was formed on her lips. The image of Luna had been an image in Royce’s crystal ball. Royce’s hands hung over the ball, as blood covered the whole crystal ball, blocking all the images from Nash’s view.

He awoke then. He was dizzy and he couldn’t see very well. His vision was blurry. But he could see the outline of a woman looking down upon him.

“Are you alright, my boy?” Her voice was soft and mysterious.

“I suppose, I am.” He answered.

“Please tell no one that I have been here.” She said. “Promise me this.”

“I promise. I won’t tell a living soul.” He promised, weakly.

“Thank you.” The woman disappeared.

Nash tried to sit up, but he couldn’t. His head was still throbbing from the board. He, suddenly, fell back unconscious again.


Luna had watched everything that happened. Her friends dreams and what had happen to them. She was glad Mia had gotten to message, her call for help. She had seen Mia prepare to leave for Meribia. Jessica had gone with Kyle to Meribia as well. Hopefully they would meet each other and find the unconscious Nash. They would also meet up with Ramus and take him to Burg with them. Ramus still owned his store in Meribia. They will hopefully understand the problem; fit the pieces together and stop whatever those people’s plans were. She hadn’t figured out anything about those women. She hoped that her friends would, before the women would kill her, or Nall, or worst of all, destroy the whole world.


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