Children of the War Prologue

By Nanaki

Hades, shortly after Velius' defeat during the Wolf Disturbance

Hyquanas marched toward Lucavi's throne, minor demons scurrying from his path at the sound of his footsteps. Lucavi was taking a break from his world domination agenda to repeatedly rip the intestines out of some pathetic thing. "Lord Lucavi." Hyquanas addressed him, snapping him out of his sadistic delight.

"Yes Hyquanas, what is it?" The demon king looked unhappy, but then, he always did.

"Velius has failed us, again. Furthermore, he let Wiegraf get away from us as well."

"I am aware of these facts, Hyquanas." Lucavi abesentmindedly impaled another small demon as it tried to scamper past his throne.

"Then these facts should indicate to you that we are badly in need of a new strategy."

"Velius' second attack was a last ditch attempt anyway. The time simply wasn't right. The descendents of the Zodiac Braves still reside in Ivalice."

"The time was fine. It's the plan that needs changing!" Hyquanas began to shout.

"Are you questioning MY judgement?" Lucavi shifted his imposing bulk on the throne, squishing a few of the parasites crawling over his body.

Hyquanas clenched his fists. "You better believe I am! Taking possession of a human host and supressing its thoughts, rather than augmenting them, is what makes us fail. I plan to change that strategy."

"If you value your existence, you will not defy me." Lucavi hissed.

"Try to stop me!" Hyquanas shouted. "Your fat ass hasn't seen any action in so long, you couldn't harm me if you tried!" Hyquanas turned away from the throne, and began to march away. "I'm taking direct control of my Aquarius stone. We'll see who gains more power in the human world!"

"You're going to regret crossing me!!" Lucavi ranted. "You'll pay for this, Hyquanas!! You are no longer a devil!!!"


Igros Castle, upon Cyran's return from the Wolf Disturbance

Cyran leaned over Tara's crib, as Clara politely left the room. "So you're my daughter huh?" He held out his thumb, and Tara stood up, then grabbed onto it with a little squeal. "Well, daughter of mine, I need you to do me a big favor." Tara stopped squirming around and looked him in the eye. "Heh, when you do that, I can almost think you understand what I'm saying. All right then. I've got a curse on me. If I don't give you a whole lot of fire energy within three years, I'm going to die." She plopped down on her rear end, but continued to look at him with a pouty expression. Cyran sighed. "I haven't told your mother about the potential risk here. I hate to say this with you looking so cute right there and everything, but I feel that the sooner we try this the better. The younger you are, the less attached everyone is to you. And theoretically, they won't be quite as upset if you die." Cyran looked at the floor for a minute, then back at her. "So, do you think we should try it right now?"

Tara stood up and grabbed onto his arm with both hands. Cyran smiled a little. "I'll take that as a yes. I think I know enough about magic to give this a shot. Are you ready?" She looked up at him with a curious expression. "All right then..." An orange glow began to build up in Cyran's arm, flowing into Tara's little hands. The glow turned to bright yellow, and then to white. Despite this, Tara made no sound to indicate that she was in distress. As the glow became too bright to see clearly, Cyran smiled again. Alicia probably hadn't thought that removing her curse would be this easy for him...


Lesalia Castle, nine years after the Lion War

"Kneel, Orinas Atkascha." Orinas complied, and Delita tapped him on the shoulder with his royal sword. "And rise, SIR Orinas Atkascha!" The crowd erupted into cheers, and Ovelia applauded as well, although Delita's son Clemence looked slightly less enthused. When the accolades died down, Orinas bowed again. "Sire, allow me to thank you for all the kindness you have bestowed upon me."

"You have more than earned your title, Sir Orinas." Delita said forcefully.

"I hope that's true sir. But I am not ignorant about the circumstances in this country when you became the king. You could have had me killed, and indeed that would have been the safest thing for you to do. But instead, you allowed me to prove my loyalty to the throne. I thank you for that."

"Well, well." Delita scratched his beard. "I must admit, the thought of having you eliminated had crossed my mind. But I am glad I did not go through with it. I believe you will prove to be a most valuable commander."

Orinas turned to leave. "I pray that I will never disappoint you sire." With that, he walked out of the throne room, a whole trail of people that had just become his underlings falling into step behind him. His best friend Raedmus appeared from out of nowhere in the large hall, and began walking besides him.

"You know, I have to wonder why you just thanked him for something that should be a given." Orinas turned to give him a funny look. "You're grateful to him just because he could have killed you, and didn't?"

"It's not just as if he'd spared me on a battlefield, I was really helpless when he first came here."

"The man stole your kingdom!" Raedmus shouted as loud as he dared this close to the throne room.

Orinas held up a hand to stop the conversation. "There has already been a war about this in our kingdom. I don't want there to be another." He continued on down the hall. Raedmus turned and kicked the wall.


Igros Castle, twelve years after the Lion War

"Cyran, I finally did it!" Balbanes charged into Cyran's office, waving his Ice Brand frantically. "I was finally able to use Stasis Sword! Now I can become a Holy Knight and..." He trailed off when he saw the dour expression on Cyran's face. "What's wrong?"

"Clemence had the audacity to call a meeting for Delita to choose his successor."

"Sounds like him. How did Delita react?"

"Oh, he was proud of the boy, of course. I think Clemence is far too ambitious for his own good." Balbanes could tell that this wasn't what was bothering Cyran.

"But, what's the problem?"

"Olan Durai was scheduled to present his paper on the Lion War to Clemence at that meeting. He didn't show up, and no one has seen him for days."

"Has there been any word from Alandra or Koren?"

Cyran shook his head. "No. It's as if his whole family has vanished into thin air. I have a bad feeling about this...


"Let me now revive his honor." - Alazlam Durai


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