The Origin Of Mount Woe Chapter 11


By Nanaki

12,011 B.C.

Schala woke up suddenly. Tomorrow was her seventh birthday, but she didn't think she was excited enough to be waking up in the middle of the night. Then, the room was filled with a round, warping, blue opening. Five people tumbled out. There were a lot of grumblings and confused exclamations.

"Okay, everyone quiet down!" One of them shouted. Schala ducked lower under her covers. Now that her eyes had readjusted to the dark, she could take in who they were. First, there was a man with spiky red hair. He had a long scar down his left cheek, but he still looked youthful. Beside him stood a lady with golden blonde hair, wearing fine but casual clothes. Between them stood a child not much younger than herself. He had blonde hair too, but it was spiky like the man's.

And they were the normal ones. Looking to the the left, she saw a man wearing a green cape, holding a rather large Dreamstone sword. He bore an uncanny resemblence to her father, but she was pretty sure it wasn't him. Last, there was a person that convinced her she was dreaming. He was a tall man with long, blue hair. That was impossible. No male could have blue hair. He was the one who had shouted.

"Just what is going one here?" The lady demanded. "Crono and I were just sitting at dinner, when this gate comes out of nowhere. How did you guys create a gate anyway?"

"I think I have as much of an explanation as is possible." The blue haired man said. "Glenn and I were trying to... No, that's not important. But I didn't use a gate, I activated a Chrono Trigger that Gaspar... that Gaspar gave me."

"Speaking of Gaspar..." The man with the sword started. "How were five of use transported through one gate?"

Suddenly, the blue haired man glanced around. He stared right at Schala. "Hold it. All of you. I know where we are. This is Schala's room, before I was born."

"Schala??!!" There was a simlutaneous exclamation from everyone but the young boy.

"H-how do you know who I am?" Schala asked meekly. But only the blue haired man seemed to hear her. The rest kept talking.

"Does that mean we made it back to Zeal?" The man with the red hair asked.

"No, I think this is something else entirely."

"What do you mean? Where are we then?" The lady asked.

"Guys, I don't know. I was only six when I got sucked away from here, remember?" Suddenly, another blue portal opened. Out tumbled a lady with long purple hair, a large mass of machinery that seemed to be alive, and two adults and another kid who were all dressed in animal skins. They all immediatly began asking questions. "Okay, quiet! I don't know what is happening here. All I know is that a malfunctioning Chrono Trigger caused it, and now the resulting gates are operating without control and dragging us around in groups of five."

Schala tried hard not to be seen. She didn't know what he was talking about, but he was speaking in a tone that usually meant kids were in trouble if they heard. The man with blue hair wheeled around again. "Hey, now you're all scaring her. I wonder..." He thought for a moment.

"Okay, I'm going to send you all on your way. Crono, I would appreciate it if you had a nice long chat with Gaspar." With that, he raised his right hand, and the portal reopened. Everyone except for him was dragged back inside.

"Don't be afraid of me Schala." He said in a gentle voice. Then he frowned. "But you are, aren't you? Very well, just remember, be strong, and watch out for Dalton!" With that, he disappeared too. The blue glow faded from her room completely. Schala was relieved. As her eyes readjusted to the dark, she couldn't tell whether she had just been dreaming or not. She was still tired, so she just turned back over and went to sleep.


Suddenly, she was dreaming. She was sure of it this time, but the dream was unusually vivid. Also, she seemed to be coming into the middle of something. Two people were running away. Looking out, Schala saw a younger version of the blue haired man and a humanoid frog standing far out on a cape over the ocean. The frog was holding the Dreamstone sword she had just seen.

"...just like that fool, Crono."

"Magus! You dare to insult him?!"

"He's history! Play with fire and you get burned!"

"Magus, hold thy tongue!" A howling wind began to blow up. The blue haired man tugged on his glove.

"Eh? You want to fight me?" The blue haired man seemed different. Schala sensed that he had just lost something very important to him, and not for the first time. Also, his aura was full of hate, and had been for a long time. It had affected his outward form.

"Yes!" The frog rushed at the blue haired man. He fought with an intensity she had never seen before. Magic spells and weapons both flashed across the cape. Finally, the blue haired man collapsed. The frog raised his sword again. "Cyrus! I will avenge thee!"

"No!!" Schala yelled. She didn't think the frog had heard her, but he stopped mid stride.

The blue haired man panted. "If you want to bring Crono back... find Gaspar, the Guru of time..." He collapsed on the cape. The frog sheathed his sword and left him there. Gaspar again! What did that old geezer have to do with all this? Then the scene seemed to shift again.


Now Schala saw a dark room, lit only by two low, blue flames. A strange chanting could be heard. "Neuga, ziena, zieber, zom. Now the chosen time has come... Exchange this world for..."

Three people were standing there, but they weren't the ones doing the chanting. She saw it was the red haired man again, but he didn't have his scar. Behind him was the golden haired lady, and behind her... ..the frog again! Next, all three of them ran forward. More flames ignited as they ran. Finally, two large, orange flames ignited in the palms of two hands on a very strange statue. In front of the statue was the blue haired man, yet again! He stopped his chanting.

"Magus!!" The frog shouted.

"I...Its that annoying frog! Kissed any princesses lately?" The blue haired man did not face them.

"Actually, I rather enjoy this form! And I oweth it all to you!" He unsheathed the Dreamstone sword again. "I have something for you!"

"So, you got the Masamune! I bet you're just dying to use it!" Now he finally turned to face them. "Okay, give me your best shot... If you're ready for the void!" If anything, the frog fought with more intensity than before. The red haired man and the lady weren't too shabby either.

But it was obvious the blue haired man's, what had the frog called him? Yes, Magus's spells were taking a toll on them. A huge black triangle with a smaller white one inside sent all three of them to the ground. But the frog struggled up one last time and charged at Magus with the Masamune. Both of them collapsed. "Wha... What have you done to the Masamune?" Magus gasped. Suddenly, the statue seemed to ripple. "What? No! Bad timing! Don't wake up on me now!"

"Wake up?!" The lady demanded. "YOU'RE the one who CREATED him!"

"You fools! I didn't create him. I only summoned him! He has slept in our planet since the dawn of time, growing ever stronger." The room started to warp some more. "You fools! If you hadn't disturbed me..."

Suddenly the lady cried. "Look! The gate!" The three people who had challenged Magus began to be spun around the room, but Magus himself held onto the statue with a vengeance. A blue portal opened in the middle of the room. It grew to a huge size, and horrible sound filled the room. Before Schala could think about what had happened, her mind flung her to another different place.


Now Schala saw five people and an odd, sinister looking machine. She only recognized her mother as one of the five people, although the young woman who stood below her bore a resemblance to herself. One of the three men there cried out. "This power is beyond human control!"

Suddenly, the machine disappeared and in it's place was a huge, horrible monster. A black portal opened up. "What is this?" Another of the men asked. Suddenly, all three of the men were sucked into black portals. Queen Zeal was indifferent to this, while the young woman looked sick. Suddenly, a young boy and a purple cat ran toward the unearthly scene.

He seemed to hesitate when he saw the monster, but then he pressed on. "Schala!!" Huh? Was the young woman her? What was going on here?

"No Janus! Stay away! Its too dangerous!" The young man kept running forward, with a scornful look at Queen Zeal. Suddenly, a black portal opened underneath his feet.

"Schaaalaaaaaa!!!" Then, he was gone.


Now Schala saw a black portal open in the middle of a forest clearing. The boy tumbled out, glancing around nervously. A huge green monster ran out of the clearing, signaling to his soldiers to follow. "A human! Get it!" He shouted.

The boy backed up defensively. "Don't mess with me! I've had a day you wouldn't believe."

"No human can escape the great Ozzie!" His soldiers stepped menacingly forward.

"I'm warning you..." The boy backed away some more. He appeared confident, but Schala saw that inwardly he doubted himself. Suddenly, Ozzie's blue soldiers rushed forward. Janus raised his hands, and a searing wall of fire expanded out from him, roasting them all but Ozzie.

"Say kid, you're not bad." Ozzie coughed. He seemed oblivious to the death of his men. "I never met a human that could use magic." He eyed Janus' blue hair. "Are you a human?"

"Not the kind you're used to, I'm sure." Janus replied scornfully.

"Hmmm. Tell you what: If you help me wage war against other humans, I won't kill you."

Janus fought a brief internal conflict. Help this fiend fight other humans? But, if they couldn't use magic, then they were not really humans, but earthbound ones. "Its a deal." He forced a smile. Ozzie laughed a deep, hearty laugh. The scene blacked out. What is going on here? Schala asked herself. Who wants me to see all this? And what do I have to do with it?


Now Schala found herself in a place where there was no sound. In the distance she saw her mother, and a large man she only vaguely remembered. Karak was his name. Zeal looked extremely angry at Karak. She yelled something. He suddenly backed away, pleading with her.But she raised her hands and cast a spell Schala had never seen her mother use before. When Schala could see again, Karak had vanished. Then, incredibly, it looked like Zeal was about to use the same spell on herself. She placed her hands on her midsection, and they began to glow.But she changed her mind at the last minute, and bowed her head.


Her vision had faded out again. There was still no sound, but now Schala saw her father, who looked to be about as badly injured as someone could get and still be alive. He was staggering toward the edge of a cliff, the Sun stone in his hands. She saw Enhasa drifting away from the edge of the cliff. Were they crashing? But then the view turned around, and she saw Enhasa behind her. The city of Enhasa had broken off of the mountain of Enhasa. Her views were changing more rapidly now.


Now she saw Vigo and her mother, both looking healthy and at peace, although her mother looked frustrated. Three huge boulders were in front of them. Zeal concentrated, and a bolt of energy cracked one of the boulders down the middle. Vigo shook his head, smiling at the same time. He raised one finger, and a huge explosion turned all three boulders to dust.


Schala finally woke up. The sun was streaming into her bedroom window. The morning was still. She did not feel rested, but decided to get up anyway. Suddenly, there was a bright flash from the courtyard. Running outside, she saw her mother and father standing in front of three large boulders. One was cracked down the middle.

"Why is this so hard Vigo? I can teleport so easily!" Zeal complained.

Vigo smiled while shaking his head. "Unfortunately, this is not something that can be accepted on faith. Its not enough just to believe, you have to actually feel the magic around you. It really is all over the place, its just more concentrated in some areas than others."

"Like the Sun stone?"

"Precisely. Just try to see it for a minute." Zeal obediantly relaxed and concentrated deeply.

After a few minutes, she sighed. "See what Vigo? I can't see a darn thing."

Vigo sighed. "I'm not saying its easy, but watch." Vigo stared straight ahead. His eyes seemed to glaze over. Then six lines of green energy became visible. They all converged in one spot, and a huge explosion leveled all three boulders. Schala froze where she stood. This was just what she had seen in her dream. Did that mean all those other horrible things were going to happen?

Vigo turned, then a smile crossed his face. "Happy birthday princess! I'm sorry, did we wake you up?"

"No, its fine Dad." She shook her head, smiling a little. "I just had a few nightmares."

"I'm sorry to hear that. You want to tell us about them?"

"No. I don't think you want to know, Dad. I really don't think you want to know."


"Not a nightmare... but a beautiful reality!" - The Demon Queen (Yes people, I know this is a Wild ARMs quote, but it fit the story too well. Please don't e-mail me about this "mistake." I know its not from Chrono Trigger.)


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