The Aftermath Of Mount Woe Epilogue 2


By Nanaki

1,005 A.D.

Lucca sighed as she sat back into Taban's easy chair. Her father was delivering his newest invention to Guardia Castle, and she finally had the house to herself. Just as she kicked her shoes off, there was an insistent knock at the door. "Oh great, now what's going on?" She grumbled to herself. But her eyes widened as she opened the door. "Janus? What are you doing here?"

"The name's Magus." He said quietly. He hadn't been overly fond of his future self. "I need to borrow the Epoch, real quick here."

"Why? What's the rush anyway?"

"I want to get going fast, and there's no time to explain! Yes or no, in five seconds."

"Well, no. You need to-"

"Forget it." Magus barged inside, then ran through the back of the house and outside, quickly spotting the small hangar where the Epoch was stored.

"Hey!" Lucca yelled at him, but he paid no attention. "Well, that's Magus all right. I thought he was over that phase. Oh well..." Lucca pushed a button on her belt, then sat back down.

Magus was about three yards from the Epoch, when a cry rang out. "Halt Magus!!" Whirling around, he spotted a man with green hair charging toward him.

"Glenn?! What the hell are you-" He was cut off as Glenn bowled into him, knocking him off his feet. Glenn backed up, then quickly drew out the Masamune. "Don't think you can scare me with that." Magus coughed. "I met an older version of myself, I know I can't die here."

Glenn began twirling the Masamune in midair. "Unlike Gaspar, I possess no inner fear of paradoxes. Now, how dare you act so rudely toward Madame Lucca!"

"I don't want to take the time to explain! Suffice to say, I need the Epoch to help Schala." Glenn stopped twirling the Masamune. "Look Glenn, you're the only one of these idiots who ever had a clue. You know I have to do this." The sword wavered in his hands.

"All right... But you'd better bring it back in one piece! No one has ever been successful in duplicating it!"

"You got it!" Magus hopped into the cock pit, then blasted off as fast as he could go.

"What the...?" Lucca stepped outside. "Glenn! Why did you let him take it!"

"He had a good reason..." Glenn grimaced, although he still looked angry too.

"You can both calm down." The two whirled around, to find themselves facing Janus.

"Janus! But didn't you just...?" Lucca trailed off.

"No, I was still truly Magus at that point." He dismissed that concern. "Do you guys remember, a couple years back, how no one could find me in any time period for a few months?"

"Yes. I suspected some form of treachery on your part." Glenn glared at him.

"Well, this is what I was doing." Janus ignored Glenn's remark, figuring he deserved it. "If you'll just come back inside, I'll explain everything..."


Magus was about to push the throttle forward, sending the Epoch back to 12,000 B.C., when he observed something odd in Leene Square. 'What the hell? If I didn't know better, I'd say that was a gate. But didn't Lucca say that all the gates were going to close, right before I went through it...?" He steered down to just outside the square, then ran in. When he got to the north section the telepod had been stored in, he was surprised to see a young teenager tearing off some ragged Earthbound type clothes, revealing a black tank top and shorts underneath.

"Well, well, well." He smiled thinly. "I never thought I'd see you again."

Ertai glared up at him. "Who the hell are... Wait a minute, you're that Prophet guy I saw with Zeal!" He backed up defensively.

"Please!" Magus dismissed that concern. "That was just a little ruse. You should know who I really am."

"Sorry. I've never seen you before, in that case."

"This should refresh your memory." Magus smiled, then kicked Ertai hard in the shin.

"Ow!! Why you little!-" Ertai tackled Magus with surprising force, and they both smashed into the ground. "Janus?" He coughed.

"Bingo kid." Magus nodded.

"Kid? Hey, no matter how much you might have aged, I'm older than you!"

"Whatever floats your boat." Magus shrugged, then thought, 'Great. I'm turning into my idiot older self already!' "One thing though. Call me Magus."

"Well then, Magus, would you mind telling me just what in the hell is going on?"

"Simple. Lavos caught you in a Time Gate which sent you to this year, sometime not too far after 1,000 A.D. The time you knew as the present was 12,000 B.C. Welcome to the future."

"How can I get back?" He quickly demanded.

"The process is fairly simple, seeing as I've got a time machine here. But there wouldn't be much to go back to. Lavos pretty much blew up everything."

"Then we have to go back to stop him!"

"Negative on that. I already killed Lavos anyway. If you stopped him, it would change too much history."

"So what am I supposed to do with myself?"

"Well, Schala just took off after a fleeing Lavos spawn into deep space. I was about to go help her kill it. Care to come along?"

Ertai glanced around. "I would rather do something interesting than just hang around here. All right! I'll be perfectly willing to kill another Lavos!"

"Great. Hop in the cockpit." Magus gestured. Ertai scrambled in. Magus jumped in after him, and closed the canopy, then blasted off at too many machs to count. They were back in 12,000 B.C. almost instantly. Then Magus aimed the front straight up, and blasted into deep space. "For Schala!" He yelled.

"For Greven!" Ertai shouted too. Then they looked at each other, and said simultaneously,

"For everything they might have had!!"


"You can't get there from here. Well, you can... it just won't be fun." - Ertai, wizard adept


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