The Origin of Mount Woe: Prologue

By Nanaki


12,500 B.C.

Lavos slowly shook himself from the twenty second level of meditation, the closest he ever came to true sleep. Something was happening in the  future. He snorted angrily. Just because he could manipulate time didn't mean he liked to. It took far too much effort. He was still too tired at any rate. He would just wait for the future to come to him.

He felt that his carrier was still deep in the ground, gathering magma for when the time came to leave this world. It was an instinct of his  kind. This was the first planet he had visited. He had come here as a baby, hurled from his mother's planet too many years ago to count. As a result, this planet had a much longer life than usual, while Lavos grew up.

He then had a realization. That was what had woken him up! He was finally ready to really begin his life. He would drain the planet of it's natural energy, and absorb the DNA of the species that dwelt there. Then he would find another world, ripe for the picking. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that he would one day have to fly into a black hole, to make room for others of his kind. But in the meantime, just this portion of this galaxy had dozens of planets to gorge on!

But he was getting ahead of himself with these thoughts. Using his magic to scan the landscape, he saw the planet was still suffering from his arrival. He began to feel a bit of apprehension. Surely some ecosystems had survived to support advanced life forms. Then he detected the humans.

Oh no! These miserable creatures wouldn't do at all! He decided to use a portion of his own powers to help them out. After all, every good farmer knew that he had to invest a portion of his gain back into his stock. That would cause a better result in the end. So Lavos unleashed a miniscule portion of his power out to his humans.

At least, that's what he planned. But in fact, this was the first time he had done this. His magical centers kept pumping out power long after he wanted them to stop. When he finally succeded, he felt so tired that he attached the magical waves to the planet itself, instead of him. He prepared to rest again, but not for long. He would check back in a mere five hundred of this planet's years, to see just what he had done.

He felt smug as he increased his meditation. So he had made a mistake on his first attempt at something. He was new at this. But he would suck this world dry, and no one could stop him!


"Dark force!... Wild... energy!" - Schala


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