Final Fantasy Story Chapter 13

Onward to Vector

By Nathan Jones

Back at Figaro Castle, the preparations for the departure for Vector were complete. The journey would take at least a day’s time, so the warriors made sure to pack all that they needed for the trip and their arrival within the city. The strategy was simple. Celes and Locke would sneak in through the city’s sewer system, while Umaro, Setzer, Sabin, Cyan, and all the others would take care of the flanks. If any of the warriors were separated, they would all meet at Kefka’s Tower when they made it through the armies of his demons. There was no definite layout of the city, since Kefka had destroyed most of it in his rampage for power. There was however, a ray of hope. Most of the warriors had been to Vector on a previous occasion, and even though the buildings were nothing more than rubble, each knew the city well enough to navigate through the wreckage without much of a problem. Locke was loading the last bit of crates on the boat, when he was approached by Gau, who happened to be holding a rather nice looking dagger.

“Look what I got Locke.” The teenager shouted across the port.

“Let me see.” Locke called back as he placed the heavy crate underneath the ship’s starboard bow.

He walked over to Gau, and, taking the dagger in his hand, examined it closely.

“Just like yours eh?” Gau asked with a smile on his face.

“Very nice.” Locke remarked as he twirled the weapon in between his fingers, “But I thought you said you didn’t like using weapons.”

“That’s true.” Gau replied, “I do prefer using my rage attacks instead, “However Cyan and I were shopping in Kohlingen, and when I saw this little beauty, I couldn’t help but buy it. Besides, better to learn now than never eh?”

Locke smiled at the boy. “Yeah.” He agreed. “Oh. One more thing.” He said as Gau turned to board the ship, “Check this out. THIS is my sword.”

From his scabbard, Locke removed a magnificent blade that glowed bright as the light from the sun touched its steel.

“Illumina!” Gau said as he stood there like a child who had just seen his first piece of candy, “I thought that was just a sword of legend though! Where on earth did you find it Locke?”

“Within the Phoenix cave.” Locke replied. “It was just lying there among some stone tablets. I don’t use it that often though.” He said as he swung the blade to and fro, “It’s quite heavy.” He showed off a little more with the blade before handing it over to Gau. “Here.” He said, “You try.”

Gau looked at Locke, the sword, then at Locke again. “You mean it?!” he cried as his eyes filled with joy.

Locke smiled back, yet with a slight smirk. “Of course.” He replied.

Gau took the sword from Locke, and, with a mighty heave, did his best to swing the blade with all his might. The force of the swing sent him backwards instead, and he landed on a crate of oranges.

“Ouch.” He said as the juice from one of the oranges trickled down his face.

Locke stood there bellowing with laughter until a scream from Celes who had witnessed the whole thing caught his attention. “Get back to work you two!” she shouted at them from the boat, “We don’t have time for you to be playing around!”

Locke turned to Celes and smiled. “Yes dear.” He said as he helped the dazed and dirty Gau out of the crate of fruit.

With that, the last of the ship’s cargo was loaded, and the rest of the warriors boarded the ship. It would be a long journey, and there was no way of knowing what lay in wait for the warriors upon their arrival at the Imperial city of Vector. Yet, their passion for justice and honor lead them on. And, as the sun began to rise over the waters of the ocean, the ship set sail for Vector.


Kefka waited patiently for Melkiah to make his way into the room. The beast was very large, and it took the creature awhile just to get up the steps leading to Kefka’s throne room. When at last the beast made its way into the room, Kefka quickly got to the point.

“Melkiah.” He said as he fixed his blaring eyes on the creature, “I need for you to perform a special task for me.” Melkiah simply stared at Kefka through its own evil eyes as if awaiting its instructions. “I need for you to go to the Temple of the Gods and bring back the young girl Relm.” Kefka explained, “It is imperative that she is brought back alive so that Fosoya and I may perform the necessary rituals on her. It is doubtful however, that she will simply come along quietly without any questions asked. Therefore, you will disguise yourself as one of her friends and approach her with the notion that she must immediately come to Vector. Here is the potion that will transform you into one of the warriors.” Kefka handed a small vile of gray liquid to Melkiah, and the beast greedily took it into his paw. “One sip will hide your true form,” Kefka explained, “And one more will reveal it.” Melkiah studied the vile in his hand and nodded his head in agreement. “Very well.” Kefka said, “You must depart at once. There isn’t much time. No doubt the girl is already at the temple preparing for the trials. Go now Melkiah. Do not return until you have the girl.”

Melkiah walked over to the window and shattered the glass. Stretching out its enormous wings, the creature took flight and set its sights for the Temple of the Gods. Kefka watched as the beast flew off into the horizon.

“It wont be long now.” He told himself.


Relm walked from one door to the next, all the while following the sound of the voice that had instructed her upon her arrival at the temple. She had already over come one of the trials. The first, being a simple test of her magical abilities. She now faced the second trial. As she passed through a large doorway, she came into a room cloaked in darkness. Suddenly she heard the voice speak.

“Darkness conquers light. Light conquers darkness.” It said, “Your next trial is to overcome the darkness and find the true path to the next trial. You will not be able to use magic however.” The voice put in.

“How will I navigate then?” Relm asked, “How will I be able to see?”

“Let your heart guide you.” The voice replied, “Within you lies the power to overcome all darkness. This is only a small test of that power.” Relm stood there for a few moments thinking.

“What should I do?” she asked herself, “How will complete this trial.”

Suddenly her heart seemed to speak to her. “Do not be afraid.” It told her, “You have overcome so much in so little time. You can do this.”

Relm smiled in agreement and took a step forward. Her foot landed on a small platform and for a moment, the room flickered with light. As Relm glanced around the room in those few seconds, she could see that what she was standing on was one of many floating platforms above a black and seemingly bottomless pit. Now THIS was COMPLETELY different. She understood why she had to overcome this trial, but she also knew that the risk was far more than the previous one. She felt an ounce of courage in her heart begin to grow. She closed her eyes, and took another step. Once again her foot touched the safety of a platform. She took step after step, each time fearing it would be her last. Somehow however, she managed to find each and every platform correctly. As she neared the end of the room, her foot slipped and she fell a little before grasping the platform with her hands. She managed to pull herself back up, yet the fall had broken her confidence.

“No.” she told herself, “You mustn’t give up now. You’re almost there.”

She regained her courage, and looked around in all directions. It seemed as though she had gotten spun around. She thought it over for a few minutes, and realized that she needed to turn left to avoid going backwards. She did so, and, with one last step, her foot touched the last of the floating platforms. At that moment, the room once again illuminated with radiant light and Relm smiled as she realized she had overcome the second trial.

“Very good.” The voice boomed from the distance. “Yet there is one last trial which you must overcome. Come with me child of destiny. The last trial awaits you.”

Relm fearlessly walked out of the room and followed the voice. Where exactly she was going was uncertain. She was sure though, that no matter what type of obstacle, she would overcome it. She had to…for the sake of her friends.


Edgar traversed the Dark Woods without any fear whatsoever. After finding his way through the ravine, he had come across the forest by what seemed like sheer luck. Now that he was closer to Relm that ever before, there was nothing that would hold him back. He pushed branch after branch out of his way, and suddenly came to a clearing with pathways that branched out in all directions.

“Which should I choose?” he said aloud.

He studied the pathways but could not see a difference in any of them. This was another reason that the forest was called the Dark Woods. Not only was it full of dangerous beasts, it was also enchanted and therefore anyone who strode along a wrong path would become lost forever. There was no way in hell that Edgar could allow that to happen. He kneeled down on the forest floor and began to pray to the goddess of light.

“Oh Goddess of Light.” He prayed out loud, “Please bless me with the ability to find my way in this time of need. I beg of you goddess, for your protections and guidance through this dark forest. Help me to find the way to my friend.”

Edgar lifted his head and waited. Nothing. He knelt there, for what seemed like an eternity before a voice inside his head spoke.

“Draw your sword young king.” It said.

Edgar did as he was told, and to his amazement, the blade began to glow with immense power. The surge of energy followed the length of the blade, and, upon reaching the tip, shot forth in a straight line into the trees. Before Edgar’s very eyes, the forest began to part like an ocean. He cried out in joy as the path to the temple lay out in the open. Edgar didn’t waste any time. He quickly rose to his feet, thanked the goddess for her help, and began to run in the direction of the temple. He still had some distance to cover, yet at least the trip would take less time.

“I’m coming Relm.” He said as he ran with the speed of a lion, “I’m coming.”


Mog could still hardly believe what he had heard from the ghost of Balthassar. How could such a young girl hold so much power? Why did SHE have to carry the burden of the fate of the world? If he could, Mog would gladly take up the burden himself. It didn’t seem right to him that Relm be the one to make a choice such as the one she would be making very shortly. He paced around the cavern for what seemed like an eternity. The ghost of Balthassar, who had remained silent during this short time, suddenly spoke.

“You must go to her Mog.” It said.

“I know.” Mog replied, “But how am I going to get out of this cave? That golem of your back there sealed up all the exits when it was chasing me through the cavern. What I want more than anything is to get out of this place and save my friend. But with my route of escape blocked, that doesn’t seem possible.”

“There is another way out.” The phantom chimed in, “Here.” It said as it waved its hands back and forth over one of the walls of the cave, “Use this passage. It should lead you to your friend.”

As Mog watched, the phantom of Balthassar chanted a few words in an ancient tongue and the walls of the cave began to shake. Little by little, one of them began to shift backwards, revealing a previously unseen passage. When the wall had finally moved completely, Balthassar stood next to the entrance to the passage.

“Go young moogle.” He said, “Through here you will find the way to your friend.”

Mog didn’t need to hear those words twice. He quickly darted into the entrance, and, looking over his shoulder to give the ghost a look of appreciation, set out on his journey out of the cavern. He didn’t know how long it would be until he reached Relm, yet he prayed it would be soon.

“May the Gods give me speed.” He said.


Melkiah scanned the earth beneath him for any sign of the temple. Yet, with eyesight as keen as his, he could not spot the temple under such harsh conditions. During his flight, the beast had noticed a storm on the horizon. Fearful of danger, he at first attempted to avoid the storm. However, he eventually was forced to navigate through it because the storm grew to considerable size and Melkiah didn’t need to waste time trying to go around it. A bolt of lightning nearly missed electrocuting the demon, and Melkiah barely managed to dodge being hit by a second. A third however, struck his left wing and Melkiah cried out in pain as he tumbled towards the earth. Downward he tumbled trying with all his might to correctly position his massive body against the gale force winds. It was to no avail however, and before long the creature crashed into a lake. He managed to surface above the water, but the pain in his wing was growing unbearable. As much as he hated it, he would have to stop and rest if only for an hour’s time if he was to nurse the wound. He found a nice spot over by a large rock, and settled down for a time to inspect his throbbing wing. As he examined the limb, he noticed that the bolt of lightning had torn the thin layer of flesh between two of the bones that made up the shape of the wing. Melkiah pulled out a small bottle of potion from a sack that was tied to his waist, and applied the soothing mixture directly on the wound. As expected, the liquid regenerated the cells in the wing, and the wound grew smaller and smaller until no trace of it was left whatsoever. He flexed the wing once or twice, and, satisfied that everything seemed to be ok, set out once more on his journey to the temple. A smell in the wind caught his attention, and he looked down to the earth.

“King of Figaro…” he hissed.

As he watched, he saw the young king of Figaro Edgar traverse a fairly lengthy hill. As much as he wanted to take this chance and kill the man, he knew that his priority was to fetch the young girl Relm. No doubt once he returned to Vector Kefka would give the beast a chance to take on Edgar at a better time. So, with that, Melkiah flapped his giant wings and before long he was high up into the air. It was only a matter of time before he reached the temple.


Edgar walked up and up the hill using all his strength to pull himself over a small rocky ledge. A noise above him had caught his attention, and Edgar had looked into the sky for its source. The massive storm that had been brewing however, had hindered the king’s sight, and he quickly set his mind back to getting up the hill. He finally reached the top a few moments later, and, looking down into the newfound valley, finally set sights on what he had been searching for.

“The Temple of the Gods.” He said to himself. “That is where Relm is.”

He smiled with satisfaction at the fact that he was closer to reaching the girl than ever before. Although he still had to travel down the mountain, as well as across the valley, he knew that it was only a matter of time before he reached his destination. As much as he wanted to rest at this point, he knew that rest was not an option. The quicker he reached the temple, the quicker he could stop Relm from making the choice she was about to make.

“Don’t you worry Relm.” He said into the wind, “I’m almost there.”


Mog continued to traverse the passage that the ghost of Balthassar had revealed to him. Before long, he came to a fairly familiar rock to his left. He laughed as he realized it was the same one that the golem had thrown in his way to block the moogle from escaping. As he examined the foundation, he found what he was looking for. There, inside the tiny hole he had tried to crawl through, was the moogle’s spear.

“Thank the gods I found you.” He said as he picked up the lengthy weapon. “Now to light up this dark place.” Stopping in his tracks, he gripped the spear with both hands and began to chant. “Oh Salamander spirit of fire. Cast away this darkness and reveal to me the light. I call upon you oh Great Spirit of fire. Come forth!”

With that, he thrust his spear into the air, and the tip of the weapon grew red hot with searing flame. It became a torch for the moogle, and he used it to navigate the rest of his way through the passage. Just as Balthassar had said, Mog came to an opening in the cave. He smiled as he pulled himself out of that wretched cave which had held him captive for so long. He looked up to the sky and noticed it had turned black as night. Rain clouds swirled about and lightning shot forth from them like arrows from a bow.

“I’d better hurry.” Mog said to himself. He began walking, and, before long, spotted what he was looking for.

“Ahhh.” He said, “The Temple of the Gods.”

Just as he had hoped, he had come out on the other side of the great mountain and into the valley where the temple lay.

“I wonder if Edgar is alright.” Mog said out loud. “I do hope the king has made it safely across the terrain. Oh well. Better to think of how to get to the temple as quick as possible.”

So, with that, Mog began to run as fast as his little legs could carry him. Little did he know, that high above the clouds, a beast with intentions of its own was also well on its way to reaching the temple.


Relm walked slowly as the voice guided her to her final trial. As she rounded a turn, she noticed two very large and very beautiful doors, which began to open as she neared them. She stepped inside to find a room virtually empty. Instead of glorious statues or paintings lining the room, there existed only a small alter in front of three statuettes, which Relm believed to be carvings of the three Goddess Statues. The voice instructed her to kneel before the alter, and Relm did as she was told. The room was silent for a few moments, before Relm heard a rumbling voice within the room.

“Child of Destiny.” The voice boomed, “You have overcome many trials and now it is time for the final challenge. Do not fear. There are no more physical tests. Instead, we require an explanation as to why you have journeyed this far in search of such great power. Speak wisely, for you will only get one chance to answer.”

Relm pondered upon the question, and, thinking of all that had happened to her and all that her friends had gone through to save this world, she answered. “I, Relm Arronwy,” She replied, “have journeyed across the vast plains, mountains, and deserts, in search of this power for one reason and one reason only. Each and every day, the citizens of the world fight for survival in this wonderful world we call our home. There is but one man who has threatened to take that assurance that we will live in peace away from us. As you and I both know, Kefka has torn this world apart in search for power, which he will use to destroy this wonderful planet you have worked so hard to create. I intend to stop him. It is true that the process may very well claim my life, yet if I can help to rid the world of his evil, I will gladly give it to achieve that goal. I am but a young girl, yet the power within me that has lain dormant for all these years is the only thing that can stop Kefka. I ask you now, to release that power, so that I may use it to destroy Kefka once and for all. For the good of my friends, for the good of the people, and for the good of the world.”

There was a long silence throughout the room, and suddenly the voice spoke again. “You have spoken wisely Child of Destiny.” The voice said, “Close your eyes and embrace the power which we now grant to you. Embrace the destructive force known as Ultima.”

At that moment, Relm closed her eyes, and the room seemed to spin around her. The walls glowed bright green, and magical energy began to swirl around the young girl in a vortex of green light. Relm was lifted into the air, and beams of energy passed in and out of her body. It only lasted a few moments, and before long, the process ceased and Relm was left lying on the floor unconscious.

“Go now child.” The voice whispered, “Go and embrace your destiny. The world, and its citizens, are in your hands now.”


Aboard the ship sailing for Vector, the warriors were getting more and more anxious as they neared the great city.

“Look!” Celes cried with joy, “We’ve made it!”

Celes was correct. As the other warriors watched, the city of Vector came into view over the horizon.

“By the Gods!” Setzer cried, “Just look at the place.”

As they all looked on, they could see that the reports had been right. Once a proud city full of life and laughter, the Imperial capitol of Vector was now nothing more than a mass of crumbling buildings and hideous demons.

“May the gods have mercy on the souls of all those killed.” Cyan prayed.

Just then, Gau shouted to the warriors to come to him. They all ran over to the teen, and looked on as he pointed out a port that could be used to dock the ship. The captain gave the signal, and the warriors began preparing for landing.

“Lower the anchor!” a sailor called, “Secure the masts! Report to port b-“ the sailor was stopped short as a winged demon swooped down and fastened its jaws on the poor man.

The sailor screamed in agony but to no avail. Before there was a chance to rescue him, the winged beast clamped its jaws shut crushing the sailor in its mouth. By this time, each of the sailors aboard the ship began to take cover.

All hands below deck!” the captain shouted, “Let the Warriors of Light handle the beasts!” The sailors didn’t have to hear those words twice, and each of the men began to make their way towards the lower deck leaving the Warriors of Light to defend the ship. Celes urged the captain to go down as well, but he refused saying,

“Someone’s gotta steer this thing while you all fight off them damn monsters.”

As expected, swarms of flying beasts flew at the ship at top speeds. One by one they boarded the vessel, and one by one the warriors dispatched them with little or no effort.

“Come on Kefka!” Setzer shouted, “Is that all you’ve got you son of a bitch!”

The warrior’s arrogance however, was short lived. As Celes fought off the beasts, she began to notice that a group of the demons were throwing themselves into the side of the ship, cracking the wood.

“They’re trying to sink the ship!” she cried out to the others, “Don’t let them reach it alive!”

“I’ve got em!” Setzer shouted back.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a deck of razor sharp trump cards. Hurling them at the beasts with incredible accuracy, he managed to take down any of the winged creatures that tried to ram themselves into the ship in mid air. Gau was busy himself, fighting one of the demons which had managed to board the ship. He watched as the creature flapped its wings creating a vortex of wind. Just before the blast struck him, Gau used his unique talent an absorbed the blast into his body.

“Now I’ve learned your attack!” he screamed at the demon, “See how you like it you bastard!”

He released the stored energy from his body and sent the gust of wind directly back at the winged demon, which had no time whatsoever to defend itself. The gust of wind sent it flying into the air spinning round and round before finally sending the beast splashing into the ocean where it quickly drowned.

“We’re approaching the shore!” Locke called to everyone as he dispatched one of the last of the winged creatures. “Everyone brace for impact!”

Each of the warriors grabbed hold of whatever part of the ship they were closest to, and held on for dear life as the vessel crashed into the port at incredible speed. The force of impact sent many of the warriors flying over the edge, where they landed on the hard wooden plank.

“Get up everyone!” Sabin cried out, “We’ve got to get to the tower!” Sabin looked over his shoulder and saw Locke helping Celes who struggled to get to her feet. “Locke!” he cried, “Celes! You two make your way toward the sewers! Setzer, Umaro, and Cyan will go to the right, and I will go to the left. “

“What about me?” Gau shouted to Sabin, who had already began to run in his appointed direction.

“You will go with Umaro and the rest of the crew and do your BEST to stay out of danger.” Sabin replied. “I mean it Gau!” he emphasized, “No heroics!” Gau nodded his head and ran to catch up with Setzer, Cyan, and the others who were quickly fighting their way to the tower.

Locke looked at Celes and smiled. “Just like old times eh?’ he said with a smirk.

“Yeah.” Celes said, flashing him a grin of her own, “Come on. Let’s go.”


Around this time, Melkiah had already reached the temple. The beast quickly made its way into the alter room where it found the unconscious Relm lying face down on the floor. Taking the vile of liquid that Kefka had given to him on his departure, he pulled off the top and guzzled half of the gray liquid without remorse. He curled with agony as the potion began to take effect. His massive body began to twist and curl as it took on its new temporary shape. When it was all over, the beast Melkiah had taken on the form of Relm’s dear friend Terra. Melkiah smiled with satisfaction and proceeded to wake the unconscious and unsuspecting Relm.

“Relm.” Melkiah said, its voice too taking on the sound of Terra’s, “Relm wake up. We have to go to Vector. We have to go stop Kefka.”

Relm awoke to see whom she thought was Terra and threw her arms around the woman.

“Thank the Gods you’ve come!” Relm cried, “I’ve done it Terra.” She said, “I now hold the power we need to defeat Kefka.”

“That you do.” Terra replied, “Now come. I know of a quick route that we can use to reach the city of Vector. The quicker we arrive, the quicker we can work to destroy Kefka once and for all.”

Relm nodded her head in agreement, and followed Terra all the while thinking how wonderful it would be to finally fulfill her destiny as a Magi.

“Kefka.” She muttered under her breath. “I’m coming for you. No more will you destroy this world with your evil. No more will you harm my friends.”


Mog huffed and huffed as he ran towards the temple. He was only a hundred feet away or so, and he quickly picked up his pace. Reaching the temple after what seemed like an eternity of running, he pushed the massive doors to the temple open with all his might. He scanned the dark and empty temple and strained to find his friend Relm. With no luck, and with no light whatsoever, he used the same fire spell as before to light his spear like a torch and began to walk up and down the wide hallways of the temple looking for the alter room. He found it after a little while, but to his amazement, the room was completely empty.

“What the hell?” Mog asked out loud as he walked over to the alter. As he inspected the monument, he saw a small parchment with some writing on it. On it, it read:

Dear Friends,

I discovered over the course of my journey that I, Relm Arronwy, am more than a mere Magi’s granddaughter. Within me lies the power to destroy Kefka once and for all. I intend to use this new power for that very purpose. Therefore, I have traveled with Terra to the Imperial city of Vector. I’m tired of sitting back and doing nothing while the world is destroyed by his evil. I wish the best of luck to all of you, for it is very likely that I will not return from this journey alive. I love each and every one of you with all my heart, and I pray for your safety. Pray for mine as well.

Your loving friend,

Mog could hardly believe what he was seeing. He slumped down to the floor, and seeing as how he had failed to stop his friend Relm, he began to weep.


By this time, Edgar too had finally reached the temple, and frantically searched for an entrance. He found one near the right side of the building, and quickly entered the building. He searched room after room, and saw that there was a small ship, which rested on a lake.

“That’s strange.” He said.

He quickly ran up a nearby flight of stairs, and turned the first corner. As he did so, he spotted a doorway that appeared to flicker with light.

“I’ve found her!” he thought to himself. He quickly ran into the doorway but stopped short. He noticed what looked to be a torch sitting on the ground near an alter, but there was something strange about the room. Why was it empty? Where was Relm? Full of fear and confusion, he began to call out the young girl’s name.

“Relm!” Edgar shouted through the great room. “Relm, where are you?! Answer me!”

A noise in the distance caught his attention.

“Is that you Relm?” he asked.

No answer. He shouted the question again, this time with more impatience.

“Relm! If you can hear me for god’s sake answer!”

Again he heard the noise. It sounded as if it was coming from behind one of the pillars near the Alter. Edgar spun around just in time to see Mog standing before him with tears in his eyes.

“Relm, is no longer here sir.” he said, tears rolling down his white little face.

“Well then where is she?” Edgar asked, “Answer me dammit!”

“She has gone to Vector my lord.” Mog quietly answered. She felt that it would be best if she helped instead of watching all her friends die.”

“How can that be?” Edgar asked, “The boat is still here and there’s not a crew within miles who would dare risk their life to sail into that deathtrap.”

Mog handed Edgar the note he had found, and Edgar’s eyes widened as he read the words.

“It’s just as the letter says.” Mog explained. “Terra came soon after the other’s set sail and took Relm with her to Vector.”

Edgar stood there quietly wondering why Relm felt is was her duty to aid the others. She was too young to just throw her life away. Edgar even wondered if Relm knew all along that she would probably never return from Vector.

“By the Gods!” Edgar proclaimed. “She’s really going through with it!” Doesn’t she realize that the spell will consume her as well as Kefka?!”

Edgar knew all too well the consequences of casting a spell such as Ultima. It not only destroyed everything in its path, but it destroyed the caster as well.

“No one has ever survived casting that spell.” He thought to himself. “Not even Ramuh the great sage survived casting Ultima when he sealed the dragon Bahamut within the Serpent Trench. “

“Sir?” Mog asked, “Maybe it would be wise to go after her.”

“That it would.” replied Edgar.” “There’s no telling what Relm has gotten herself into. I admire her spirit, yet part of me doesn’t want her to go through with it.” “Plus,” Edgar laughed, “If she thinks she’s gonna have all the fun around here, she’d better think twice!”

“That’s the spirit my lord!” the moogle exclaimed.

“Come Mog.” Edgar shouted, “We set sail for Vector within the hour.”

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