Final Fantasy Story Chapter 14

Old Foes Return

By Nathan Jones

Back in the city of Vector, the Warriors of Light continued to fight their way into the city. They were making progress, and there appeared to be hope that they would reach the tower very shortly.

“Locke watch out!” Celes cried. The giant tail just barely missed from knocking Locke’s head from his shoulders.

“Hiiiiyyyyyyaaaa!” Celes’s battle cry echoed across the alley as she leaped into the air coming down even harder to cut the tentacle in two. “Thanks for the help.” said Locke.

“No problem.” yelled Celes as she rushed towards the next monster. “You keep him busy while I concentrate,” she shouted to Locke.

“Alright!” he shouted back while hacking at the monster.

Slowly Celes began to chant. “Gaia creator of all things throw off these false garments and reveal thy true form. Gaia creator of all things, do not let these demons destroy the world you worked so hard to create. Use me as your divine weapon against this evil. Gaia, creator of all things, become a barrier to protect us.”

A green dome immediately surrounded the pair. Locke stood in awe as the protective sphere illuminated with fluorescent light.

“What’s this?” Locke asked.

“It’s a magic shield.” shouted Celes. “If our magic wont kill this beast, then maybe we can use its own powerful spells to do the job for us.”

Shortly after finishing her sentence, Celes noticed the beast begin to poise itself to strike again. Slowly a red ball of light formed within its mouth and shot out like a cannon. Celes’s plan worked perfectly! The ball of fiery light deflected off the magic shield and went soaring right back at the monster slamming into its forehead. The monster howled in pain as its flesh was torn away and collapsed into a heap of bones.

“Well I guess dragons are dumber than we thought.” Celes laughed.

“Maybe,” said Locke with a hint of worry in his voice, “but what are we going to do about that?!”

Celes looked up into the sky and stared in horror as she fixed her eyes on what looked to be the biggest monster she had ever seen.

“What do you suppose it is?” Locke questioned.

“I don’t know,” Celes replied, “but whatever it is, may the Gods have mercy on whoever gets in its way.”

“Cyan! Are you in position?” screamed Setzer from across the field.

“Aye I am ready when thou art!” exclaimed the warrior.

“OK here we go Cyan! Remember make sure you cover your head well. I wouldn’t want to have to pick up all your body parts and run at the same time!” Setzer laughed.

“Thou art truly a humorous fellow in the face of danger old friend.” Cyan laughed back.

“I have to be!” Setzer called back, “otherwise I’d never have any fun!” Setzer slowly began to chant in a language Cyan had never heard before. “Nosfutara lamanos tunius gras!” Setzer chanted, “O Salamander great spirit of fire, offer us your divine power to destroy our enemies. Salamander great spirit of fire, send this demon to the fiery pits of the nine hells themselves!”

A red blaze of fire swirled around the Hydra and a pillar of Molten Rock lifted the confused monster into the air only to explode sending the creature plummeting back to earth.

“Hehe good job my friend.” Cyan said, “Thou art a most amazing sorcerer for a man who spends all his time gambling.”

“I thank thee.” Setzer mockingly said back. “Although I don’t think my magic will be as useful against the lord of these demons.”

“Kefka. That bastard!” Cyan said angrily. He shall pay for killing my wife and child with his life. I swear by my sword Masamune, he shall pay!”


As the warriors fought their way into the city, Mog and Edgar were also making progress on their trip to Vector. They had been sailing for what seemed like an eternity, and there was a storm brewing as they neared the city.

“Mog! Tie down that line!” Edgar shouted to the moogle. “You wouldn’t want us drowning in this sea before we even reach Vector now would you?”

“No sir. Right away sir.” Replied the moogle

Suddenly Mog noticed a movement on the side of the ship. As he bent down to investigate, he noticed the large head of a giant serpent begin to peer out from behind a wave.

“Um sir?” “Yes Mog?” replied the king. “How are we supposed to reach Vector with this creature in our way?” the moogle asked.

“By the Gods!” Edgar exclaimed, “What is that thing?!”

“I think it’s that legendary sea serpent that Raynog was babbling about.” Mog replied.

“You mean that mythical beast he called Mortasat that sailors blame for lost ships? Edgar asked, “That’s just a legend.”

“No sir, it’s no legend.” Mog pointed out, “That beast is the cause of many more of those “accidents” at sea. It feeds on humans and many say that once it spots a target, it never leaves it.”

“Well then I guess we’ll have to change its mind about eating us eh?” Edgar said with a smile.

“Sir,” the moogle started.

“Don’t worry Mog.” Edgar interrupted, his voice as calm as ever. “As long as we have this barrier ring that Terra gave us, no harm will come to us. Hehe we could take on a dragon and come back without a scratch!” Edgar bellowed.

“I believe you sir,” the moogle agreed, “but I hardly think that this is a time to take on creature capable of swallowing this vessel whole.”

“Haha. Do not fear my friend,” Edgar laughed, “You can stay below deck if you do not wish to fight. I don’t blame you and I won’t hold it against you. In fact, I don’t think we’ll even have to fight. Look there, the monster is swimming away from the boat as we speak.”

The moogle peered over the side of the ship and also saw that the monster was in fact swimming away from their boat. Although he was relieved, he couldn’t help but wonder if the monster had left their boat out of pure boredom or if it had other “duties” to tend to. If Kefka was controlling the beast, Mog had a feeling that that wasn’t the last time they would encounter Mortasat.


Fortunately for Locke and Celes, the two had found the entrance to Vector’s sewers fairly quickly. It seemed though, as if the sewers themselves would never end.

“Geez how far is this tunnel?” Locke said as he and Celes rounded yet another corridor.

“I don’t know.” Celes said back. Suddenly a noise in the distance made Celes stop and draw her sword. Her rapier shimmered as she swung it from side to side not sure where the sound was coming from. Locke also drew his sword Illumina as he looked into the darkness.

“Celes.” Locke started.

“Shhhh!” Celes shot back, “I think it’s coming closer. If we are quiet, maybe it’ll pass us by.”

The sound continued to grow louder and louder as Celes and Locke walked on. Whatever it was, it had a horrible smell to go along with its noisiness.

“Dear lord this thing smells!” Locke blurted out.

“Locke if you don’t be quiet I swear I’ll------“

Celes didn’t even have time to finish her sentence before a large slug emerged from within the waters around the pair.

“Be ready to back me up!” Celes yelled to Locke.

Locke nodded his head in agreement and lifted his sword. Suddenly the beast lunged forward and gave Celes the opportunity she was waiting for. She darted forward ahead of the beast and gouged her sword into its abdomen. The monster screamed in pain and lifted its head to strike back. Locke rushed forwards and with all his might swung Illumina striking the slug across its shoulder. Its heart and lungs spewed forth, spraying Locke with that putrid fluid he had smelled earlier. The beast collapsed in a heap of skin and slime, its body bubbling as if thousands of pounds of salt were mercilessly thrown on the creature.

“Damn!” Locke screamed angrily, “It’s bad enough we had to fight that thing, but having its guts all over me is even worse!”

Celes began to laugh uncontrollably. “Hehehe…hehehe…Snort.” A loud snort bellowed from Celes.

“Did you just snort?” Locke said chuckling.

“Nope.” She said as she snorted again.

“It’s not funny Celes.” Locke said angrily.

“I’m sorry Locke.” Celes laughed, “I can’t help it. Come on we need to keep going.”

“Yeah yeah.” Locke retorted, “I just hope I can get this stuff off before I throw up.”


By this time, Melkiah and Relm had reached the city of Vector via a special warp spell. It was when they reached the city that Relm began to have second thoughts about what she had set out to do. She walked behind Melkiah who was still disguised as Terra silently and a strange feeling of doubt suddenly came over her.

“Terra?” She suddenly blurted out.

“Yes dear?” Terra replied. “

Are you sure that casting Ultima will seal Kefka once and for all?” Relm asked scared.

“Relm listen to me.” Terra said as she placed her hand on Relm’s shoulder. “You are the chosen one. This has been your destiny ever since you were born. With your sacrifice, you will have saved the entire world from destruction at Kefka’s hands. Don’t you see? You are our only hope.”

“Yes but Terra,” Relm began, “What if we manage to defeat Kefka without my dying? I’m only sixteen. I have so much to do. I believe that if we work together, we can defeat Kefka once and for all. Just like…” Relm’s head turned to the side and Melkiah could see tears forming in the young girl’s eyes. “Just like we did six years ago.” Relm whispered.

“Such noble words from a teenager.” Terra said. “Perhaps it is time you learned not to tamper with fate.”

“Terra?” Relm asked confused. “Terra why are you staring at me like that? Terra!”

Terra pulled out a silver bottle of potion and removed the lid. Terra then placed the bottle up to her lips and gulped down the potion. Relm watched in horror as Terra’s shape shifted to that of a most hideous beast.

“You’re not Terra, are you?!” Relm screamed. “Who are you?! Get away from me!”

The creature shifted its massive body towards the helpless girl and poised to strike. Relm cried out again and again for help, but to no avail. The creature snatched her up instantly and knocked her over the head. Relm vision faded as she fell deeper and deeper into a dark, dark sleep.


On the ground below, Sabin was fighting off an army of slimy goos. These creatures were very tough to kill, and Sabin wondered if he would ever be rid of them. The fighter threw punch after punch but none seemed to do any good.

“Damn it!” he screamed over the sounds of battle. “I hate these goos. They never seem to die!”

One after another the goos began to multiply with every hit they took. Finally an idea popped into Sabin’s head. Slowly, Sabin positioned himself for a Blitz.

“Aura!” he screamed as he shot a large beam of bright light at the goos.

The blast tore through the monsters as white-hot flare burned their bodies like paper.

“Excellent!” Sabin cried, “I’ve found your weakness you little bastards! Haha!”

Sabin positioned himself once more for a Blitz.

“Pummel!” he cried as his fists slammed repeatedly into what was left of the goos.

Sabin continued this pattern of Blitzes until not a single goo remained.

“Ha that wasn’t too hard.” He thought to himself, “I guess I’d better join up with the others.”

Suddenly, he spotted Setzer and Cyan running at full speed.

“Where are you going?” he called out to them.

“We hath reasons to believe that Edgar and Mog have arrived.” Cyan yelled back.

“That’s great I’ll go with you then.” Sabin yelled to the pair as he caught up with them.

“As you wish Sir Sabin.” Cyan replied.

Setzer, still silent, kept running until a distant shape on the horizon caught his attention. “Cyan?” Setzer asked with confusion in his voice, “If Edgar did arrive, why is his ship halfway under water?”

Cyan looked at the ship and was also puzzled. “I doth not know Sir Setzer. Perhaps he’s been here longer than we thought. I suggest we go look for him.”

“Good idea Cyan.” Sabin interrupted, “I’ll go this way. You two go look over there by Kefka’s tower. Maybe he and Mog docked and went straight there thinking we were attempting to enter.”

“You could be right Sabin.” Setzer said. “Very well then we will go to the tower. If you happen to find him, bring him there. We will wait for you.”

“OK see ya soon!” Sabin called back as he ran down the planks of Vector’s harbor. “Edgar.” He said to himself, “Please be alright.”

Umaro however, wasn’t having much luck as he continued to battle a group of seemingly endless archers. Umaro suddenly felt a sharp pain rip through his arm as an arrow struck his shoulder.

“Damn those archers!” he thought to himself.

If only he had some kind of projectile he could get rid of them with a little more ease. Vector’s tallest building seemed to be at least 20 floors high, and it didn’t help that there were men shooting at him from every floor. Suddenly the sasquatch spotted a large metal pole possibly from the building itself sticking out from beneath the ground.

“That’s more like it!” he said as he picked up his new weapon. “Perhaps this will teach you to mess with a sasquatch!” he yelled as he hurled the spear at one of the archers.

The spear hit the archer directly in the chest and he plummeted to the ground screaming. Umaro picked up the bow from his victim and used it to pick off two more of the archers. Suddenly the ground erupted from beneath Umaro’s feet and sent him flying into the air. Out of the earth crawled several imps each armed with wicked scimitars and a spiked shield. Umaro realized he was outnumbered and quickly searched for an exit. Off in the distance, he spotted a large hole in the wall possibly an entrance to Vector’s sewers.

“That’s it!” he thought to himself as he ran to the hole.

If he managed to fit inside, Umaro could sit and wait for Locke and Celes to arrive to aid him in defeating those cursed imps. All he could do was wait.


High above the battlefield, Kefka watched with joy as the Warriors of Light as well as some of Figaro’s own troops attempted to make their way towards the tower.

“HAHAHAHA!” Kefka bellowed from atop his tower. “Those puny little warriors have no chance against me! In fact I think I see one of them running from one of my dragons right now! HAHAHA!”

Kefka looked down and watched with joy as a soldier of Figaro ran for his life. The soldier didn’t even make it a hundred yards before the dragon swung its tail slicing the man in half. Another soldier saw the whole thing and attempted to avenge his friend. He didn’t have a chance. The beast caught the poor fool in its jaws and crushed him like a grape. Many more soldiers were also suffering the same fate all around. From his tower, Kefka called out to one of his dragons and beckoned for it to come. The dragon spread its mighty wings and flew up to where the dark lord was standing. Kefka put his hand on the beasts shoulder and congratulated the creature on a job well done. Then he opened his mouth and uttered the words the dragon had been waiting to hear.

“Destroy everything.” was all he said.

With a mighty roar, the beast flew off to fulfill his dark purpose. The dragon glided over building after building, torching all of them in the process. Not even bacteria would have even been to survive the blast from the dragon’s mouth. Umaro looked into the sky and watched in horror as two of his comrades from training were scorched in flame.

“Nooooooooooooo!” he screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Oh Goddess!” Edgar exclaimed from the dock. “What was that?!”

“A dragon attack sir.” Mog explained. “May Gaia have mercy on the poor souls caught in that blast.” Edgar prayed.

Suddenly Mog spotted someone running down the dock towards them. “Sabin!” he cried with joy.

“Yes it’s me.” Sabin said trying to catch his breath, “I’ve been looking for you two for hours. “

“Well,” Edgar started to explain, “We arrived in one piece thankfully, but as soon as we secured our ship to the harbor, Mortasat destroyed it.”

“Mortasat? That legendary serpent?” Sabin asked confused.

“Yes brother.” Edgar replied. “In fact I think the beast plans to destroy any ship that decides to leave. Must be Kefka’s assurance that we don’t retreat.”

“Aye. “ Sabin agreed. “But we have bigger problems. Setzer, Cyan, and I were looking for you, but along the way we got separated. The plan was that if that happened, everyone was to meet back at the tower. So, that is mostly likely where they have gone. Locke and Celes appear to have made their way into the sewers, but they should have been out by now. Shadow on the other hand, is nowhere to be found.”

Edgar pondered on the information his brother had given him. Suddenly, he had an idea. “Ok here’s the deal.” Edgar explained, “We’ll all go help Setzer and Cyan. If we don’t see Celes and Locke in the near future, two of us will search for them.”

“Agreed.” Mog and Sabin said in unison.

“Come!” Edgar yelled as he ran up the dock, let’s find them and kill that son of a bitch Kefka before those dragons come back for more!”


Umaro sat and continued to wait for his friends. The pain in his arm was growing unbearable now, He could feel the poison from the arrow already beginning to take effect. Umaro couldn’t help but wonder where on earth his friends could possibly be. It had been a couple of hours and still nothing. Sleep would have been a release for the poor sasquatch, but he knew that wouldn’t come.

“If only I had stayed with Setzer.” Umaro thought to himself, “I wouldn’t be here in this sewage waiting for these foul imps to find something better to do.”

As Umaro watched, the imps continued to attempt to barge through Umaro’s barrier. Twice he had to beat them back with whatever weapon he could find. He had already severed the hands and arms of a couple of the imps, yet they pursued with such vigilance that Umaro wondered if he would get out of this predicament alive. Finally a ray of hope arose from the ashes. As Umaro peered through a tiny peek hole, he noticed Setzer and Cyan running in his direction.

“Over here!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. “Over here you fools!”

Setzer recognized the voice immediately. “Hello old friend!” he shouted back, “Are you in need of assistance?”

“Yes quite!” the Sasquatch yelled back angrily, “It seems I was not too welcome in my attempt to have a little chat with our friend Kefka. Now would you kindly get rid of these little imps so I can get out of here!”

Cyan and Setzer hacked through the beasts with ease. As they pulled their friend out, they noticed a small wound on his arm.

“Somebody should look at that.” Cyan said as he pointed to Umaro’s arm.

“Nonsense.” Umaro argued, “It’s just a small battle wound I got from one of those damned archers. In any case, we should wait here for the others.”

“We are waiting for Edgar, Mog and Sabin as of the moment.” Setzer explained, “They should be here any moment.”

“Good.” Umaro said thankfully, “I’m getting tired of waiting.”


Relm awoke to see seven eyes staring at her. She screamed as she realized that it was not a dream.

“You…you,” she stuttered, “You’re that monster from the Veldt!”

“Yessssssss.” The monster hissed, “And ssssoon you will be one of ussssss.”

“No! I will never become one of you!” Relm screamed back.

“I don’t think you have a choice dear child.” The creature said, “In fact, my masssster is on his way down here this very moment. He will see to it that we have no further troublessss with you.”

Footsteps in the distance caught Relm’s attention. Closer and closer they came. Relm could hear the sound of a large door struggling to open. Into the room stepped a figure wearing a ceremonial robe. He inched closer and closer towards the helpless girl, his bones scratching as he walked. As he stepped into the light, Relm’s jaw dropped down in horror as she realized who he was.

“Hello Relm.” He said.

“No! It’s not true! You’re dead!” Relm screamed.”

“Ah my dear but I am very much alive.” The man hissed back. “And now it is time for you to join us.”

“Never!” Relm cried out. “Hahahahahaha!” He bellowed, “We’ll see to that!”

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