Final Fantasy Story Chapter 5

Expendable Souls

By Nathan Jones

“Where the hell have you been?!” Geshtal screamed, “I have been waiting here for hours! I thought you said that Fosoya would be here.”

“He will sire,” Kefka said, “Have a little faith. Ah look there he comes even now.”

Geshtal looked to the sky and saw Fosoya and Melkiah floating towards them. “Well?” Geshtal asked, “How did everything go?”

“I’m afraid,” Fosoya replied, “That things did not go exactly as we had hoped.”

“And what the hell is that supposed to mean you imbecile?!” Geshtal shouted, his face growing red hot.

“Well you see sire,” Fosoya explained, “The Warriors escaped before I could destroy them with my magic. However I promise next time we meet I will kill them.”

“Ha!” Geshtal laughed, “I should have known. Leave it to a washed up mage to screw everything up!”

Fosoya grabbed Geshtal and slammed him up against the wall with all his power. “Now you see here you pathetic weasel!” he said, “I am not as weak as you think! I can conjure up creatures you couldn’t even begin to imagine. And if you dare call me a washed up mage ever again, I will see to it that you become my next experiment!”

With that Fosoya released the shocked Emperor and Geshtal fell to the ground. “How dare you!” he cried, “I should have you executed!”

“With all due respect Emperor Geshtal,” Fosoya sneered, “you couldn’t kill me if you tried.” Fosoya looked at the sun. “I believe I have business to attend to.” He said, “If you could kindly step out of my way, I’d like to finish up my studies on those ancient scrolls I found.”

Fosoya pushed the beaten Emperor and Kefka aside and made his way back to his chambers.

“I tell you Kefka.” Geshtal said angrily, “If I had the power I would use it to rip that man’s heart from his chest.”

“Do not worry about him sire.” Kefka replied, “Without him we will not make it very far with our little mission. Besides, his time will come.”

Geshtal looked at Kefka and smiled. “Kefka,” he said, “As soon as Fosoya has outlived his “usefulness”, I want him killed. Is that understood?”

“Perfectly m’leige.” Kefka answered with an evil grin.


Edgar and the others arrived in Figaro to find the chancellor running towards them. “Edgar!” he called, “We must hurry! The preparations are complete.”

“What are you talking about Fazra?” Edgar asked a little confused, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Narshe.” The chancellor puffed, “Narshe’s under attack!”

“That bastard!” Edgar said with a clenched fist, “It’s not enough that he attacks unsuspecting villages, now he’s going after Narshe?!”

“Yes I heard about the incident on the Veldt.” The chancellor said, “I had some scouts follow you there. When they saw the village destroyed, they promptly sailed back to relay the news to me.”

“Well they didn’t see who did it Fazra.” Edgar explained, “Kefka’s back.”

“By the Gods!” the chancellor exclaimed, “This can’t be!”

“I’m afraid it’s true Fazra.” Edgar said, “And that’s not all. Fosoya is also back.”

“You aren’t talking about that dark mage from the War of the Magi are you Edgar?” the chancellor asked fearfully.

“Yes I am.” Edgar replied, “In fact he almost killed us back at the Veldt. If not for Shadow, we would have been grains of sand along the Veldt’s shores.”

“This is truly terrible news indeed.” The chancellor said, his head heavy, “I must tell the mechanics to ready the castle immediately. We burrow within the hour.”

“I’ll see to it that everyone gets to safety when we reach Narshe.” Edgar said, “Let us hope we do not arrive to late.”


“Hahaha!” Geshtal bellowed, “Look at them run! I will destroy all! I will purge this town!”

Buildings all around Narshe were bursting into flame. Imperial soldiers everywhere were slaughtering anything and anyone in sight.

“M’leige,” Kefka said, “Our work here is done. Narshe’s troops seem to be giving little resistance. There is no longer a need for our presence here. We can leave the rest up to the soldiers. I suggest we retire before “they” show up. “

“Haha you are right Kefka.” Geshtal agreed, let us retire.”

Geshtal shouted the order for the rest of his troops to pull back, leaving only Kefka’s regiment to finish the job. “God I love this Kefka!” Geshtal exclaimed, “The smell of destruction and the screams of the innocent. It’s music to my ears. Come. We shall celebrate our victory here over a big glass of wine.”

“As you wish my lord.” Kefka replied.

Geshtal and Kefka made their way back to their troops stationed on the mountainside overlooking Narshe. The smell of fire filled the air as they quietly marched back to their encampment. Back at Narshe, Edgar and his friends were just arriving.

“We must hurry and save whoever has survived!” Edgar shouted, “Leave no building unsearched. I don’t care if you have to throw yourself into the flames. We must evacuate anyone who’s left.”

The warriors frantically searched the city and came up with a few survivors. Some of the Imperial soldiers that were left gave resistance, but Edgar and his friends dispatched them without much effort. Finally a lone sentry came charging out at Cyan, his sword drawn. Cyan spun around, caught the man by the arm, and broke it like a twig. The soldier howled in pain as he cowered against the side of a burning inn.

“Where is Kefka?” Cyan asked in a harsh voice, “Answer me dammit!”

The soldier gave no reply and Cyan slammed him up against the wall. “If you do not tell me I swear by the gods I’ll make you tell me!” he screamed.

Still the soldier was silent. Cyan quickly removed his dagger in anger and prepared to amputate one of the soldier’s fingers.

“Cyan stop!” Celes yelled, “You’ll never get him to talk that way!”

“Well then what do you suppose we do?” Cyan asked sarcastically, “Let him go and say please?”

“Precisely.” Celes answered, “Only we’ll ask that question back at Figaro. Come. Edgar has rounded up the remaining survivors and we’re withdrawing from the city.”

“As you wish Celes.” Cyan said angrily. He released his grip on the sentry and removed his sword Masamune from its scabbard. “You see this sword boy?” he asked, “If you don’t tell us what we want to know this is going to be stuck directly into your heart. Understand?” The soldier gulped and slightly nodded his head. “Come.” Cyan ordered, “We have to have a little talk as soon as we get back to Figaro.”


Fosoya was reading over some scrolls when the messenger arrived.

“Sir!” he said aloud, “I have a message from Lord Geshtal sir. He wishes to see you sir in his chambers.”

“Very well.” Fosoya replied, “Tell the emperor I will be there shortly.”

The soldier nodded his head and started to walk out.

“Wait just a minute.” Fosoya said, “I want you to give something to the Emperor for me.”

“What is it?” the soldier asked.

“Just an experimental potion to help the Emperor recover.” Fosoya answered.

“Whatever is troubling our great Emperor sir?” the sentry asked a little confused, “He seemed fine this morning.”

“Oh dear boy.” The sage replied, “Our Lord simply does not wish to show his pain in public. The truth is he is suffering from a very rare case of the Veldt disease.”

“Veldt disease?” the messenger asked. “Is there really such a disease?”

“Yes there is.” Fosoya said, “Although no cases have been reported for hundreds of years. Listen to me. I want you to pour this potion into the Emperor’s wine glass tonight before dinner. He has been refusing treatment lately and I would hate for this awful disease to do anymore harm to our great lord.”

“As you wish.” The soldier obediently replied, “I shall see to it that our lord recovers.”

“Thank you ever so much.” Fosoya said darkly. “Tell me what is your name? I will be sure to tell your captain what a glorious thing you are doing and he shall reward you handsomely.”

“Vicks.” The soldier replied.

“Very well Vicks you are dismissed.” Fosoya said, “Now don’t forget. It’s our little secret.”

“Yes sir!” Vicks replied.

With that the soldier left the room and proceeded to fulfill the duties set before him.

“You have done me a great service private Vicks.” Fosoya said to himself, “A great service indeed.”


The warriors arrived back in Figaro safely and quickly set up a clinic for the wounded Narshe refugees. Old men and women alike were all ailing. Even a few children had been wounded, including a small boy who desperately held on to what was left of his severed arm. Celes was already in tears as she slowly bandaged up an elderly woman.

“My dear….” The old woman said in a faint voice, “Please…do not worry…soon I will be with Gaia.”

“Quit talking like that.” Celes said trying to fight back more tears, “You’ll be fine. Just wait and see. We’ll have you back on your feet in no time.”

“I appreciate your optimism.” The old lady said, “But you know as well as I that I won’t survive the night. Please…. just let me die in peace.”

“I won’t let you die.” Cells shot back, “You’ll live! I swear by my life you’ll—“

Celes looked down to see the blank stare in the elderly woman’s eyes. The old woman let out one last breath of air and passed away in Celes’s arms. Celes could hold back the tears no more and wept as she carried the sweet old woman to the back of the clinic. Terra was standing there praying to the Gods for a safe journey for the souls of the departed. Silently Celes laid the old woman down and Terra placed a hand on Celes’s shoulder.

“Did you know her?” she asked solemnly.

“No.” Celes replied, “But the death of the innocent is always hard to bear. How could Kefka do this? How could he kill those who have done nothing but live out peaceful lives with their families?”

“I know how you feel.” Terra soothed. “I just buried a man’s two sons. Imperial soldiers cut them down as they tried to defend their home.”

“By the Gods!” Celes yelled, “These poor souls will not have died in vain. Kefka must pay for what he has done here!”

“That he will.” Terra swore, “That he will.”


Geshtal was stuffing his face with food when Fosoya arrived. “Ah. Just the man I wanted to see.” The emperor said as he spotted Fosoya in the doorway, “Come. Sit down so we can talk.”

A grin came across Fosoya’s face. And, with a bow, he politely sat down across the table from the emperor. “What do you wish to speak of?” Fosoya asked.

“I wish to speak of what happened earlier today.” Geshtal replied. “I wish to tell you that it has been forgiven.”

“Well my lord.” Fosoya said, a little shocked, “I never thought you were this gracious. I do apologize for what happened today. I…. was not myself you see.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Geshtal said, “Like I stated, it has been forgiven. It…never happened.”

“Thank you m’leige.” Fosoya said with a bow, “Oh we must celebrate this. What say you to a toast?”

“Hmmm…” the emperor thought it over. “Very well, a toast to forgiveness.”

“Oh but don’t forget our little victory at Narshe today either.” Fosoya shot in,

“Haha to our victory too then.” Emperor Geshtal laughed.

With that he snapped his fingers and a sentry entered the room carrying two glasses of wine. Fosoya gave the sentry a signal and the soldier quietly poured something into Geshtal’s glass of wine.

Geshtal held up his glass and said aloud, “To forgiveness, and the purge of Narshe!”

With that he and Fosoya downed their drinks. “Ahhhh.” The emperor said, “That’s the best wine I’ve tasted in a long time. “In fact,” he let out a cough. “It also has to be some of the strongest I’ve ever tasted. Exactly what kind is it?”

“It was made especially for my lord.” Fosoya explained.

The emperor started to laugh but suddenly let out another violent cough spitting up blood onto the table in the process. “What the hell?!” He yelled, rising from his chair, and struggling to breathe. He clutched his heart and with his other hand tried desperately to stay on his feet. “Fosoya! You bastard!” he screamed, “What have you done?! Have your poisoned your emperor’s drink?!”

“Hahaha.” Fosoya laughed. “You are very keen your grace. It wasn’t easy convincing that soldier to poison your drink. In fact,” he added with another chuckle, “To his knowledge he was pouring a medicine potion into your glass.”

Geshtal removed his sword from its scabbard and started towards Fosoya. “Why you un-loyal, despicable, son of a bitch!” he shouted, “I’ll cut you down where you stand!”

With that the emperor summoned the last bit of his strength and darted at Fosoya. He didn’t make it halfway before the poison took full effect and forced him to the ground. He growled as the last bit of breath was sucked out of his body. He died eyes wide open, glaring at Fosoya angrily. Fosoya stood for moment, waiting to see if the emperor was truly dead. He kicked Geshtal’s body with his boot and a wide smile crossed his face.

“Hahaha you pathetic worm.” He said to the emperor’s corpse, “Now who is the better man?”

Fosoya slowly walked out of the emperor’s tent and proceeded towards Kefka’s chambers. His work here was finished.


“Where is Kefka?!” Cyan shouted.

The soldier was silent.

“Cyan I’ll take over.” Celes said, putting a hand on the angry warrior’s shoulder. “You go and cool down.”

“Very well.” Cyan replied angrily.

Cyan punched the wall as he stormed out of the interrogation room. Celes calmly looked into the soldier’s eyes.

“Please.” She begged, “We need to know where your master Kefka is. Don’t you see what he has done? He killed innocent women and children tonight.” The soldier sat quietly and shifted his gaze to the floor. “I just buried an elderly woman!” Celes shouted, “Please if you have a heart tell me where he is!”

Celes could see now that she was getting through to the man, and slowly he lifted his head. “You’ll find him in the mountains north of Narshe.” He said.

“Thank you.” Celes said, clasping the soldier’s hands, “Thank you so much.”

With that she prepared to leave the room but the soldier grabbed her arm. “Wait.” He said, “Before you go, there is something you should know.”

“What is it?” Celes asked.

“There is a hidden path up the mountains that leads to the back of the encampment. Use that to get into the camp.”

“Thank you.” Celes said again, “You will be freed for your cooperation and your wounds tended.”

She then walked out the door to see her companions already waiting for her.

“We have no time to waste.” Edgar said, “We must leave immediately. “

“Yes let’s go.” Celes agreed, “Let’s go settle this once and for all.”


Fosoya burst into Kefka’s tent and demanded to see Lord Kefka.

“State your business!” Kefka’s guard yelled, “It better be worthy for Lord Kefka is now at rest.”

“Oh I must see him immediately!” Fosoya screamed frantically, “Our Emperor!” he puffed, “Our Emperor has been slain!”

“What the hell?!” Kefka said, emerging from behind a large tarp. “Fosoya,” he demanded, “What are you talking about?”

“Our great Emperor Geshtal has been slain Lord Kefka!” Fosoya managed, still trying to catch his breath.

“How can this be?” Lord Kefka asked, “What happened?”

“Poison. In his drink!” Fosoya replied, “I saw the man who did it, but alas he was to fast for my weary old legs.”

“Guards!” Kefka cried out. A small band of guards lined up in front of Kefka, their weapons already drawn. “Find this impudent little bastard and bring him to me!” Kefka ordered, “I want him alive. Rough him up a bit, but I want him alive.”

“Yes sir!” the soldiers all cried.

With that they dispersed and each went a different direction. It didn’t take too long before a soldier was brought in half beaten carrying a small vile of liquid.

“Is this the man?” one of the soldiers asked.

“Yes that’s him the vile beast!” Fosoya yelled, “That’s the man that has slain our great leader!”

“What are you talking about?!” the sentry suddenly asked, “You were the one that told me to pour that liquid into the Emperor’s wine!”

“How dare you!” Fosoya yelled angrily as he slapped the man across the face, “How dare you accuse ME of your treason!”

“Take him away.” Lord Kefka ordered, “His sentence shall be carried out at dawn.”

With that the soldiers carried off the frightened and confused soldier as he kicked and screamed the whole way all the while still proclaiming his innocence.

“Fosoya.” Kefka said, “I want you to see to it that our Emperor is given the proper burial. We shall grieve the loss of a great king this night.”

“As you wish.” Fosoya said. Fosoya walked out of the tent with a dark and sinister smile gleaming from cheek to cheek. “At last!” he said to himself, “At last I have rid myself of the biggest burden in my path to supremacy! Lord Kefka.” He vowed, “ Soon you will join your Emperor in death. Behind him, Fosoya heard Kefka call out his name again. He turned around to see Kefka coming towards him with a fairly large book of incantations.

“Fosoya.” He said, “I have reason to believe that the warriors are on their way up the mountain. I want you to see to it that they don’t make it to our camp. I’ll meet you back in Vector. Now hurry!”

Fosoya nodded and went to his chambers quickly. There he sat down in a chair near a very large and very luminous crystal ball. He chanted a few ancient words and the sphere came to life in a spark of magic. As he peered inside, he let out a soft laugh.

“Hehehe…Soon warriors…soon.”


Celes, Edgar, and Locke arrived ahead of Cyan and the rest of the party. Edgar quickly scanned the trees for the hidden path the soldier had told them about, and finally spotted it a few yards northeast. Quickly and efficiently they gathered everything they needed, and preceded to hike up the mountain. However, a few hundred feet up the path Locke jumped in front of Edgar and put his arm up signaling for the group to halt. Silently he pointed out the lone sentry posted just beyond the next bend and removed his dagger from its sheath. He crept up behind the solider and with the ease of a ninja, slit the throat of the man before he even knew Locke was there. They dragged the body into the brush and proceeded once again on their set path to the encampment. As they finally rounded the final bend, they gasped at what lay before them.


“Gau!” Cyan shouted, “We must hurry! The others are probably already there!”

“I’m coming. I’m coming.” Gau said a little annoyed, “It IS a little hard to carry all this equipment you know.”

“Why the hell do you have all that?” Cyan asked, “By the Gods man we aren’t spending the night up on the rocks.”

“Oh.” Gau said, “I knew that. I was just…bringing extra supplies in case…. you know, we uh needed them.”

“Come on.” Cyan said, “Let us hope we reach Edgar and the others before they kill Kefka. I want to be there to see it.”


Fosoya stared at the warriors with an evil grin. “Hello.” He said sinisterly, “Welcome. You are just in time.”

“How the hell did you know we were coming?” Locke asked, drawing his blade.

“I know many things.” The dark sage replied, “In fact I even know why you have come. But alas you are too late. For Kefka is no longer here. He had some…business to take care of elsewhere.”

“You lie!” Celes shouted, “Tell us where he is or by the gods I’ll cut your throat!”

“Dear child.” Fosoya mocked, “Even if I told you, it still wouldn’t matter. You won’t make it off this mountain alive.”

“Then at least tell us why he massacred Narshe!” Edgar yelled, “At least tell us why he killed those innocent people!”

“Don’t you see?” Fosoya asked, “Those people were no more than catalysts for Kefka’s divine plan. They were shall we say…expendable.”

“How dare you!” Celes screamed, “You’ll pay for this Fosoya! You and that dog Kefka!”

“Hahahahaha!!” Fosoya laughed, “It is YOU who will pay my dear!” he said, “Tonight you shall be my first experiment with my new weapon.”

Fosoya began to chant loudly and a strong wind suddenly began to blow. “Oh Atma, beast of dimensions.” He chanted, “Rise up from your grave this day and destroy those who have come here tonight. They seek to ruin Kefka’s plans and they must be stopped. Oh Atma vile creature of magic, devour their souls and feed on their cries for mercy!”

The air around the warriors suddenly changed in temperature and time itself seemed to shift. A large portal then appeared before the frightened warriors and out from it stepped a monster more hideous than even Melkiah.

“You summoned me Fosoya?” the creature growled.

“Yes.” Fosoya replied, “See to it that these pitiful humans do not reach the encampment.”

“As you wish.” The creature obeyed.

With that he placed his feet firmly on the ground and prepared to fire a bolt of plasmatic energy. Edgar signaled for Celes and Locke to take cover. The blast ripped through the trees and nothing was left but a few flaming trunks. Locke then darted forward with his sword raised, and swung down with all his might, cutting off the tip of the beast’s tail. Atma howled in pain and counterattacked by hitting Locke with the back of his massive paw. Locke hit the rocks and was knocked unconscious.

“Hurry!” Edgar shouted, “I have an idea!” Edgar grabbed Celes by the arm as they both ran over to what looked to be a giant crack in the mountain’s side. “Let’s use that blast of his against him!” Edgar shouted, “Here you cover me but get out of the way when I tell you to!”

Celes nodded her head in agreement and Edgar quickly took up his position. He called out to Atma and ran towards the crack in the mountain as Atma bumbled forward after him. When Atma was finally standing in the perfect spot, Edgar called out to the beast again.

“Hey you son of a bitch!” he yelled, “Let’s see what kind of power you’ve really got!”

Atma didn’t waste the opportunity at what seemed to be any easy kill. “Hahahaha!” he laughed, “You are trapped king of Figaro! Now you will die!”

With that Atma again placed his massive paws firmly on the ground and prepared to fire yet another blast of energy.

“Now!” Edgar yelled.

He and Celes then dove out of the out cove just as the blast ripped into the mountainside. Atma was buried underneath thousands of pounds of stone as half the mountain rained down on the beast. Edgar and Celes stood silent as the last pieces of rock fell to the ground. When the smoke cleared, nothing was left but a huge pile of rubble.

“Come.” Edgar said, “Let’s get Locke and see if we can’t catch Kefka before he gets off the mountain.”

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